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Xbox 360 | WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008

Preset Movesets

Moveset 1 - High Tech: Paul London

Moveset 2 - High Show: Brian Kendrick

Moveset 3 - Sub Tech: Charlie Haas

Moveset 4 - Tech High: Shelton Benjamin

Moveset 5 - Show Braw: Eugene

Moveset 6 - Show Pow: Val Venis

Moveset 7 - Braw High: Rob Van Dam

Moveset 8 - Pow Show: Big Show

Moveset 9 - Pow Hard: Test

Moveset 10 - Braw Hard: Hardcore Holly

Moveset 11 - Tech Sub: Tazz

Moveset 12 - Sub Tech: Kurt Angle

Moveset 13 - Dirt Show: Christian Cage

Moveset 14 - Pow Hard: Rhino

Moveset 15 - Hard Pow: Brother Ray

Moveset 16 - Hard Braw: Brother Devon

Moveset 17 - Braw Show: Kip James

Moveset 18 - Pow Tech: BG James

Moveset 19 - Sub Braw: Samoa Joe

Moveset 20 - High Tech: AJ Styles

Moveset 21 - High Tech: Christopher Daniels

Moveset 22 - Braw Show: Tajiri

Moveset 23 - Pow Tech: Brock Lesnar

Moveset 24 - Pow Braw: Goldberg

Moveset 25 - Pow Show: Sting

Moveset 26 - Show High: X-Pac

Moveset 27 - Braw Show: Jimmy Snuka

Moveset 28 - Show Braw: Dusty Rhodes

Moveset 29 - Pow Braw: Ultimate Warrior

Preset Entrances

Legend 1: Sgt. Slaughter

Legend 2: Jim Neidhart

Superstar 1: Kurt Angle

Superstar 2: Chris jericho

Superstar 3: Booker T

Superstar 5: Val Venis

Superstar 6: New Edge

Superstar 7: Christian

Superstar 8: Joey Mercury

Superstar 9: Tazz

Superstar 10: RVD

Superstar 11: Sting

Superstar 12: Unknown

Superstar 13: Boogeyman

Superstar 14: Paul London

Superstar 15: Brian Kendrick

Unlock Arenas

There are several arenas that can be unlocked if you earn the indicated points which are listed below when you are in Hall of Fame mode.

Unlock No Way Out Arena:
In Hall of Fame mode get 5 points.

Unlock Vengeance Arena:
In Hall of Fame mode get 6 points.

Unlock ECW One Night Stand Arena:
In Hall of Fame mode get 7 points.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

To unlock alternate costumes for Triple H, Shaun Michaels and the gorgeous Kelly Kelly go to the 'Cheat Codes' menu and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding character.

Unlock Triple H and Shawn Michaels DX Attire:
Enter the code DXCostume69K2

Unlock Kelly Kelly's Alternate Outfit:
Enter the code KellyKG12R


To get the following you have to earn money in 24/7 mode and when you have the needed amount select The laptop and go to the WWE Shop and buy the Championship or Wrestler you want (some wrestlers also require a task to be completed during gameplay).

Unlock Million Dollar Championship:
Buy for $20,000 at the WWE Shop

Unlock Classic Championship:
Buy for $20,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Hardcore Championship:
Buy for $20,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock WWF Attitude Era Championship:
Buy for $20,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Shawn Michaels D-X Attire:
Buy for $60,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Triple H D-X Attire:
Buy for $60,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Shane McMahon:
Buy for $110,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock JBL:
Buy for $110,000 at the WWE Shop.

Unlock Ravishing Rick Rude:
Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Rowdy Roddy Piper:
Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Sabu:
Buy at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Vince McMahon:
Defend a championship in 24/7 mode and then buy him at the WWE Shop for $110,000.

Unlock Vince McMahon Bald Attire:
Buy for $60,000 at the WWE Shop (the original Vince McMahon must first be unlocked).

