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Nintendo Wii | The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Sacred Grove Statue Puzzle Solution

The following is the solution to the Sacred Grove Statue Puzzle after completing the 3rd temple: Left, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up.


In the Gerudo Desert find the 'Gerudo Mesa' and the 'Cave of Ordeals' to unlock Fairies and later Great Fairies at each spring around Hyrule. The smaller Fairies can be bottled and will restore 8 hearts when they are used. Great Faires will give you a full bottle of Great Fairy Tears which fully heal you and temporarily increase your attack if you have an empty bottle and no Tears in your inventory already. Both have an infinite supply when they have been unlocked.

Unlock Fairies in the Ordon Spring:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 10 rooms.

Unlock Fairies in the Faron Spring:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 20 rooms.

Unlock Fairies in the Eldin Spring:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 30 rooms.

Unlock Fairies in the Lanayru Spring:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 40 rooms.

Unlock Great Fairies in ALL Springs:
In the Cave of Ordeals complete 50 rooms.

Bomb Bag Upgrades

There is a total of 3 Bomb Bags to collect and 1 Capacity Upgrade that will affect ALL 3 bags.

Unlock Bomb Bag 1:
Buyfrom Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko after 2nd temple. Unlock Bomb Bag 2:
Free the Goron from the giant lava rock located underwater in Zoras domain.

Unlock Bomb Bag 3:
Destroy the rock barriers for the River Canoe mini-game owner.

Unlock Bomb Bag Capacity Upgrade (Double):
Score 25 points or more on the River Canoe Mini-Game.

Unlock Quiver Upgrades
Play the 'Star' game which is located in the large tent in Southeast Hyrule Castle Town to upgrade your arrow capacity.

Unlock Big Quiver - 60 Arrows:
Beat 'Star' game level 1 (Clawshot Required)

Unlock Giant Quiver - 100 Arrows:
Beat 'Star' game level 2 (Double Clawshot Required)

Control a Cucco

When you hit a Cucco about 8 times you'll be able to control it for a short period of time which is unlike other Zelda games where if you hit the Cuccos you would be attacked.

convert to chicken view from wolf view

when you are a wolf, go to the village by the ranch, attack a chicken any chicken, attack it about 15 or 10 times. after that it will convert to the chickens view. the chickens view for you will only last for about 10 - 15 seconds. so spend your chicken view time wisely. also you can do this cheat as many times as you want.

Robbing guards in castle town

Okay so turn into a wolf (if you're that far) and go to castle town. Go where the fountain is wait for the guards and use the B move to scare them and they should leave stuff behind.

How to get 70 rupees over and over again

So you want to be rich.
1.well just go to lake hylia.
2.talk to the oh so magical cannon guy.
3.then get shot out of the giant cannon.
4.then when you land you should be in a place with chickens after you go through the door
5.talk to the weird looking guy and pay up.
6. Then grab a chicken and jump out the window.
7.turn a little to the right and you should see this platform thats spinning in circles around a pole yeah so land there.
8. Open the chest and you got an orange rupee. Now I know what you're thinking "well now it's gone" well if you jump off go do step 1-7 and the first part of 8 all over again GUESS WHAT. CHA CHING!!!! Another orange rupee! WOOHOO

gold and green chuchu

Ok on floor 19 there is a gold chuchu if you can stop him from joining with another chuchu first you can get his goo alsoon the same floor is a red and yellow if you make them join together then there will be a green chuchu. Although the green one does nothing it's a really rare chuchu

Better infinite money

If youve already been to lake hylia, you can use the cuccus or wahtever to take the left path and land on the spinning platform. Under that is a heart piece and on the spinning platform is 100 ruppes, then you can get the other treasure chests and poe if you haven't already got him. But wait diont think for a second that you can stop here because it's not infinite, because it is. You just have to take another ride up through fyer's normal fight take the same cuccu path and there it is another 100 rupees. And if youre going to use this cheat to get majic armor you need 530 ruppes already and when you use the cuccu you have to go through the middle ajusting your speed to get to the spinnig platform and get another exactly 100 ruppes to get 600 in total. ( you only really need 598 but collecting 98 ruppes takes longer ).


