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Nintendo Wii | Super Mario Galaxy


During gameplay use a second Wiimote and although a second player will not appear the second Wiimote will have it's own pointer giving the other player the ability to assist in collecting items and helping Mario's jumps.

Watermelons instead of Coconuts

This will happen when you have collected 9,999 Star Bits in the Hub.

Fly with Mario

When you have beaten Bowser with Mario go to the gate and step onto the little castle. Agree to help Rosilina protector of the cosmos and she will leave you with a red powerup luma to help you. Collect ALL 100 purple coins and you will get a red star which will give Mario red and black clothing and the ability to fly.

Death Count

When you have collected the final star with Mario and Luigi so you have the required 120 to unlock the 'Grand Finale Galaxy' and saved the game you can then view your death count on your 'Save' file to see how many times you were killed during the game with Mario and Luigi.

Starting Boost when Racing Shadow Mario

When you are racing against Shadow Mario hold forward when the countdown timer starts and when it hits 2 hold down on Z to crouch. Then press A as soon as the race starts and for several seconds you will turn yellow and recieve a boost that will leave Shadow Mario way behind.

Homing Attack

To perform this special move which attacks the nearest enemy or breakable object in the game you have to press Z when you spin in midair.

Unlock Grand Finale Galaxy and Star 121

Collect ALL 120 stars with Luigi and beat Bowser, when you've done this the Grand Finale Galaxy becomes unlocked which is the Star Festival you saw at the start of the game. When you have collected the 100 purple coins in this galaxy you get Star 121 which is the final star.

Unlock Luigi

To unlock this hidden character you must collect ALL 120 stars and then return to Rosalina on the Comet Observatory and ask to fight Bowser again. When the credits have completed you will see a message that tells you that Luigi is now available as a playable character.

Unlock Bonus Stages in the Demo Version

At the 'Main' menu press A + B + 1 + 2 to unlock two hidden extra stages in the Demo version of this latest installment in the hugely popular series by Nintendo.


You know that the firepower is a limited time well not any more just pause the game and just press 1and2 together and you will hear no music.

Green power stars!!!

So if you want to get Green power stars do the following.

1st Green power star: rescue Lugi in battle rock galaxy.

2nd Green power star: in bouy boue galaxy go under water and destory the glass cage with a under water bullet bill and go into the tube and destory the 2nd glass cage and there will be a green power star

NOTE:There are three Green power stars but the 3rd green power star is unknow to me...also please rate this cheat

Homing Butt Stomp!!!!!!!

So here is a special butt stomp. First you need a spin luma to do this stomp. Now get near a enemy then jump then spin and do a butt stomp and then you will hit the enemy and you are in a place where you can't hit the enemy. Thanks for reading the cheat.

Red Luma's Secret/How to use the secret!

Have you ever wondered what the Red Luma's secret was? Well. I have your awnser. The red Lumas have a special power you only can use after beating "The Gateways Purple Coins" Level in the gateway Galaxy. Afterwerds you can use this power anytime at the comet observatory. How to use. 1.You must get the red star by the Red Luma or by the garage. 2. Jump with A. 3.While in the air spin. 4. You should be flying. 5. You can steer with the nunchuck. 6. Hold A in the air to hover. Luke .s over and out

super jump

If you are in co star mode then p2 prees your star on mario to make him jump but at the same time p1 prres a (requires practes)

Paralize enemy (not bosses!)

To paralize enemies,just get a friend to control another wii emote,and when he/she presses A and hold it on a enemy,it will stay paralized!

Flip the Screen!!!

This isn't exaclty a cheat but more of a glitch. You need to have the Machine Room though. Move to the left just a little bit and fall off the platform. Do a Ground Pound straight into space, a bubble will form around Mario and he will be lifted back to where you started. During this the screen will flip for about two seconds. (Note that this may not always work.)

Sumthin Silly

Click on a save file and point at the spining save file head. Spin the head in one direction by going in a circle through the head then over the head. After spining the head really fast, the head will close it's eyes. Spin it so it is facing you. Try to keep it still. The head will start to blink and open it's eyes again.

red star

To get the red star you must unlock the garden room then go half way up and you will see a house go into it and you will be on another planet. Then go and talk to rosalina and then luma will come and ask you to collect 100 purple coins. If you succeed, you will get the red star.

Alternate Ending And Luigi As Playable Character.

To do this collect all 120 stars, then go to Rosalina at the comet observatory, and ask to fight Bowser again. When you win you see an alternative ending to the game and unlock Luigi ^_^.

Super Mario Cheats

These cheats will help you on your adventure.

Super Spin Attack:
You press and hold [Z] then spin.


You should no where the lives are after you gain access to the Kitchen, then while you're there, Hold Z and Jump, do this as long as you want until you fall off the ledge.

A "Cat's" Three lives + 5:

1. In the box in the Garage.
2. On one of the green floating panel under the Bedroom.
3. Under the Kitchen "Somersault Area".
4. (The 5) Hold 1+2 right when Pressing A+B on the home screen and go into a file and you will have a 75% chance of the Mailtoad to give 5 lives, and a 5% chance of him giving you 50 lives.