Unlock Bret Hart:
In the Hall of Fame Direct Challenge mode defeat Bret Hart and you will then be able to buy him in the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Mick Foley:
In the Hall of Fame Direct Challenge mode defeat Mick Foley and you will then be able to buy him in the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock The Rock:
Defeat The Rock as Stone Cold on 'Legend' difficulty setting and then buy him at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Go into the Hall of Fame and select Stone Cold Steve Austin. Defeat him in a Submission match using Bret Hart and you will then be able to buy him at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Unlock Terry Funk:
Using any Superstar wrestler in 'Legend' difficulty setting defeat Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu in an ECW Extreme Rules 4-way match. Then buy him at the WWE Shop for $210,000.

Preset Movesets
Below is a list of the preset movesets in the game.

Moveset 1 - High Tech: Paul London

Moveset 2 - High Show: Brian Kendrick

Moveset 3 - Sub Tech: Charlie Haas

Moveset 4 - Tech High: Shelton Benjamin

Moveset 5 - Show Braw: Eugene

Moveset 6 - Show Pow: Val Venis

Moveset 7 - Braw High: Rob Van Dam

Moveset 8 - Pow Show: Big Show

Moveset 9 - Pow Hard: Test

Moveset 10 - Braw Hard: Hardcore Holly

Moveset 11 - Tech Sub: Tazz

Moveset 12 - Sub Tech: Kurt Angle

Moveset 13 - Dirt Show: Christian Cage

Moveset 14 - Pow Hard: Rhino

Moveset 15 - Hard Pow: Brother Ray

Moveset 16 - Hard Braw: Brother Devon

Moveset 17 - Braw Show: Kip James

Moveset 18 - Pow Tech: BG James

Moveset 19 - Sub Braw: Samoa Joe

Moveset 20 - High Tech: AJ Styles

Moveset 21 - High Tech: Christopher Daniels

Moveset 22 - Braw Show: Tajiri

Moveset 23 - Pow Tech: Brock Lesnar

Moveset 24 - Pow Braw: Goldberg

Moveset 25 - Pow Show: Sting

Moveset 26 - Show High: X-Pac

Moveset 27 - Braw Show: Jimmy Snuka

Moveset 28 - Show Braw: Dusty Rhodes

Moveset 29 - Pow Braw: Ultimate Warrior


Unlocks HBK and HHs Dx Attire

Unlocks Kelly Kelly's Alternate Attire

Parking lot glitch!

First, you need to be a brawler. Then go out and save your brawler special. Activate it and go on top of the firetruck. Then press X and you will fall through the truck and be able to run around through cars and the limo and ya

Couple of Codes you Might Like

I was playing WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008, and while playing I found a couple of codes that was intresting to me to use, when using D-Generation X, and too just see what kind of costumes Kelly Kelly would have to make her look even better.

For the attire of D-Generation X's Triple H and Shawn Michaels, go to the Cheat Code menu accessed in Options, type in DXCostume69K2 and press Start or go to done.

For the attire of Kelly Kelly, enter into the cheat screen like above, going into Options and select Cheat Code, type in KellyKG12R and press Start or go to done.

I hope you found these useful and continue to use Cheats, Hints and more submitted by me. I also help out in answers too, don't be afriad to ask.

ministry undertaker

Basic Face: 1

Hair 44/73: 78, 0, -19, 70
Head: -4, -3, 0
Forehead: 2, -81, -5, 0

Eyebrows: -55, 22, -100, 5
Eyes: 7, -27, -17, -70, 73, 93, -21
Nose: -27, -31, -29, -10, 40, -16, -56, 76
Cheeks: -27, -7, 24, 5
Mouth: 100, -58, -25, 66, 37, 9, -100
Jaw: -8, 51, 61, -16, 30, 100
Ears: 0, 0, 40, 0

Height: 7’2”
Body Type: 0

Neck: -16, 22, -15
Chest: -32, -13, -6
Shoulders: -100, 0, -5
Abdomen: 27, 29, 48
Waist: 7, 62
Arms: 8, 6, 3
Hands: -77, 66, 63
Legs: 4, 9, 3
Feet: 5, 26, 17