Okay. The solution to zeldalover13´s problem is kind of simple, first you need to find at least one golden bug thats not part of a pair. Then give it to agitha at agitha´s palece and she will give you a wallet that holds 600 rupiees and there you go. Problem solved.


Okay, first off, you know how when in the manual it says that when you save in a dungen and turn off the power you have to restart from the first room? Well, my cheat that figured out is the loop whole. If you've met occco and occco jr., when you are in the goron mines just about to be facing the new Darbus, use occco, save, then turn off the power or restart, then you will be in the room connected to the room before Darbus. And there you go. It's just perfect if your mom, roomate, or any other person tells you to turn the wii off, or if they want to play a different game.
P.s. Make a cheat that says that this cheat works on other dungens, if it works at any other place.

infinte ruppes

To get infinte ruppes you have to first go to the game where you use the bomb arrows to blow up the jars.Then,when you get twenty five points or more you will get a fifty ruppe. Then jump into the water to the left take out the clawshot and aim at the sharp wall (remember to z target and hold left on the nunchuck)when you get into the wall swim out and fall you will be back in the boat and every time you do it you will get a 50 ruppe.

How to get the chest!

You know how in Lake Hylia there's that big thing with the treasure chest on it

And it's spinning on the platform? Well here's how to get to it. Go into the

Cannon house and ask for a normal flight (If you have already been to Gerudo

Desert) and then you land on that one building with the chickens. Next you go

Into the chicken house and pay the one clown. Grab a chicken and jump off.

Then, Take the path of rupees on the right. When you follow the path, you

Should be just above the moving platform. Then, immediatley, you take on and

Off your iron boots. With the correct timing, you will land. (I suggest using

The black chicken.I don't why! I just like the color black!)


Ok, when you get the Clawshot, go back to the first village (Ordon) and use the Clawshot on the waterwheel, and it will make water ripples in mid-air!

Easy Warping (Works For Transforming Too)

Ok Heres How To Warp In Towns When People Are There.

1.) Find A Spot That Midna Won't Let You Warp

2.) Run Behind Areas That People Can't See You (EXAMPLE IN KAKARIKO VILLAGE) Like in Hide And Seek

3.) Teleport Or Turn Beast Form

easy $$$

Go to zora's domain with your zora armour and use iron boots to go to bottom of water. Pick up any rocks you see and rupees pop out from under them. Leave and come back & do it again repeat as needed.
U get 100 rupees each time!

secret cave!!!!

In lake Hylia(not under-water) there is a secret cave with a very special item in it...but you need to use a bomb to get inside!plus,the item isnt just in the begging...u have to go through a maze like thing...and you will NEED A LOT of bombs...

Wolf Mode

When your a Wolf use your senses and dig where it's sparkling and you may find rupees and hearts

Steal from stupid Bird

When yur in Faron Forest, There is a Bird that sells Lantern Oil & Red potion. Just scoop some and run away. IT WORKS!!!!!

all 3 sliver rupees

There are 4 sliver rupees in the game

1. In kakariko village shoot a bomb arrow at the bell on top of the sactuary(must be able to transform at will so you can clamb to the top)

2. In the castle when you you beet the first knight take right side and take the door that goes back to the main hall and step on the switch on the right then use the double clawshot to get to the next balcony onthe right and in the chest is a sliver rupee

3. Also on the outside castle if you take the left and get the key from that side go on right and tke the key from the oger (and vice versa) once you have the two keys go inside the castle and at the end right before you go through the door that needs the big key go through the door on the right and inside will be many small and large chests in one of the big chests is the last sliver rupee

Fly for a little bit

Ok,if you want to fly,just follow thes steps.

