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Xbox 360 | WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock Divas Loading Screens:
Win the No Mercy Trophy

Unlock Legend Loading Screen:
Win the Legend Challenge Trophy

Unlock D-X Stable Entrance Animation:
In Season mode win the Vengeance Trophy


Unlock Alternative Costumes

Unlock Masked Kane:
Buy in the WWE Shop for $4,000

Unlock Triple H Suit:
Buy in the WWE Shop for $4,000

Unlock JBL Suit:
Buy in the WWE Shop for $5,000

Unlock Arenas
In Season mode win the following trophies to unlock the corresponding Arena.

Unlock Saturday Night Main Event Arena:
Win the Superstar Challenge Trophy

Unlock SummerSlam Arena:
Win the SummerSlam Trophy

Unlock Unforgiven Arena:
Win the Unforgiven Trophy

Unlock Vengeance Arena:
Win the Vengeance Trophy

Unlock WrestleMania 22 Arena:
Win the WrestleMania Trophy

Unlock Backlash Arena:
Win the Backlash Trophy

Unlock No Mercy Arena:
Win the No Mercy Trophy

Unlockable Legend Championships

Unlock n.W.o. Championship:
Win the SummerSlam Trophy and then buy it for $3,500 in the WWE Shop

Unlock Smoking Skull Championship:
Win the Royal Rumble Trophy and then buy it for $5,000 in the WWE Shop

Unlock The Hardcore Championship Belt:
Win the Superstar Challenge Trophy

Unlock WWE Legends:
Win the PPV-Trophys in Season mode to be able to purchase the following Legends in the WWE Shop. All the Legends cost $12,000 each except for Jerry Lawler and Tazz which cost $10,000.

Unlock Cactus Jack:
Win the SummerSlam Trophy

Unlock Dude Love:
Win the SummerSlam Trophy

Unlock Mankind:
Win the SummerSlam Trophy

Unlock Hulk Hogan:
Win the WrestleMania Trophy

Unlock The Rock:
Win the WrestleMania Trophy

Unlock Mr. Perfect:
Win the Backlash Trophy

Unlock Shane McMahon:
Win the Armageddon Trophy

Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Win the Royal Rumble Trophy

Unlock Bam Bam Bigelow:
Win the Unforgiven Trophy

Unlock Bret Hart:
Win the Survivor Series Trophy

Unlock The Anvil Jim Neidhart:
Win the Survivor Series Trophy

Unlock Jerry 'The King' Lawler:
Win the No Way Out Trophy

Unlock Tazz:
Win the No Way Out Trophy


Unlock Divas Loading Screen:
Win the No Mercy Trophy

Unlock DX Tag Entrance:
Win the Vengeance Trophy

Unlock Unlimited Experience Points and New GM Mode Options:
Win the GM of The Year Trophy

Unlimited EXP. for created characters

If you play General Manager mode and you beat it with whatever brand you decide to choose then you will be rewarded with unlimited experience points. It is really hard if you don't have one real person on each brand controlling them because it seems like the computer players cheat. To me atleast.

Secret Achievement list.

Secret - 5GS - Mr.PPV, create a PPV in create a PPV mode.

Secret- 10GS - Crown Us Champ- create a tag team championship belt in Ceate a championship mode.

Secret- 10GS- Self anointed champ- Create a singles title.

Secret- 5GS - Create an original entrance in create an entrance mode.

Secret - 5 GS Let the Creative joices flow- Create one original superstar in create a superstar mode.

In the crowd.

To get in the crowd, as in, among all the people, make the match a hardcore match, get the referee over the barrier, then irish whip him into the metal railings, the get a chair and drop it on the floor next to his feet, you then grapple the ref, if the chair is in the correct place, you will both be in the crowd. This however can be frustrating when you don't get it right, and can take a while, but it does work.

Easy wins


1.In a No DQ match go to the crowd area and wait with a weapon in hand as soon as your opponent comes wack the hell out of them

2.hit the oppenent to the ground and hold the right stick up,left,or right and hold there until they are red.

3. A bit the same as no.2 but in challenge"personality disorder" it's you(dude love) vs Mankind,Mick Foley & Cactus jack instead it's harder because theres three so go for Mankind because he is the one that always saves people form pins so do the same with Mankind and while your doung that keep tapping EXTREMLY FAST the right trigger (RT)

4.Money In The Bank match. Be khali or Big Sohw and go agianst all Cruiserweights and take the ladder(s) to the top of the area or say titon tron and wait till every one comes then sprint to the ring put ladder up and get title with left and right trigger then put the left stick in between North and West and the right stick in between North and East (as you can see their opposites).

