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PC | Club Penguin

hidden items

In page one of the furniture book (in igloo) click the "cusion" to get a portal box. Click the middle segment of the base to get an hd tv. On page two click the cross thing on the skiis.

club penguin

If you click w makesure you click it fast.then click Eh then a picture will cum up

stand in path ways

So click the path then quickly click your mail wait for a few sec then x of your mail then youll be standing in a path

Catalog cheats

Clothing Catalog:

(1)Click on the black bucket of the coins for change to get the stocking cap

(2)There are two trees on the first one click the bit of snow on the top to get the long johns

(3)On the other tree click on all the musical instrements to get them

(4)On the penguins at work page click the word work to get the black super hero mask

(5)Click on the white puffle to get the dizzy

(6)Click on the dojo in the distance to get the red viking helmet and to get the blue viking helmet just click it three times

(7)Click on the mushroom to get the black cape

blurry pictures

To make the pictures blurry go to town then press =

Cloning Your Penguin At The Login Page!

Click start and click log in as a Different Penguin. Type that same penguin's Username a Password in the boxes but put an ' somewhere in the name. Example: Pen'guin not Penguin. Click remember me and sign in on a non chat server. Then log off and go back to the log in page and your penguin will be remembered twice. (THIS CHEAT CAN BE DONE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT BUT ONLY UP TO 6) To do it more than 2 put an ' somewhere else in the name at the Log In As A Different Penguin page. Example: Pengui'n not Pen'guin.

How to talk with The Newspaper

Open up your newspaper and go to the Aunt Arctic page and click submit question. Close it and click TAB then type in what you want to say and press ENTER.

Some Cheats

Map Name Glitch

Go to any where around the island and open the Map. Click on a location that a name pops up but don't let go and drag your mouse up to the X in the corner then let go of the mouse click. Close your map and wala the name you clicked on will still be there

Cloning Items For Your Igloo

Put down the items you want to clone then click Save. Open up the igloo editor again and put away all the items you want to clone but don't shut it. Click your player card and go to awards and click the Spy Phone. Click visit HQ and go back to your igloo. WALA! You have cloned the items you wanted.

A Lot Of Clone Items Glitch

Do the Igloo Item Clone Glitch then put down the items you cloned. Click Save then log off then on and you can put down as many as you want of the cloned items. (NOTE: IF YOU CHANGE YOUR IGLOO DESIGN YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CLONED ITEMS AND WILL HAVE ONLY HOW MANY YOU HAD BEFORE CLONING. BUT YOU CAN JUST CLONE THEM AGAIN)

Nubbing Cheat (Walk under chat bar)

First click next to the chat bar where the edge of the Club Penguin page is. Then click the other side of the chat bar like you did the first time. Keep doing untill you are underneath the chat bar.

Play a game of Find Four in your igloo

First go to the Ski Lodge and waddle up to a Find Four table and click the Home Icon just before you reach the table. It will ask if you want to play Find Four. Click yes and wait untill someone joins.

pizzatron 3000

Go to the pizza parlor play pizzatron 3000 before you do anything click on the lever to the bottom right switch it to dessert pizzas now you are making dessert pizzas with double the award {5 coins regularly now 10 coins per pizza}

Crying puffle

1.go onto club penguin and log on
2.go low definition (press = with out chat box on)
3.then do the puffle emote (by clicking p+e)


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