Skin Aging:
Skin Tone 10: 91, -8, 10, 0
Definition: 1
Eye Type 1: 26, 7, 0
Eyelashes 15: Default
Eyebrows 6/38: 86, 0, -55
Lips 1/16: -96, -11, 2
Teeth: Default

9.Underwear: Default
10.Design 97/141 (across nose): 92, -71, 55, 26
11.Face Paint 56/118: 92, 30, 8, 31
12.Make-Up 11/19: -74, 0, -100, 100
13.Face Paint 76/118: -69, -35, -100, 12
14.Face Paint 115/118: -55, 25, 61, 0
15.Knee Pads 3/15: -13, -100, -61, 100
16.Wrestling Tights 16/17: -13, -100, -68, 100
17.Wrestling Tights Design 9/159: -96, 0, 33, 100
18.Tattoo Arm 25/147: -6, -7, -22, 25
19.Tattoo Arm 75/147: 0, -70, -2, 45
20.Tattoo Arm 147/147: 1, -95, 10, 100
21.Tattoo Arm 145/147: -56, -71, -51, 30
22.Tattoo Arm 25/147: -33, -68, -20, 38
23.Elbow Pads 2/10: -13, -100, -63, 100
24.Goatee 8/14: 92, 44, -51, 100
25. Goatee 5/14: 87, 0, -44, 100
26.Goatee 9/14: 91, 76, -18, 100
27.Sideburns 12/17: 84, 0, -25, 100
28.Boots/Shoes 31/33: 1st color: -12, -100, -78 2nd color:-12, -100,
29.Hands 7/16: 21, -100, -63
30.Tops 12/40 (high cut and untucked): -100, -100, -59, 100
31.Tops 29/40 (tight fit): 21, -100, -66, 100
32.Design 104/141 (?): 93, -66, 47, 100
33.Design 103/141 (right side of face covering part of facial hair): 93, -66, 47, 100
34.Design 104/141 (left side of face, covering part of goatee): 93, -66, 43, 100
35.Design 103/141 (Same as layer 33 but left side of face): 93, -66, 47, 100
36.Marks 3/17: 94, -58, 0, 52
37.Wrestling Tights Design 9/159: -18, -100, -23, 100
38.Design 103/141 (right side of back): -18, -100, -25, 100
39.Design 103/141 (repeat last layer but left side of back?): -18,
-100, -25, 100
40.Design 97/141 (right side of face, connects hair and sideburns): 85, -56, -25, 100
41.Repeat last layer for the other side: -18, -56, -25, 100
42.Design 94/141 (under right side of mouth, covering goatee): 93,
-66, 32, 100
43.Repeat last layer and move to the right: 93, -66, 32, 100
44.Facial Features 3/9: 90, 0, 0, 0
45.Design 97/141 (place over layer 42): 93, -66, 33, 100
46.Design 97/141 (place over layer 43): 93, -66, 33, 100
47.WWE 39/47 (place under bottom lip): 72, 0, -100, 8
48.Facial Features 2/9: 91, -46, 0, 85
49.Torso > Design 105/141 (place on chest): 99, 55, 19, 100
50.Torso > Design 103/141 (place on chest): -18, -100, -29, 100
51.Japaneese 13/13 1st row 2nd column (place under nose): 92, -63, 31, 19
52.Design 135/141 (place on right shoulder): -77, -40, -27, 24
53.Torso > Design 102/141 (place on chest. Right side of the x):
-100, 4, 18, 100
54.Torso > Alphabet 13/18 (place on chest): -100, 55, -18, 100
55.Torso > Design 102/141 (place on chest. Left side of the x): -100, 4, 18, 100
56.Torso > Design 102/141 (place on chest to make the x): -85, -100, -27, 100
57.Torso > Design 100/141 (place on chest): -18, -100, -6, 100
58.Torso > Design 100/141 (place on chest): -18, -100, -6, 100
59.Torso > Design 138/141 (place on chest to make the T): -18, -100, -9, 100
60.Torso > Design 100/141 (place on chest): -18, -100, -6, 100
61.Torso > Design 100/141 (place on chest): -18, -100, -6, 100
62.Torso > Sign 1/7 last row, 5th column(top of the T): -25, -100, -43, 100
63.Sign 1/7 4th row, 3rd column (place under right eye to make eye bag): 91, -61, -41, 0
64.Sign 1/7 4th row, 3rd column (same as last layer but move under left eye): 92, -44, -28, 0

Into the crowd.

