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PC | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

hardest posible character (for profesionals only)

For this to be as hard as possible during the whole game your not aloud to use magic, armor or weapons.when your making your character choose the khajiit race or if want to make even harder choose high elf.
When choosing skills choose hand to hand, athletics, security, sneak, acrobatics, mercantile and speechcraft(if you pick the weapons or armor for your major classes it will make it to hard to finish the game it's practically impossible).

Last but not least when your putting your attributes up choose strength, speed and endurance(your health is determined by your endurance and how much you hit is determined by your strength and your speed makes the game faster but not by that much)

Lose you're horse

Now I'm not sure if this is a cheat or not but...

If you lose you're horse most of the time you will NEVER find it again so, if you lose you're horse and you can't find it all you hav to do is go back to the castle enter then go to the stables you're horse will be their...

Exept with shadowmere... If you hav shadowmere you must do the same thing but instead of going to the stables go back out of the city and go to the ruined fort and shadowmere SHOULD be their...

This does not always work with shadowmere.

Console menu functions

While in the game, hit the tilde key [~] at any time to bring up the console. With the console open, there are multiple commands that can be used, some that require targeting by selecting an object with the mouse while the console is open.
setscale numberMakes objects change size. Click on object to enlarge or make smaller then enter cheat. Number ranges from .5 to 2. 1 is normal size.
FOV #Change the angle of your point of view (default is 75)
TFOWToggles fog of war that hides the map
player.setcrimegold 0Removes Bounty on your head. NOTE: If being chased by city guards, you must leave the city and go back for it to work on them.
twsToggle water
pov [#]Set point of view angle (75 by default)
showquesttargetsShow current quest targets
showquestlog 1Show completed quest log
showquestlog 0Show current quest log
showquestlogShow quest log
showfullquestlog [quest id]Show all log entries for indicated quest
lock [1-100]Lock selected door or container
helpList console commands
hairtint (red/green/blue)Change player hair colour
savegame [filename]Save game
setcamerafov [degrees]Set camera field of view (75 by default)
ShowBirthSignMenuShow the sign selection screen
ShowRaceMenuShow the name/race/appearance selection screen
ShowClassMenuShow the class selection screen
player.payfineGuards stop attacking you and bounty is paid off.
stopcombatImmediately stops the combat of the selected friend/foe.
PCBPurge cell buffer. This will free up used memory, often times increasing fps after any given amount of time in game. Best used while in interior cells
coc toddtestTeleports player to developer testing grounds.
Without targeting, type "tgm"God Mode
Click a locked door or chest, type "unlock"Unlocks target object
Click any human or creature, type "kill"Instant kills
tfhToggle Full Help
player.setAV <#>Increase (Or decrease) Ability or Attribute
player.additem 0000000F 'XXX'Adds the desired amount of gold. Replace the 'XXX' with the amount wanted.
player.AddSpell 00000000gives you spell 00000000 (use other hex combinations for spells)
player.AddItem 00000000 #gives you # of item 00000000 (use other hex combinations for items)
modpcs skill 100adds 100 points to the skill
modpca luck 100adds 100 pointsto an attribute (here luck)
ShowbirthsignmenuAllows you to change your birthsign
advskill skill #Forces a skill level up of # levels, example: advskill blade 4
player.setlevel 1Changes player level to desired number. Use 1-255
advlevelforces a level up with the levelup screen.
showclassmenuAllows you to change your class
caqsCompletes all quest stages
ShowSubtitleToggles NPC conversation subtitles
psbAdd all spells to player
SexChangeChanges your gender
TCLToggles collision ( noclip anyone?:), you go in the direction your facing, up/down/etc )
TDTToggle debug display (FPS etc)
TLLToggle land LOD
TDETECTToggle AI detection
SSGCreates a window with the full game scene graph
movetoqtTeleports you to your quest target (for lazy bums) makes the game ALOT shorter >:)
qqqexit game without using menus
tcaiToggle combat ai, "sitting ducks" springs to mind
TSToggle sky
TLVToggle leaves
TWFToggle wireframe mode
TAIToggle AI
TGToggle Grass
TTToggle trees
TMToggles hiding of all menus (for taking screenshots)
tfc"ufo cam", freeflyng camera
Gives the player the given item and amount of the item.
SetPCInfamygives you infamy
SetPCFamegives you fame
PlaceAtMe , ,,spawns a npc or item or creature where you put the cords in this recuires a ref.
resurrectResurrect targeted monster/human.
player.removespell Removes specified spell
player.removeitem <#>Removes any item
player.completequest Removes active quest specified (doesn't complete it)
player.setstage Advances specific quest to specified stage
coc testinghallTeleports player to an area with all objects, monsters, and NPCs in-game.
player.placeatme Summon a NPC at your current location
twrToggles Water Radius
set timescale to Set the speed at which time flows, 30 is default and 1.0 is real-time.
drop amountdrops the item
equipitem equips the item
ModDisposition ObjREF Amountmodifies actor's disposition towards ObjREF. Example: ModDisposition 014 -100 makes your target strongly dislike __ you __
GetPos Xshows target's X coordinate in the scene. Y and Z are also valid. Use Player.GetPos X or "014".GetPos X to find out where you are on the X-axis!
SetPos X Valueset target's X coordinate, i.e., move the target. Use Player.SetPos Z to train acrobatics. Be careful not to move something beyond your reach..
MoveTo ObjREFmove target to ObjREF. You might enlist 'frequently visited' ObjREFs for further fast-travel, or even create your own 'places' by dropping items..
SetAV AValue Amountset some ability or skill (AValue to be Marksman, LightArmor, etc.) Also not-so obvious values are: Aggression, Energy, Confidence, Responsibility..
SetAV Aggression 100target should attack anybody it doesn't like, without prompt
SetCrimeGold 2000set a bounty on actor's head. Use upon a character you want punished by guards. Also should be funny using it on town guards themselves.
StopCombatactor stops combat, hides its weapon. Actor will start again, if it finds proper targets.
SetItemValue Amount(should be used on items, not actors) Sets item's price
CreateFullActorCopycreate a fully identical copy of a target for some purpose. All attributes, spells, and items copy.
Player.CreateFullActorCopyplaces another "Yourself" near you. You even might test "yourself" in combat, but be careful with all those guilds stuff..
SetActorFullName "John Doe"change actor's name
DeleteFullActorCopyremoves selected target if it was a copy created with CreateFullActorCopy (Now, after you had plenty fun with your replica, it's time to release it)
DuplicateAllItems DestinationObjREFcopy items from target actor (or chest or other container) into object referenced by DestinationObjREF.
RemoveAllItemsremove all items from target. Use Player.RemoveAllItems to strip off any stolen and not stolen goods from yourself.
PRID Playerselect yourself as a target. In theory, one can also select other named objects, but for now other names are unknown.
Look ObjREFtarget looks towards referenced object
StopLooktarget stops looking (this is to cancel any previous Look cheat)
Drop TypeREF Amountan item of given type drops out from selected target's inventory. Item is treated owned by target, so you will steal it on picking up
UnEquipItem TypeREFtarget deactivates an item of given type (may be used to disarm or undress target).
SetBarterGold Amountsets amount of gold a merchant has for trade. (don't forget to first select any merchant as a target :J)
ShowSpellMakingForces up spell creation screen
KillallKills Everything Where You Are (If You Are In A Town Outside It Kills Everything Outside)
lock [value]Lock a door
tmm 1Shows all map markers
setweight XXXSets the item's weight to XXX
Player.killKills yourself


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