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Xbox | Justice League Heroes

Unlockable: Batman Alt.

For Costume: Clasic Blue you need to gather 59 shields.

Infinite Energy

Halt the game, press and hold down L & R triggers and enter DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, UP, LEFT, LEFT. If done successfully, you will be able to unlock Infinite energy

Tip: Boosterrama

While playing in watchtower level 3 almost half way through the level there is a room where two mines pop out of the floor,next room has a save point and heading up to the next room there the pulse thing that slows you down, there are 4 mines which are are continuously being created.
Using a character that can destroy the mines in one blow (I had used Wonder Woman with her Tiara toss) Your able to gather boost gems galore in either one of the rooms. Well at least as many as you can carry.(35) ( The mines also drop Healths, Energy, and Shields)....once your fully stocked head out to the save room, Combine the gems and create more powerful ones and then head back into the room and start again. 


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