1:Go to a high place in a village were you can summon a hawk.
2:Summon the hawk.
3:Aim the hawk at a chicken.
4:Let the hawk go on the chicken,and it will bring it back to you.
5:Hold the chicken,and jump off the high place you are at.
6:Now you are flying!


If your shield burns up in the Goron Mines or on Death mMuntain, simply go to the Malo mart and buy a Wooden Shield for 50 Rupees, or the Hylian Shield for 200 Rupees(I recommend the Hylian Shield because it doesn't burn)

Cave Of Odeals

Before jumping down into another room, check out what's in there first. If it's something like a Goblin etc. Throw a bomb into the room without actually going into it yourself, then throw another with a gap of two seconds. Then look down, and if the monsters aren't dead, repeat this process a few times and one of the times will kill the monsters.

This is because the monsters think the bomb is you and go over to it, but sometimes the blomb has already blown up before they get there, hence why the second one is needed.

If it doesn't kill the monsters the first time it is most likely because you waited a little too long or didn't wait long enough to throw the second bomb.

Cool Sword Manuever

After defeating and enemy (preferably one that can walk and is easy to kill ie. A goblin) in the style of swinging the Wii remote to attack, press the A button twice, and Link will swing his sword and put it back in a cool fashion, the way he does when he has learnt a new hidden skill :)


The myth about the golden chu is true and I found it. This is where you get it.

1.Enter Goron Place at Kakorio (spelling) Village
2.Walk until you see the blowing stone. There are some obsticles on the way, the blowing stone is on a ledge with all of the geysers. Jump on Gorons to get over the cliffs if you didn't know. :)
3.Take out the clawshot and have an empty bottle ready
4.Look on the left wall and you will see vines under a hole in the wall
5.Clawshot to the vines
6.Climb up vines
7.Inside is the rare golden chu
8.Make sure you save just in case you do not get the bottle out in time
9.Hit with sword and scoop with empty bottle
10.The rare chu restores ALL hearts and briefly increases attack power

Here's some quick things that you might not care about.lol

1.Red chu restores 8 hearts
2.Blue chu restores all hearts
3.Purple chu can either give few hearts or take one heart away
4.Yellow chu can be used as lantern oil
5.Green chu is a myth. I have not found it. People who have I heard from say it does not do anything. It says 'but nothing happened'.
6.Rare chu replentishes all hearts and briefly boosts your attack power
7.Orange chu replentishes 4 hearts (I think)

Other Heart Healing Materials and Where To Buy Them

1.Red potion- Restores 8 hearts, just like red chu and Superb Soup
Kids shop at Kakorio Village on the side of the road- 30 rupees- empty bottle required.
Malo Mart in Kakorio Village for 30 rupees- empty bottle required.
2.Blue potion- Restores all hearts, just like rare and blue chu
Kids shop at Kakorio Village for 100 rupees
3.Plain soup- Restores 2 Hearts
Get from Yeto at Snowpeak Ruins when there is nothing in it
4.Superb Soup- Restores 8 Hearts, Just like red chu and red potion
Get from Yeto when you give him both Ordon pumpkin and Goat cheese

Here's place that are fun to go to.
This ones a cat lover's one.
1.In Castle Town Central Square go south To Castle Town South Road and take the first left turn into an alley. Make the first right turn in the alley and you will find cute kitties to pick up and love and listen to meowing (a boy wrote this)

Golden Bugs and where to find them!

Here is a list of Golden Bugs and where to find them:

Male Ant: Back of graveyard in Kakariko Village, look behind the tree.

Female Ant: House in west side of Kakariko Village.

Male Beetle: Near a tree in the Faron Hyrule Field. Between the two hills.

Female Beetle: On a tree located on a ridge in the far west side of the Faron Hyrule Field. Male Butterfly: Located in a patch of tall grass in east Lanayru Hyrule Field.

Female Butterfly: In a patch of tall grass in east Lanayru Hyrule Field. Climb up the ivy to reach the ledge where it is.

