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Xbox 360 | Wolfenstein

$1,000 Bonus

When you have a saved game file from Wolfenstein 3D on your hard drive or Memory Card you will receive $1,000 when you start the first level (Train Yard).

Easy Heavy Nazi Kills

Use your Mire power and aim for the red targets on their shoulders to easily kill the Nazis armed with the particle cannons. When both shoulder targets have been destroyed a new target will pop up from the back. Shoot this target to easily kill them.


Collect Gold during the game to rank up. Gold is awarded for killing enemies, dealing damage, healing allies, dispensing ammo or health packs, completing objectives, and so on. Collected Gold can be used to purchase new abilities, as well as upgrades for available weapons. 

Fully Upgraded Weapons

Don’t waste money on upgrading Veil powers (Veil, Shield, Empower or Mire) because when you have collected the final 'Tome of Power' in the game you will automatically be rewarded with ALL of the skills for each power available for purchase which will save you a total of $17,000 which you can then use on upgrading weapons.

Unlock Cheat Menu

Complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock the 'Cheat' menu which has the 'Pumpkin Heads', 'Infinite Money', 'Unlock All Veil Powers', and 'Unlock All Weapons' options. Enabling these cheats will prevent Achievements from being earned.

Unlock Cheats

When you have beaten the game on any difficulty setting the cheats will become available options. If you use them though the Achievements won't work.


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