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PSP | Naruto Shippuden Legends: Akatsuki Rising

Using a Jutsu

Hold R and press Square, Triangle, X, or Circle to use a Jutsu. To perform a quick release Jutsu tap R instead of holding R and the Jutsu that was last used will be executed.

Gold Stars in Scenario Mode

Complete the following tasks to unlock a Gold star in the indicated chapter of Scenario mode.

Chapter 1:
Complete the chapter after defeating ALL enemies.

Chapter 2:
Complete the chapter without taking any damage.

Chapter 3:
Complete the chapter after breaking ALL lanterns.

Chapter 4:
Complete the chapter without using Ninjutsu.

Chapter 5:
Complete the chapter without any scrolls equipped.

Chapter 6:
Complete the chapter without using healing items.

Chapter 7:
Complete the chapter in 10 minutes.

Chapter 8:
Complete the chapter without using attack items.

Chapter 9:
Complete the chapter after defeating 50 enemies.

Chapter 10:
Complete the chapter after defeating 5 enemies.

Unlock Sai

This character becomes available when you complete B-Rank mission 'Social Training Members' and D-Rank mission 'Putting Naruto to the Test'.

Unlock Characters

The following characters become available options when you complete Scenario mode.

Unlock Temari:
Complete Scenario mode.

Unlock Gaara:
Complete Scenario mode.

Unlock Kankuro:
Complete Scenario mode.

Unlock Uchiha Itachi:
Complete Scenario mode.

Unlock Deidara:
Complete Scenario mode.

Unlock Hoshigaki Kisame:
Complete Scenario mode.

Unlock Sasori (3rd Kazekage):
Complete Scenario Mode.

Unlock Sasori (Hiruko):
Complete Scenario Mode.

Unlock Akatuski Mode

This feature becomes available when you complete Scenario mode.

Unlock Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden)

This character becomes a playable character by completing the following task. First complete 'Scenario' mode to unlock 'Akatsuki' mode and then complete Akatsuki mode using Itachi.


first finish scanerio mode/story mode then go to akastuki mode us itachi and finish capter 1-10 and there you have it youve unlock sasuke

Best Mission To Get Ryo

I found that the mission [Stop The Fifth Hokage] (A-Rank) gives me at least 15 silver ores and 9 obsidians (when Ten-Ten is a backup)! Do this mission a few times and you should have enough Ryo to combine any scrolls you may have! 

Sasuke and Sai unlock

To unlock Sai,complete social training members b mission in mission mode.
To unlock Sasuke,win akatsuki mode as itachi.


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