Male Dayfly: Easier to find at nighttime, the male dayfly is located in the south/central area of the Gerudo Desert.

Female Dayfly: South of the goblin camp and west of the Cave of Ordeals there are some trenches. There you will find the female dayfly.

Male Dragonfly: You will find this golden bug in the southwest area of Zora's Domain, at the waterfall basin. Swim in this direction to find it at the top of the hill.

Female Dragonfly: This dragonfly is flying around near Iza's River Raft Ride. Use the Gale Boomerdang to bring it close to you for capture.

Male Grasshopper: You will find this creepy-crawly in north Hyrule Field, Eldin Province. It is near a patch of dirt in the southwest area of the field.

Female Grasshopper: This bug is also found in the north Hyrule Field, Eldin Province. You will find her in the northeast part of the field. This bug is easier to spot at night.

Male Ladybug: Found south of Castle Town, this cute little bug is found near the climbable ivy-covered rock in a patch of flowers.

Female Ladybug: The mate to the male ladybug is found in the courtyard south of Castle Town. You will find her near the three trees east of the pool.

Male Mantis: This bug is found north of the Bridge of Hylia. It is usually found on the inside of the arch.

Female Mantis: South of the Bridge of Hylia is the female mantis, near the giant tree roots that cover part of the southern field. She is usually high up on the east side of the roots.

Male Phasmid: This bug is found on the arch of the Bridge of Eldin, on the South side.

Female Phasmid: You will find this bug on the rock wall north of the Bridge of Eldin. She is easier to spot at night.

Male Pill Bug: This golden critter is found in the grass neasr the south end of the Kakariko Gorge Bridge.

Female Pill Bug: Southwest from the north area of the Kakariko Gorge bridge, is the female pill bug, hidden in a patch of grass near the trees.

Male Snail: Enter the cave-like area southwest of the moving statues in the Sacred Gorve. On the wall, you will find your golden prize.

Female Snail: Enter the Temple of Time, and head down the stairs. Head southwest, and you will find the female snail clinging to the wall next to the stairs.

Male Stag Beetle: This bug is found near a tree in the east side of Lanayru Hyrule Field. It is on the right side of the bridge that crosses the river.

Female Stag Beetle: North of Hyrule Castle, in the Lanyru Hyrule Field, is a rocky region in the northern area of the field. When the path splits, take the southern path, and walk to where there is a wall you can bomb that faces west. Above the entrance, is the last of the 24 golden bugs.


Here is a list of the upgrades/bottles/bomb bags you can get, and how to get them:

WALLETS---In Hyrule Castle Town, give Agitha one bug, and she will give you the Big Wallet, which can hold up to 600 rupees. Give her ALL 24 bugs, and she will reward you with the Giant Wallet, which holds 1,000 rupees.***

QUIVERS---Once you get the Clawshot in the Lakebed Temple, you can play the STAR mini-game in Hyrule Castle Town. The first time you beat it, you get the Big Quiver, which holds 60 arrows. After getting the Double Clawshots, you can play again. If you win the second time, you get the Giant Quiver, which holds 100 arrows.

BOTTLES---The first one you get in the beginning of the game, after giving the fish to Sera's and getting the milk from Sera herself. Buy the second one from the lantern guy for 100 rupees. The third you acquire by going to the fishing hole by Lake Hylia, and going west to the bridge. Casting there a couple of times, will earn you a bottle. The last bottle is your reward for catching 20 Poe souls and speaking to Jovani, the man made of gold.

MAGIC ARMOR---Talk to the elderly goron in the store run by Malo in Kakriko Village. He will ask for donations. GIve him 1,000 rupees to fix the bridge west of Hyrule Castle Town. Afterwards, talk to him again and donate 2,000 rupees to expand into Castle Town. Origanally, the shop there sells the Armor for WAY more than you can afford, but after Malo Mart takes over, you can buy it for 598 rupees.