Luigi's help:

After beating getting all 241 stars,(Mario& Luigi), Luigi may help you.

The Location of all the Green Stars

The Locations of the three green stars are

Battle Rock Galaxy: Get it by saving Luigi

Buoy Base Galaxy: Using a bullet bill destroy the other glass cage and go into the pipe.

Dusty Dune Galaxy: Feed the hungry Luma and go to the new planetoid and get it on top of the stone platforms.

pecial ground pound

First you have to start out as a regular ground pound ,then right when you pound youspin with it.

Infinite lives! NO ACTION REPLAY!

You have to unlock the kitchen observatory. You take mario under the step to get to the kitchen. There should be a life mushroom there. Then run into Rosalina's library. Then go back out. Go back to the place where you found the life. There will be another life there. Back to the library. Back to the life. Ect.

P.S: If it is your first time in the library, you have to listen to Rosalina read a chapter of a storybook to the Lumas.

If you are about to get a game over on a level, then you press pluss on the Wii remote and go back to the observatory and do the infinite life cheat.

Happy Goomba stomping

OK I tested this and found out it worked. It's not much but here it is. When you see a goomba ( or some other enemy) if you want star bits spin (1-5) and run into it or daze it with a star bit and then run into it. If you want coins (1) then you have to ground pound ( jump then [Z] I think)or jump on the enemy.These are the only ways to get coins.

Luigi and the Grand Finale Galaxy

Get all 120 Power Stars as Mario and beat Bowser again.After the credits are done you will here Luigi say"Super Luigi Galaxy!".Save and go to the 120 atar file.A new button will appear.it wiil have Mario & Luigi on it.click it and the red part of the file will turn green.then hit play this file and you will be playing as Luigi!Luigi runs faster and jumps higher than Mario,but he always skids to a stop.Get all 120 Power Stars as Luigi and a new galaxy will appear.It is Called the Grand Finale Galaxy-the Star Festival.it takes you back to the Star Festival from the beginning of the game.get all 100 purple coins and star 121 will appear.talk to the mailtoad for a congratulations note on the Wii Message Board.

get 100 star bits!

At the very beginning of the game, keep on collecting star bits and go back to the square. The star bits will be in the same place. It is a good way to have alot of star bits and one of the easiest methods I use.

Bonus stage

Bonus Stages (Demo version)
Instead of just pressing [A]+ at the main menu of the demo, press and hold [1]+[2] when pressing [A]+ to access two additional stages.

Star bits

I have 4 cheat for you.
1.You can colect star bits useing the blue star on your TV.
2.In the VERY start of the game,DON'T go straight to Peach's castle.Stay and get all the star bits you want.
3.If you have another Wiimote,you AND a friend can colect star bits together.
4.Use cheats 1,2&3 together.

Really High Jump

Trying to get on a ledge that's high? Or something in the air not reachable? I have a solution for you!
-1 wall
-1 Mario
-1 Brown Luma
First, run in the opposite direction of the wall, then do a backflip (press A + opposite direction of the way you are running). You should go double the height of a normal jump. Then, when you touch the wall once you hit the peak of your jump, do a wall kick. You get even higher! Then spin once you've gotten the highest possible and tilt the control stick towards the ledge or item you are trying to get. (Note: You can do the same thing in Super Mario Sunshine, except you don't spin with the Brown Luma, you hover with FLUDD.)

Unlockable: Death Count

The Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the secret galaxy that can be unlocked after 120 Stars are gathered with both Mario and Luigi, holds another secret. Once the final Star is acquired with both characters in this galaxy, you will be able to see your death count on your save file. This will allow you to see how many times you died while playing the game with both Mario and Luigi.

Triple Jump

You can triple jump if you have two players, do a backflip jump, then spin Mario, then tell the second player to click Mario with their pointer, you will do a triple jump, Please Rate!

Different Luigi

When you unlock luigi, when you play as him, the 2nd luigi (the one you rescue) will be taller and skinnier than your luigi!

how to see how many time you died

First you beat the game as mario. Then become lugi and beat the game then when you look at your profile it will say how many times you died as mario and lugi

The Location

Well I have been seeing this question always being asked.The location of the the final galaxy is underneath the trial galaxy.It is that place were all the green pipes are which is underneath.The green luma says :Will you like to go to the final galaxy ?You say yes collect the purple coins which are easy and your done

FLUDD Easter Eggs

In one of the Bowser levels, look for the things that shoot fire. Look closely at them. Those things that shoot bubbles, look at them closely. That Mole Boss that shoots you with water, Look closely. If you are looking close enough, you will see that they look like FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine.

Easy way to catch the bunny

On the garden maze where the bunnys are the main inhabatants (i forget what it's called), there is an easier way to catch the bunny to get the star.I thought of this cheat because it's really hard to catch that bunny, so all you really have to do is do a longjump when your in front of him, by pressing R+A.

Make sure that the bunny is not going to turn and that your facing him. It worked for me the first time. If you do, you should be able to catch him.


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