5.Easy to get "Royal Rumble Legend" Achievement firstly:go to the options menu and go on COM difficulty or sumit and put it all very low secondly:be Khali and use all Less than Heavyweights then when they come in boot then then throw then out(with Khali you take then out with out the stupid bar.)

6.WWE SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2007 TESTER CHALLNEGE:Get Khali down some how then repeat no.2 you should hit him in the nuts or kick the hell out of his leg.


NOTE: must have a finishing move stored. First get rid of the covering (press the A button) then irish whip your opponent onto it (not a strong irish whip) then it should say press the LB button then there is a cut scene of your guy or girl breaking the announcer table. Other ways to do this are buy slaming your opponent throught it (scoop slam, Pedigree etc) and buy using draging your opponent to it then smash their heads on it 10 times in a row. This does NOT I repeat NOT get you disqualified and it deals alot of damage.

Easy money

Go to season mode than a difficaulty of legend than go to multiplayer and be your enemy and use a weapon on your self! Like you are cena vs. Bigshow your enemy the big show must DQ you by going to mutiplayer and being the bigshow!

All 3 ACHIEVEMENTS for season mode

Ryt I only no it on RAW so when you are one night from unforgiven save it then play, you will play a match then if you lose the credits come up thats when it will say new achievement then you press the guide button(big x). Then press y(dashboard)then play the game again but on hard then legend.
But if you won the match you save it at unforgiven then do the same process

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 Hints

Go to season mode and if you have two controlers put both in and when a match come go to multeply players and put them in and begin the match knock him down then pin and you will win.

Captain America ( CAW)

Male, Skin color: X:-28 Y: 54 Shade:-28
Tops/clothes #2 Color: X:-28 Y:54 Shade: -37 Alpha:73 Length:34
Wrist bands #1 Color: White
Gloves #4 Color: red
Tights #1 Color: X:-28 Y:54 Alpha: 95
Shoes #2
Face paint #56 X:84 Y:50 Shade:100
Mask #16 X:-28 Y:54 Shade:-48 Alpha:100
Mask#11 X:-28 Y:54 Shade:-51 Alpha:100
Logo's: letter "A"( Make it as big as it will go, then adjust it to the center of his forehead, and then turn white )
Face paint #82 Color: white
Design#103 Color: Red and white alternating( This need to be placed all around the waist line, how many you will need depends. Size them accordingly )
Design #92 ( you'll need 4. Line the first one up in the middle of his chest, turn white, take the second one and rotate it, the point here is to line up the lines of the shapes, turn white. Rinse and repeat. This is as best of a star I could come up with )

Update for 08

In the next version of SmackDown vs RAW, there will be 8 new superstar fighting styles, and each superstar will be allocated 2 of them, having moves, and such that only wrestlers of their type can perform. Each created superstars will be able to have a primary, and a secondary fighting style, but with restrictions, such as Cruiserweights will not be able to be a powerhouse.

The 8 styles will be:

Technician- Technicians will be able to reverse moves that other fighting styles can not.

Submission Artist- Will be more suited to submission moves, being able to hold them for longer.

Showman- High in charisma, and perform a lot of taunts, gaining fast momentum, and even lower that of their opponents.

Powerhouse- Will be able to power out of any pin, providing they havr a finisher stored

High Flyer- Will be able to perform flying moves, over the ropes, and from the turnbuckle, that other style can not.

Hardcore- Have better use of the environment with hardcore style, and be more efficient in no DQ style matches.

Dirty- Will be able to use referee as shield, becoming invincible, and will also be able to perform the con-chair-to.

Brawler- Will be excellent at striking kind of moves.

Beware glitchers!

Do not let glitchers win the match, as the occurance will just be more often.

Spine Buster Glitch.
If they do multipul SpineBusters, followed by a submission on the floor, they are cheating, just quit the match.

Figure Four glitch.
If the oponent does many F4LL in a row, just quit, because they are uncounterable.

Outside ring headlock.
Continuous headlocks outside the ring are uncounterable.

Countinuously being whipped in the black hoarding, is also a glitch, do not let it happen!

Miss HHH

1. Go to season mode and pick Triple H (or Someone from Raw, maybe)
2. Lose your tittle shot at Vengence
3. Then you will have Edge and Candace Michelle come up to you
4. Candace Michelle will turn Triple H into a Diva
5. You will fight a match against Candace Michelle with Triple H's moves but
you will be a Diva. Your entrance will also be Triple H's.
6. Its really funny, cause Viscera starts to like you, even thought he knows
you are Triple H.