When playing in an ECW Extreme rules match and your are playing as a high flying superstar, go outside the ring, and do a roll, with a taunt immediately after.
(Roll toward barricade).

If you do it correctly, when you do the crowd taunt, you'll end up in the crowd. It may take a few attempts.

easy money

To get easy money go to the superstar mode. SElect and superstar and once you get to the calendar simulate to wresltemania. You should Have easily more than 100000 dollars

How to make 24/7 Mode (Superstar) so much easier

(You need multiple controllers for this.)

Before your matches, there is almost always the option on which superstar you want to control. Have yourself control your 24/7 superstar, and have the other controller(s) "control" the opponent(s). At the match, your opponent(s) will be doing absolutely nothing. Just knock them down, pin them. You will always get the 3-count, and 24/7 making money will be so much easier.

This Year's Inductee Achievement Help

Click 24/7 Mode
Play as WWE General Manager
Pick Raw (Cause they get first pick) Well sometimes.
Draft new rosters
Pick Shawn Michaels & Rey Mysterio.
No on this part you may find that another show will take one of these. I did it with these guys so I just back out untill I have signed up both wrestlers (I done year contract) seriously money will not be an issue here!
Once you have both stars hit continue
(Are you sure you want to leave the draft?) pick YES
Clean/Dirty Turn - Shawn Michales change to Dirty
Set Champions - one as wwe Champion, and one as intercontinental
Accept! Yes proceed!
So first part is done. Now this part is simple. Yet there have been some miss comunications so follow closely,

Skip the cinematic. Cause no one cares, we just want these points.
Click Laptop
Click Options
Difficulty = legend
Click Play options
Play Options = scroll through to re-run
Injuries = OFF
Save - just incase
Okay that bits done. Next step

Ignore the phone. All you will get is the same messages every day etc from Mcmahon saying no injjuries or Jim Ross telling you to go invade other shows.
Click Calender
Click the first day (1st April) RAW
Match 1 = Table Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
Match 2 = Ladder match (Both stars will come up automatically)
Match 3 = Hardcore Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
Match 4 = Intercontinental Title = TLC Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
Main Event = WWE Championship = Steel Cage Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
Now I know Matt said to put promos in, but I did this for the first Raw and as I was going through with simming each week I didn't realsie I had to put these in. So I suppose you could put these in. But you will have to do it EVERY week. But you don't need too, to get the achievement.
Promo 1 = Interview Space = HBK
Promo 2 = Interview Space = Rey Mysterio
So that is the card set up.
Hit Confirm
(You are about to advance to the show. All Decisions Will be Locked. Proceed?) YES
At the bottom you now see Y Simulate All - Press your Y button.
"Simulate results for all matches" YES
So the whole card has been simmed. Wanna see whos won. To be honest, the longer you sit around seeing who won the cage or ladder match the longer this achevement will take. So lets continue on.
Hit confirm at the bottom of the finished card
This will take you back to the desk.
Click calender
As you see the day is the day after Raw (in this case the 2nd of April)
Click on that date
Skill Improvement
Scroll right 3 to Fan Favorite Training
Click A
Now you see you have plenty of choice. Pick Rey Mysterio
This will calculate. As you can see it's a success.
Click A
This will take you back to the desk
Click Calender again
Today is Wednesday the 3rd. Click A
Skill Improvemnent
Scroll right 4 to Fan Heat Training
Click A
Now surprisingly plenty of choice again. Pick Shawn Michaels.
Again this will result in success. Click A to go back to the desk.
Now I am not going to repeat myself here. But you can clearly see the pattern.

