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Nintendo Wii | Animal Crossing: City Folk

How much you can earn and Throne

By whacking rocks every day with a golden shovel, you can earn 8,100 Bells! Holy church... The throne is, obviously, a spotlight item. It costs 800,000 bells. Just thought I'd let you know.

Easy Simple Life. And easy ways to get bells.

There are lots of ways to get bells. But I get at least 50,000 bells a week because of my schedule.

The Schedule

9:00 AM: check town environmental status and flowers ( I do a lot of hybriding )
10:00 AM: check Tom Nook's store for items.
11:00 AM: Check Able Sisters If I want to make a new pattern.
12:00 N: Digging up treasures in ground.
1:00 PM: Fishing Hour!
2:00 PM: Bug Catching Hour!
3:00 PM: Talking to villagers. I get to play Hide and Seek alot.
4:00 PM: Selling anything I don't need and Bell Rock.
5:00 PM: Shopping at the City.
6:00 PM: Any Wi-Fi Communications.
7:00 PM: Check Bulletin Board. Any Special weather at night.
8:00 PM: Check to see if Ressetti's Interventions Bureau is open (I don't have silver shovel.

That's it. I stick to my schedule and I make bells while having fun.

ACC does rock. I thank Animal Crossing Community (ACC) for all my help.

Things to do on thanksgiving day

This year Thanksgiving is on 11-26, it is not on the 26 every year. Log in at 3:00pm and visit Tortimer in front of the Bank. He will give you silverware. He will say that he is waiting for a special visitor to arrive, don't let that fool you because the special visitor (the Turkey)has already arrived and is hiding. You walk around and find the Turkey and he will give you a piece of furniture from the Harvest Series. Go back to Tortimer after finding the Turkey and he will give you more silverware to deliver to your friends. Don't deliver, just keep finging the turkey and keep receiving furniture. The Turkey is hard to find unless he is poking his head out from behind a tree to see if someone is coming or if he is hiding behind a coconut tree. His colors blend in with the trees and ground. He does not hide behind houses unless there is a tree behind a house, he only hides behind trees. My bank is located on the top half of my town and the Turkey only hid on the bottom half of my town. When walking around looking for the Turkey, don't try to look through the tree or around the tree, look down at the ground where the tree trunk meets the ground and look for a little pink foot. I was able to get every piece of the Harvest Series in 3 hours and all the rest I sold for alot of bells. This is what worked best for me: First you will have to look at every tree in your town. Find a starting place somewhere near Tortimer to start looking and make yourself a route covering your entire town (or possibly half of your town because he will not hide too near Tortimer). When you get your second silverware start in the same place, but do your route in reverse. When you get your third silverware, start in the same place and follow your original route. Continue in this way and you will find him a little bit quicker. Do not stop to pick mushrooms or shoot ballons. This will cause you to not spot him becaue sometimes he is completely hidden. Trust me, it is not fun when you have to cover you entire route three times looking for him! After you get all of your furniture if you follow my advise you will never again loose when your friends ask you to play hide-and-seek!

Changing your bed

You can change the bed you sleep in the attic of your house. Make sure you have a bed in your pockets, go to the attic, stand at the end of the bed (but facing it) and press the A button. A message will appear "Do you want to swap beds?", click "Swap it", choose the bed from your pockets and there you have it!

Easy money at winter: fish

As I hate time travelers I wish to give a fish tip about what fish are good at what times of the year. These are guesses from my Animal Crossing Wild World

Tuna about 7500 bells (Rare)
Sea butterfly about 1000
Red Snapper 3000 (all year fish)

String fish 15000 (Very Rare)
Bitterling 900 (it's not much but there very common)


If you want to get foregein fruit wait until yuo have 10 residents, then buy some paper and write a letter to each want saying Hi. Take this fruit. (It worked for me like that) then attach some of your fruit, send them and later they will send you later with some shirts or Fruit!

Saving your bells what to buy and what not to buy

Okay here is how this hint is going to work there are some rare items at tom Nooks place that you can get if you buy abunch of items. And there is other stuff that you can do by spending your bells like you can make the lifehouse and the bridge and the fountain but here is alittle hint to help you out.

First put 25,000 bells inside you savings cause it will double up if you put more in. Then we you get up to 250,000 then make you house bigger and with the bells you still have use it to buy items from tom Nook.

Second keep doing the first step for 3 weeks. Then if you keep doing that you should have 750,000 then make another expansion to your house and then with the rest of your bells then buy a new bridge for your town. (If you did the first step right you should have enough bells.)

Third keep doing the first one for 2 months. (You might want to skip around in time) You should have around 120,000,000 bells. Buy your last expansions to your house and with the bells you still have then buy the fountain. Then keep repeating the first step to get the lifehoue then you can buy abunch of items to get the rare items.

the able sisters

These two cuties run a quaint fabric shop in town. Drop by sable and mabel's shop whenever you feel like updating your wardrobe. They'll even help you design your own clothing patterns, which you may then place on shirts, umbrellas, flags, and even the walls and floor of your home!

bells bells bells

Get the fishing rod and go fishing each fish is worth alot!!!!!

2 ways to get alot of bells fast!!

1.Pick up shells by the beach. Shake off oranges and pick up items. Find items buried or lost in found.

2.When the turnip lady comes buy a bunch of turnips and one day tom nook will buy them for alot of bells.

I hope this works and help you all. Thank you-avery201


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