Bar Brawl

You can KO your opponent in a bar brawl, using The Undertaker, and the metal railings. Get a finisher, and have a flashing momentum bar, the irish whip your opponent into the railings. You will then be able to finisher your opponent.

The Undertaker will perform the 'Old School', as he walks across the railings, jumps off, and clobbers the opponent on the head.

Easy win

Hard irish wish wipe your opponet to the crowed then hard irish wish wipe he or her to the speakers now thats shocking.

Parking lot Brawl

I)Garbage truck finisher, have one stored, and 1 flashing finisher, irish whip them into the back of the truck (when rear door is open) and do your finisher(the garbage truck scoops him in, and drives off) then you win through KO.

Ii) Fire Engine finisher same as before with the finishing icons you must have already hit their head on the buttons to make the ladder rise, the whip them into the small ladder by the door, and do your finisher, you will appear on the big ladder and you throw him off.

Iii)Herse finisher 1, this is the same, you whip them into the herse and do a finisher, you will open the door, and put them in the coffin, then the herse drives off, KO.

Iv) Herse finisher 2 they are leaning againt the herse , and when you finisher them, he punches the head into the glass, KO

V)The spade can be found in the garbage truck when the door is open, it builds momentum fast.

Vi) You can climb on the engine, and onto the limo to do flying finisher moves, when the oppenent doesn't expect it, for example if you have the flying headbutt finisher it will KO them if they are red.

Vii) In Brawls make sure your character has a finisher with KO

Viii)The garbage truck can KO your opponent, when their body is red, just irish whip them into it, then grapple.

I really hope this helps. Rate Me.

GM Mode

Do GM Mode 2 player, and do no matches all the way through until No Way Out, where you start doing matches for 1 brand only. Then GM Mode takes about 45 minutes this way, you get Unlimited EXP, 100Gamerscore and it's effortless.

P.S Do not forget to do Advertising Promo, or you will not have enough money to hire wrestlers come No Way Out.

Tester Challenge

To defeat The Great Khali with Mickie James, undo the corner turnbuckle, and do the soft irish whip into the corner, the run at him and do the splash bulldog. Keep doing this until red, then pin.

Money In The Bank

To win within 2 minutes, get both ladders inside the ring, set one up in the middle, and the other leaning against it, run up the ladder leaning, and hold both analogs up. This will grab onto the title, and both ladders will fall. The bar will empty quickly when you find the sweet spot.

Easy Royal Rumble Legend and Money in the bank trophy

Firstly be Khali and make all your opponent less than Heavyweight then play when they come him and just befire they stand up softly trigh whip them then push the right stick any were then as you should know they will atomaticly go out unless reversal keep doing this till you win

Money in The bank EasyWin:
Same again be Khali and use all Cruiseweights then get both ladders(1 at a time)and take it to the Titon Tron then wait till every one comes run back with one ladder climb it and if lucky use both sticks and make both face North West(my M8 told me this not verified)

If you have any problems let me know or it will haunt you for ever
Does any one have Proper FIFA 07 cheats

Easyer wins

Use the fast heavyweight superstars to attack you opponent fast and powerfull
E.g.The Boogeyman, John Cena, Edge, Randy Ortan, RVD, The Rock
If you use one of these you should find matches slightly easyer
Hint: Use light attacks at the beging of a match

Practicually Instant-Win

All you have to do is go on season if your stuck on any matches this is for you.
NOTE:you will need 2 pads (controllers)
Right, go on BEGIN WEEK there will be 3 things PLAY MATCH something else and MULTYPLAYER go on multiplayer then turn on pad 2 (if you havent already) select YOUR charecter with pad 1 and the opponent as pad 2 then select play match at the bottom of the screen.
When the match starts take down your opponent then pin and you WIN!

NOTE: This can be done aswell on tag or handicap but for them you will need 3-4 pads

Instant Win!

In season if your stuck on a match (only works if you have 2 pads) anyway when you go on BEGIN WEEK you will see 3 things play match something else and MULTIPLAYAYER go on multiplayer connect the other pad (if you havent already).

Now put you as the main charecter (the 1 you selected or the opponent) select the player 2 as the other wrestler now begin knock the opponent dow then pin then you have won.

Easy Cash

Ok, heres what you do, first, pick season mode, then pick someone with high overall (Kurt Angle would be your best bet) and pick legend as the diffiuculty.

Now during season, just skip all the matches, you'll win at least half the matches...Now you'll have alot of money to spend on stuff and you didn't have to wrestle one match!


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