Monday = Raw
Tuesday = Fan Favourite Training
Wednesday = Fan Heat Training
Thursday = Fan Favourite Training
Friday = Fan Heat Training

Simple really. So this takes us to Saturday. Scroll through to the following Monday (This case it is the 8th)
Click Raw Monday 8th
"Are you sure you want to simulate the days up to this date" YES
So as you can see in the corner it reads 2% This bar does go up gradually to start with. And if your curious is based on the facts in the "progress report" of the laptop. This lists loads and loads of things which if you check will go up. Due to the fact you card is generating 4 star matches you will easily hit 10 million cash. But don't be worried that it is going up slow. Like I said I got this ahceivement by Week 2 January. So let me run you through this Raw and I will give you another tip I didn't realise that might help you get it quicker than I did.
Click Today (Raw 8th)
As you can see your matchups are already set up from last week. It is a complete re-run! (apart from the promos which you can add in if you want)
So click confirm at the bottom
"You are about to advance to the show. All decisions will be locked. Proceed?" YES
Again hit the simulate Y button
"simulate results for all matches?" YES
Matches are simmed. Confim at the bottom to finish the Raw Event
Back to the GM desk.

Also remember your superstar will lose his population to keep that 100 or around it don't do fan heat training or fan favorite training just do movie events and that should put him up.

Avoid stimulating days as superstars will lose there population which could cause less match ratings.

How to choose anybody you want in GM mode

First you start the GM mode, but before you go to draft superstar go to edit avaliable roster and turn everybody you wan't off, you can only pick 25.. After you pick them go back and draft a roster you don't have to pick a very big roster I only picked 2 people... Then go to the magazine thing, go to edit current roster and turn everybod you picked on, start the week and do your show with the 2 or how ever many people you have simulate the rest of the week and the next week you go to the magazeine on your desk at the menu screen go to free agency and everybod you picked will be there for your choosing!!!

Custom songs.

Remember, the songs you have on your superstar from the harddrive can not be heard by other players online, due to possible offensive material. So, don't look a dummy =P

Cheev tip.

When going for the 15 chairs and 10 tables destroyed achievement, you must destroy the chairs by striking them, and no grapples, otherwise it will not count, and you'll get annoyed, etc etc .

GM Mode: Easy victory.

To pick up an easy victory, in just over a year (A month or two after WrestleMania) follow this section, thoroughly, and you shall pick up your GM of the Year Trophy, and your 350 GamerScore, without doubt.
Start of a fresh GM Mode, so we’re on the same page. Choose to be RAW, as you get to select you superstars last, and will know whether you have to restart, or not. Select New Draft, so you can select your own ‘Roster’.
Pick two, high profile superstars, taking Shawn Michaels, and Rey Mysterio for example, and give them each a one year contract. Only these two superstars will be needed this time around, so click on continue, and the other 2 brands will select their rosters. You also must make sure that one superstar is a clean, and one is a dirty superstar. This is to make sure you can carry out successful rivalries between your two stars, for higher ratings. Give them each a title, one the Intercontinental Title, and give one the WWE Title.

Now select your Laptop, and go to the Options menu, making sure the difficulty is set to ‘Legend’. In ‘Play Options’ and select Re-Run, before turning Injuries, and Morale off. Now it’s time to set up rivalries between the two stars, (Rotate between Legend Killer, and Undisputed Champ) to increase ratings further. ( Remember to restart rivalry throughout season.)

In your show, have speciality matches throughout the day, including Table, Ladders, TLC, and Cage matches throughout the night, with the last two matches being for the Intercontinental Championship, and the WWE Title.

