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Nintendo Wii | Wii Sports

Never Lose Skill Points

This is a little gem of a trick which will prevent you from losing your Skill level in a game of Tennis, Boxing or Baseball you've just lost. What you have to do is just as you lose the game press the 'Home' button before the 'You Lose' display appears on the screen and then exit the Wii menu. If your timing was correct your Skill level in that sport will not have decreased when you reenter it.

Wall Breaker

When you are playing the Tennis 'Target Practice' game if you don't hit the target you will hit the brick wall around it making the part of the wall you hit go a slightly darker colour. When the bricks get dark enough they will create a hole in the wall and if the ball goes therough the hole the training session ends.

Unlock Silver Boxing Gloves

When you have defeated the Grand Champion (Matt) in a boxing match you'll be able to unlock the silver boxing gloves by holding '1' when the screen becomes black before a boxing match.

Unlock Practice Tennis Court (Blue Court)

Press and hold 2 at the warning screen that shows after selecting characters.

How to get all the pins down in the second training mode( For bo

OK first off I've already tested this and it has worked all the time

1.) Go to the edge of the bowling court. (any side is fine)

2.) do a hard swing at the edge (and I don't mean break the TV)

3.)(this never works every time but, it does some times) you should hear a click.

4.) you should then her an explosion then all the pins should fall down.

bowling glitch

While bowling when you press b to bowl on the back swing let go of b and the ball will go backwards and hit the crowd and they jump, spin and scream is very funny :)

Question: Do you have hints on lefthanded Wii bowling?

I'm not doing very well on bowling and I use my left hand. Nin people had no hints. Sometimes my ball curves way left and sometime way right. I can't figure the best movement. Actually I do better making a strike. It's the spares that are hard to get.


If you hold the wii remote in front of you, buttons to your chest, and flick it when you want to swing, you will hit line drives and homers better.


In tennis, when you serve, when the ball is at it's highest peak, hit it and you will smash a Power Shot which is hard to hit back. Opponent can do it though...

In boxing, if you get your opponent down without losing any health, they'll stay down for the full 10 secs.

In baseball, if you hold A, B or both whle you bowl, you'll do a different shot. Hold A, and I think it's harder for left handers to hit. For B, it's harder for righthanders to hit. Or other way round. Hold both for a Splitter. Its almost IMPOSSIBLE to hit back, but may give your opponent a Ball. Four balls and they can got to 1st base

In bowling, press up to zoom in.

Tennis sweat

When playing Tennis, you'll know that the levels progressively get harder and rounds become more drawn out. When it gets to a stage where they give a fair fight or more like an unfair fight, where they're beating you into the ground, you want to prolong as long as possible. You'll eventually see these blue droplets coming off them, this is sweat. They will now not only decrease in speed but will become clumsy, now is the time to strike back!

Tennis players

When you're on the screen that has the shadows with question marks for players, make your Mii appear on both sides and have 2 question mark/shadow figures. When you play it'll be like your playing 2 people because you're on both sides! When all of the players are you, it'll be the same thing basically. And when you're not playing you can be the cameraman for the tennis match you are watching!

Underhand Pitching

To pitch underarm in Baseball, press 2 once inbetween a pitch. To go back to overhand pitching, press 1.

Homeruns, No errors, and faster men

Some Miis you make are better than others. Not all Miis are "strong" enough to hit home runs. Others don't know what to be out means. I have a man named "Luther" and he has never gotten out. Another can hit out of the parks easily. Experiment with them and keep the ones that are good. I also have a theory that if you fill the Mii's nameroom with symbols, it makes him stronger. Good Luck!


In wii baseball when the other guy is pitching, stick your bat over the plate (don't swing) and if you do it right it will bunt. You can get a hit if you move the bat down a little bit w/o swinging it will b right in front of the catcher but the catcher is slow so you get about a 80 chance of hit if you do it right

Easy strike in bowling

(This is reccomended for right hand dominant people)

Once you are in charge of playing the game, LIGHTLY tap the left directional button on your Wii Remote 4 or 5 times. Then, press A. Now, here's the hard part: you do have to time your toss just right to get a strike. Give a nice, slow and steady toss and you'll certainley get a strike if you time it right. It may leave just one pin standing if you're slightly off, but a spare's alright.

Boxing better punches

In Boxing, you'll notice that when you jab and swing with the nunchuck and Wiimote that it won't always respond. The trick in getting it to respond everytime is wait until one punch connects, then go with the other one. Otherwise the first punch will cancel out the second one leaving you open for an attack. You can use this to get better combos to get a KO quicker.

Boxing help

When you get high in skill points, you will get punched at ALOT more. So keep moving from side to side, and when it goes slow motion, punch them 'till their dead! Ok, so maybe not that far, but you should do more damage then nomal, and anything helps when your up there. Don't forget, if you lose, hit home before it says YOU LOSE!

Bowling get a strike every time.

There're Secret "spots" for every one in bowling. You know the arrows on the lanes??? If you do, than here is a great tip for getting strikes! First aline you self 2 arrows off depending if you are right or left handed. Like I am 2 arrows from the middle arrow and Trust me I am {PRO} and I Bowl Perfect Games EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!