BOMB BAGS---The first you acquire by buying bombs at Barnes' Bombs for 120 rupees. The second is your reward for unblocking the river in the Lanayru Province. Speak to Iza, the lady who runs the rapid ride, for your reward. You find the last one by blowing up the rock in the water in the Zora's Throne Room with water bombs.

Hope I helped!(***NOTE: Check my other guide for a list of all twenty-four bugs and where to find them!)

Desert sub boss

Suzanna what you do is when it's invisible you turn into a wolf then attack when it's color changes to whitish ( or glowing I'm not sure how to describe it) then when it turns visible turn into a human and use a bow and arrow to hit then it will come clower to you then you attack with the sword you repeat the process a couple of time then it will finally die

Where to find Golden Chu Chus

Hi guys! Creepglitch's here to tell ya where to find Golden Chu Chus (SOME of the places at least):

1. Under the ancient, withered tree in Lake Kylia. It only appears randomly though (and actually very rarely too).

2. In one of the small cliffside caves on Death Mountain, near the first howling stone. Use the Clawshot to reach it.

3. In a small grotto not far from the outskirts of the Bulbin camp in Gerudo Desert. It appears along with Chu Chus of other colours.

4. In some rooms in the Cave of ordeals (those very hard to capture! But not impossible).

Big Wallet, 60 Poes

In order to get the Big Wallet, you have to give one bug to the bug princess girl in the City of Hyrule's streets.

If you get 60 poes to Giovanni, I think that's his name, then he will give you a prize. I don't remember what it is, but he will tell you that he is going to see his girlfriend. Talk to his cat, go find him at the bar, go back and talk to the cat. And he will keep on giving you 200 rupees until you can't hold anymore.

How To Catch A Record Hyrule Bass

Ok this is one I found out on my own. First off be in the Hyrule Pond, make sure you have enough rubbies to get a boat from the fishing ladie. Next make sure you have caught Hyrule Bass and Hyrule Catfish. Now go to were the biggest waterfall is. Cast your rod at the big rock formation in the middle and reel it in, do this about two or three times. You might get a couple of nice sized Hyrule Catfish. Next cast your rod right into the waterfall, you can see only two or more fish there. There should be one that fallows it but does'nt bite it. Now throw you rod there agian but aim as far up as you can, you should hit the top of the waterfall and then fall down. The biggest Hyrule Bass will bite it, this Hyrule Bass will fight alot and get away mulitple times. Once you get him in you should have yourself a record sized bass.

How To Get The Sinking Lure

Ok here is a hint on how to get the sinking lure in the fishing pond. Now the sinking lure is a lure that of course sinks, but it will catch bigger ang better fish to place in your fishing log. Now you get the fishing lure you must catch the Hyrule Bass, Hyrule Catfish, and a Hyrule Pike. Afterwards go to the west part of the lake near the shore. Cast your regular rod, not the boat rod. You will get a bite, this will seem like a fish but it isn't a fish it is the sinking lure. Now you can use it to catch bigger fish, but if the fishing girl finds you using it she will take it away. You can use this bait on the boat to catch the Legendary Hyrule Loach.

Beat Ganon easy and it's kind of cheap

Like I said this is kind of cheap, but when fighting Ganon take out your Fishing Rod and throw it out and Ganon will just stare at it then throw it up and he will look up giving you a perfect chance to strike.

Golden Chu

It is possible to find a golden sparkling chu. It is very rare and is a chu in the colour of one of the gold bugs. If you get some in a bottle it says it the rarest chu and it heals all of your hearts and increases attack power. I found mine in the rocky bit just after the bridge over lake hylia

Green Chu Chu

Hi everyone!! Guess what?!? The green Chu Chu Actually exists!!! This rumor has been confirmed by me, Creepglitch!!

I can assure you all that it was incredibly difficult for me to get my grubby little hands on one of them! The ONLY place where a blue and a yellow Chu Chu appear at the same time is the 19th room in the Cave of Ordeals.