On the Tuesday, and Thursday you should click on Skill Improvements, and Fan Favourite Training for your Clean Superstar, then Wednesdays and Fridays you should have Fan Heat Training for your Dirty Superstar. Having the next two days off. (Bar PPV weekends). Do this throughout ever week of the season and a bit, and you shall have no problem winning the GM of the Year Award

Past and Present Themes

CM Punk:
Misiera Cantina - The Beginning - AFI
Cult of Personality (Heel) - Living Colour
Night Train - Bouncing Souls

Gregory Helms:
Eye of the Hurricane - Jim Johnston

Jeff Hardy:
No More Words - Endeverafter
Modest (or Alien Waltz) - Peroxwhy?gen

John Cena:
Basic Thuganomics - Jim Johnston

Johnny Nitro (John Morrison):
Make Believe - Jim Johnston

Burned - Jim Johnston
Big Red Machine - Eastsidaz

Mark Henry:
Sexual Chocolate - Jim Johnston

Randy Orton
This Fire Burns (CM Punks Theme)

Rey Mysterio:
Booyaka 619 (remix) - P.O.D. & Rey Mysterio
(619):- Jim Johnston
March of Death - WCW production
What Time Is It? - WCW production

Triple H
The Game (My Time Remix) - Jim Johnston
My Time - Jim Johnston
Harpischord (as Hunter Hearst Helmsley) - Jim Johnston

Your Gonna Pay - Jim Johnston
Keep Rollin - Limp Bizkit
Funeral March

William Regal:
Real Man's Man - Jim Johnston

Mick Foley:
Schitzophrenic (Mankind) - Jim Johnston
Ode to Freud (Mankind) - Jim Johnston
Dudes Shack (Dude Love) - Jim Johnston
The Dudester (Dude Love) - Jim Johnston

Steve Austin:
Oh Hell Yeah - Jim Johnston

D-Generation X
The Kings - Run DMC

The Hardys:
Chase Manhattan : WWE Production

Brothers Of Destruction
Brothers of Destruction (Burned & Keep Rollin') - Jim Johnston & Limp Bizkit
Ministry - Jim Johnston

The Mcmahons:
Corporate Ministry - Jim Johnston

I've only included the best themes and newest themes.

Take your time! (online)

If your opponet is in the ring, and your outside, your going to get nailed when you come in. So don't come in! If they start yelling at you to hurry up, turn your mic off, do not let them rush you, just wait for them to do something stupid like taunt or go out of the ring. If your on the inside and they are out, do the same thing, just be pacient, wait for them to do something stupid and hit them hard without mercy.

Ladder Match instant win (any difficulty)

This is a way to win a ladder match and you only will have to hit your opponet once. First, get oyut of the ring, bring a ladder in, then leave the ring, let your opponet climb the ladder and grab the belt, then go up the ladder with him, and do nothing, wait until he has the belt meter down to almost nothing, then hit him, and use the analong stick to push him, grab the title , and it will be yours befor he gets up. I really hope they fix this for 2009, the AI MUST be smarter now a days I mean...come on that was WAY too easy right? Payce gamer tag - Devo77 

play dirty

When you know you are going to lose go over to the ref a take him down when he is out cold for a while go get the ring bell and ring your opponents bell
A few times but stop when the ref is coming up
ps you can onely do this about 2 time without getting DQ by the ref

unlock all the ppv stages

Go to the hall of fame and complete the challenges like every 3 challenges completed you will unlock a new stage

Online play

When playing with CAWs (Created superstars) have your created wrestlers moveset all targeting the same body part.

Doing this will get your opponent red much, much quicker.

I recomend targetting the head, as there are many powerful moves that damage it, and it takes less damage points, than the torso can.

Hope the gets you a few fair wins.

Guide To Creat ICEMAN!

D = Default
Also remember these things go in order from 1st to last.

Body Type (-30) – Advanced options
Neck: d
Chest: d
Shoulder: 0, 70, 0
Abdomen: d
Waist: d
Arm: d
Hands: 100, 100, 100
Legs: d
Feet: 0, 0, 100

Body Height – 6’1’’

Head Morphing
Head: d
Forehead: 0, 0, 0, -45

Face Morphing
Eyebrows: -28, 0, 0, 70
Eyes: d
Nose: -29, 0, -19, -35, 0, 0, 0, 29
Cheeks: d
Mouth: Angle -100
Jaw: 35, 20, 0, 25, 50, 11
Ears: d

1. Skin tone 12. [-100y 5s 100sp]
2. Definition 8
3. Eye 9. [-100y 20s]
4. Eyebrow 14. [-100y 30s]
5. Lips 1. [-100y -3s]
6. Left arm Wristband 18. [-100s]
7. Underwear 4. [-100y 5s]


Only add this bit if you don't care if your guy doesn't go online it's nothing big this will put the X sign and the belt which is not really needed.

