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Coin Hack
What makes cheat engine don’t work is when the developer of the game figure out the hack. So once it happens you need to modify your cheat engine to make it work again so here now the modified version of Hotel City Coins Hack.

First you need a cheat engine, if you don’t have you can download free cheat engine here. Then of course your Facebook account, flash 10 and your Firefox browser. First log in your Hotel City account then open your cheat engine. Read current coins amount and try to spend your in game coins. Here you can scan the new coin amount, do it until only 1 address left.
When there is only 1 address left you can now change the value to 1 million. Check your coin and you got 1 million. Hint: the more it is exceeding on 1 million the less it likely to works so don’t be too greedy. Take time on hacking their coins.

Another version of Coin Hack
First Open your cheat engine and your browser then scan “285A89D803285A8B” when 1 address returned, right click disassemble. Follow by right click selected code and choose Toggle breakpoint. Be patience and wait till the game freeze like you expected it to log. Now it is right the time to chance the EAX value to hexadecimal “ffffff” be careful in encoding your value this is one way ticket to the ride. Again, right click the selected code and choose toggle breakpoint again. Finally, click debug then run. You can see now that your coins is rising in up.

Hotel City Experience Hack
Open you cheat engine and your browser respectively. Tick Hex, 8bytes then scan read only memory. Follow by “544A89C803544A8B” then 1 address returned right click disassemble. Right click selected code and click toggle breakpoint. Like on the money hack, wait until the game freeze then change the EAX value to “99,999.” Right click selected code and choose toggle breakpoint again then click debug to make it run. Now your experience. Repeat it as you can.


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