If you want to try it, bring at least 60 arrows.

Here's how it's done: Walk VERY, VERY carefully in the room so that only one or two purple Chu Chus drop at a time. The purple ones are the ones you need to get rid of by using your bow. Do not, I repeat: DO NOT use your sword, you need to keep your distance to avoid causing the other Chu Chus to drop down.

As soon as the yellow Chu appear, protect it at all costs from the purple ones!!
Then "guide" it to the wall under the platform you entered from to keep it safe.
When the silver one appears, kill it too! Make sure that only the blue Chu survives!!

Now let them... Um... Mix with each other and voilá!! GREEN CHU CHU.

Slash it with your sword and it becomes two smaller, green blobs. Now capture one (or why not two?) in a bottle and you've got yourself the rarest Chu in the game!!

Here's the result: The text box that appears when Link hols the bottle will be completely empty! Not a single letter in it! When Link drinks the potion, nothing happens!

Unlimited rupees

If you go to the graveyard near Kakariko Village and kill all of the birds there you will get 1 yellow (10), 1 blue (5), and 7 greens(1). You can do this as many times as you want.

More than one silver (200) rupee

There is also a silver rupee in the cave of ordeal. The room with the 2 enemy's caked in armor and have axes. When you defeat them, they turn into swordsman with just thin swords. I think it's room 35? Maybe 45. Well anyway, that room has a silver rupee in it if you just dig around.

Unlimited potion 1 rupee each!

You know that crow that you can steal from? Take as much as you want but only give him 1 rupee. He won't hurt you!

Purple rupee (50)

You will need a lantern.
Go to your house.
Go into the cellar.
Put on your lantern.
Open up the chest.
Purple rupee (50)

To Be Able To Hold More Arrows

Go to the star game in Castle Town ( Big tent ) and clear it within the time limit and you will get the arrow upgrade

Big rupee Pouch

Give the bug lady in Castle Town all 24 bugs and she will give you a BIG money pouch

An easy way to kill !!!!! Or flee

If you are cornered by enimies, shake the nunchuck and Link will spin around and hit the enimies and the you FLEE {only flee if you want}

Silver Ruppees

Ok a silver ruppee is worth about 200 ruppees and there is probably only one is the game so you wanna get it. By the Spirit Oasios in Kakarkio Village, there is a house with a bell on top, get up with the wolf form of link and shoot the bell with a bomb arrow but you have to change back into the human link. A silver ruppee should drop down and you just got 200 ruppees right there.

Hyrule Castle Graveyard

When you first enter the castle grounds (the outside portion of the castle) enter the west part of the outside (the place with all the fences and where the trolls and hogs that you can ride and destroy fences with are). Towards the back of this area you will come to a spot with a bunch of pillars with switches on top of them that you need to activate with the gale boomerang. You should also see some leafy sort of patches on the ground near this area. Turn into a wolf and look for the sparkling spot in one of the leafy patches and dig into it. You should now be in the hidden Hyrule Castle Graveyard.

Cats vs. Cucoo

In the Hidden Village there is a cucoo behind a building and if you throw it into the middle of town it will be ambushed by cats

Get Heart Pieces Easy

When you go see the fortune-teller in Castle Town, and you ask for a love fortune, there's a heart piece around the area that she shows you, however I can't explain how to get the heart pieces in that area.

Getting Big and Giant Wallet

Big Wallet - Collect 1 Golden Bug and bring it to Agitha in Castle Town

Giant Wallet - Collect 24 Golden Bugs and bring it to Agitha in Castle Town

Cut Donating Money by 1/10

In the Malo Mart, after you donate 1000 rubees the first time, and finish the quest where you have to pour hot springwater on the Goron on the western bridge of Castle Town, the 2000 rubees that you have to donate will be cut by 1/10 so instead of donating 2000 rubees, you only have to donate 200 rubees.


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