8. Torso symbol 103. Smallest size. Place in on the upper hemline of the underwear to form a belt buckle. [Red]

9. Torso Lettering. Alphabet 14/18 “l”. Use 4 of these to draw a black border around the red rectangle. [Black]

For the North and South borders, use a default, rotated “l”.
For the East and West borders, V-scale down once.

10. Torso Lettering. Alphabet 13/18 “X”. H-scale up once and V-scale down once. Move it into the middle of the buckle. [Black]

Weapon glitch (chairs mostley)

When getting a chair,(only works if hardcore is one of the fighti ng styles of the superstar) you can do a Con-Chair-To,set chair on the neck and stomp,or set chair on the leg and stomp,you will not get DQ'd and you will get an easy victory.

Achievements In Game

1: That's going to leave a mark 20
Powerbomb an opponent on top of a steel step in any match type. 2: Possession is 9/10 of the law 20
Steal your opponent's taunt 3 times in any One on One match. 3:Put'em in a body bag 20
Turn your opponent's entire limb damage meter red in any match type. 4: I'd like to thank the academy 20
Defeat a Powerhouse Superstar with the Possum Pin in any match type. 5: You've got a bit of red on you 20
Get busted open by your opponent on legend difficulty in any match type and win. 6: Who says originality is dead 20
Create an original CAS, ring entrance and created Championship. 7: King of the mountain 20
Place first in every type of tournament in Tournament mode. 8:If it bleeds... 20
Bloody every ECW Superstar on the roster. 9: Submission-sensei 50
Win a Normal Submission match without having your Struggle Submission hold broken once. 10:Stop yapping and fight 20
Argue with the referee 4 times in a match and win. 11: That's one for the record books 20
Eliminate 20 opponents in a 30-Man Royal Rumble. 12: Now that's hardcore 20
Bloody and defeat a Hardcore Superstar on legend difficulty in an ECW Extreme Rules match and win. 13: The best there was... 20
Win a 20-minute Ironman match on legend difficulty without surrendering a point to your opponent. 14: A fighting champion 75
In ranked online matches, defend a CAC title 5 times against 5 different players within 24 hours. 15: Gold digger 70
Win a Created Championship 10 times in ranked online matches. 16: On fire 75
Win 30 consecutive ranked online matches. Secret Achievements

17: Now offering non-stop flights 20
Stand on a ladder and suplex your opponent out of the ring in a ladder match. 18: Better luck next year 10
Be the first Superstar eliminated in a 30-Man Royal Rumble. 19: What the... 10
Preview the Mexican Stretch Corner Grapple in Create A Move-Set. 20: Escape Artist 20
Wiggle free from every Ultimate Control Grapple at least once. 21: On The Job 10
Lose 5 consecutive ranked online matches. 22: You've got guts 20
Complete a ranked online title match. 23: Rope a dope 20
Perform a succesful springboard attack off each side of the ropes. 24: This year's inductee 350
Play as a GM in 24/7 Mode and obtain the GM of the Year Award. 25: This is coming out of your check 20
Destroy 15 tables and 10 chairs in a TLC match. 26: Send'em back to Louisville 10
Opponent who has more limb damage than you. These are all the ACHIEVEMENTS.

Move Sets

::The following list indicates which unlockable move set (bought in the shop) belongs to which past or present 'superstar'::

1. Paul London |High Tech
2. Brian Kendrick |High Show
3. Charlie Haas |Sub Tech
4. Shelton Benjamin |Tech High
5. Eugene |Show Braw
6. Val Venis |Show Pow
7. Rob Van Dam |Braw High (change to Hard High for accuracy)
8. The Big Show |Pow Show
9. Test |Pow Hard
10. Hardcore Holly |Braw Hard
11. Taz |Tech Sub
12. Kurt Angle |Sub Tech
13. Christian Cage (TNA move set) |Dirt Show
14. Rhino |Pow Hard
15. Bubba Ray Dudley |Hard Pow
16. D'von Dudley |Hard Braw
17. Kip James/Billy Gunn |Braw Show
18. Scott Steiner |Pow Tech
19. Samoa Joe (TNA) |Sub Braw
20. AJ Styles (TNA) |High Tech
21. Christopher Daniels (TNA) |High Tech
22. Yoshihiro Tajiri |Braw Show (change to Braw High for accuracy)
23. Brock Lesnar |Pow Tech
24. Goldberg |Pow Braw
25. Sting |Pow Show
26. Sean Waltman/X-Pac |Show High
27. 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka |Braw Show
28. Dusty Rhodes |Show Braw
29. The Ultimate Warrior |Pow Braw

::The following are the various player entrances already unlocked in the game::

Leg 1. Sgt. Slaughter
Leg 2. Bam Bam Bigelow
Leg 3. Eddie Guerrero (you can only choose the car/stage animation on easy creation or for champion entrance)

Sup 1. Kurt Angle
Sup 2. Chris Jericho
Sup 3. Booker T (pre-King entrance)
Sup 4. The Big Show
Sup 5. Lance Cade
Sup 6. Trevor Murdoch
Sup 7. Hardcore Holly
Sup 8. Joey Mercury
Sup 9. Taz
Sup 10. Rob Van Dam
Sup 11. Shelton Benjamin
Sup 12. Dusty Rhodes
Sup 13. The Boogeyman
Sup 14. Paul London
Sup 15. Brian Kendrick

::The following are alternate songs for existing characters. These are not unlockable or downloadable, these have to be made as user playlists for the game. THESE WILL NOT AFFECT THEIR ENTRANCE ANIMATIONS::

1. The Sandman Metallica - Enter Sandman
2. Tommy Dreamer Alice In Chains - Man In The Box
3. Rey Mysterio Metallica - Sad But True
4. CM Punk AFI - Miseria Cantare - The Beginning
5. Undertaker Kid Rock - American Badass
Limp Bizkit - Rollin' (Air Raid Behicle)
6. Edge Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop
7. RVD (Created) Pantera - Walk

Why is it that...

THQ keep hiring writers for Svr games that have the same English Language level of a 1st grader?

If you look closely at the WWE Magazine article after your first match in the Roddy Piper storyline, the mag bills him from Glasrow not Glasgow, GlasROW.


And Steph Mcmahon is one of the only names to be used in UPPER CASE on the game,

Just as it was for NITRO MELINA VISCERA and several other in 2007.

Non - playable characters


Mike Chioda
Jack Doan

Nick Patrick
Charles Robinson

Scott Armstrong
Mike Posey


Jim Ross
Jerry "The King" Lawler

Joey Styles

Michael Cole

Other non-playable characters
Armando Alejandro Estrada
Jillian Hall
Jonathan Coachman
Justin Roberts
Lilian Garcia
Shane McMahon
Stephanie McMahon
Theodore Long
Tony Chimel
Triple H in a suit
Vince McMahon
William Regal 



Bobby Lashley,
Brian Kendrick
Charlie Haas
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
King Booker
Lance Cade
Mr. Kennedy
Paul London
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Super Crazy
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H


Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Gregory Helms
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
Jimmy Wang Yang
Kenny Dykstra
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Shannon Moore
The Great Khali


Balls Mahoney
CM Punk
Elijah Burke
John Morrison
Kevin Thorn
Marcus Cor Von
Matt Striker
Stevie Richards
The Boogeyman
The Miz
Tommy Dreamer

Beth Phoenix
Candice Michelle
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Mickie James
Torrie Wilson

Bret Hart
Eddie Guerrero
Jim Neidhart
Mick Foley
Rick Rude
The Rock
Roddy Piper
Sgt. Slaughter5
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Terry Funk


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