Yet for some it could be a little different.

Blue Tennis Court

When it's loading when your going to play tennis hold 2 and you'll play in the blue practice court

great serve in tennis

What to do to get an excellent serve is to place your hand in the air when it's time to serve. Then you flick your hand quickly back wilst still holding your hand in the air and then you flick it forward still holding your hand high up and your man will smack it. Youll see shadows of the ball after you have hit it because it travels that fast. But the only thing I have found a problem with this hint, if you go to do it on your next go I don't know if it's just me or the wii but I have found it's impossible to do it twice in a row. I think this may be due to keeping it fair as it's impossible to hit the ball back when you get one of these balls.

strike 99% of the time

What to do is move the cursor right to the 1st red marker on the floor and don't rotate your man any degrees at all. Then you hold down B and pull your arm back and do the motion as your about to throw the ball in a straight line, but don't let go of B then wilst your man is holding his arm in the air you go to do the motion again but throw your hand right as far as you can so you infact do it twice and you will get a strike. I swear it works. You will look an idiot because everyone will wonder what your doing but they wont be laughin when you just got 10 strikes in a row.

Better bowling 101

Ever wonder why you can't get that strike you need? Cant ever seem to hit the right angle? Well then your like I used to be. When your have this problem it's what I like to call a "sway" at the last moment when you go to let go of the ball your hand turns a direction causing the ball to go a direction. You can either A) Fix It B) Use it to your advantage. Seeing as fixing it is hard I will explain how to use it for yourself. Forst bowl straight from the middle where your normally start. EXACTLY where the ball hits the pins, "marked by the arrows" is your answer. Now myne tend to go 3-4 left. Therefore move 4-5 roght as to hit between 1 and 3 pin. "leftie sway do opposite" I used this since I got my sway and I perfected 12 games already. Now this works 95 of the time. The trick is to find your EXACT spot you need to be in using the staring method. If your having trouble contact me k?


Hold it like a real Base ball bat. Trust me it works, my friends try to be cool and do it one handed, but it doesn't work well.

Always win in tennis

When you go to tenis you click on all the dark figures so it has your mii as the only mii there. Then when you play, you serve but just watch it go to second bounce.it's awesome.

2400 In Tennis

To get 2400 in tennis you have to get something like 2399 skill level and play a single game 15 times! Without letting you opponent get a single win.

Easy way not to lose.

If when you are playing tennis and you happen to lose,click the start button(either minus or the plus signs)and go to either quit or start over.If you do it right after the other teams scores the winner point or before it's says you lose,you wont lose any skill points.This also works for other games.If on pro and you do a set or three or five it works well since losing a game will get you lower skill points added.

Super Spin on Bowling

If you are finding it hard to give the bowling ball a lot of spin, especially for the more advanced levels of the last two training modes, try this trick.
Instead of "rolling" the Wii Remote normally while twisting your wrist, start with the Wii Remote already facing the direction you want the ball to spin. So instead of starting with it facing up, then turning while you throw it forward, keep it facing LEFT/RIGHT the entire time! Then, complete a normal backswing, still holding the Wii Remote facing that direction. Continue as you come forward, but then let go of the "B" button abruptly as soon as your arm is pointing straight down, and stop your swing right there. Don't jerk or it will mess up your speed - just let go suddenly, and much earlier than you would normally do. Careful not to do it too soon, though, or the ball will go either backwards or the throw will not count, or it could roll *painfully* slowly down the alley...

I don't know if this cheat will work for everybody, but it does for my dad and me and we both earned platinum medals using it. So I hope it helps.

Different colored bowling balls

Ok first you need to get on bowling.
Ok next when it's black and 'bout to go on the game on your wii remote is the little arrows.
As soon as it goes on the black bithold the left, right or bottem arrow and a different color ball will be on :) (hold right for the gold ball)

Diffrent Bowling ball

Hold Right before the bowling screen comes up:Gold Ball
Hold Down....:Red Ball
Hold Left....:Green Ball

bowling cheats

I have three cheats, 1, once you obtain pro status, you get a sparkled ball with a cool pattern that looks like a checker board like thing. 2, scare the crowd! To do this you must drop the ball backwards while doing the throwing motion, then the camera will turn towards the crowd to show you their shocked faces and them jumping. Finally, change your ball color! To do this you must hold down the control pad in any direction and you'll have a different colored ball. Notes on 3 you must do the control pad thing just after you clear away the dangerous objects screen and different directions give you different balls.
Up; blue
Down; green
Left; red
Right; gold/yellow


To change the court colour in tennis hold down 1 when the screen turns black. Hope this works! Shun out

different bowling ball

Press up to get a blue ball
Press down to get a green ball
Press right to get a yellow ball
Press left to get a red ball

Some Cheats To Make The Game More Fun !!!!!!!


Ball Color:
Regular Ball:


Pro Ball:


Training: Power Throws:

When on 78 or 91 Pins:

With some curve, ride the rail and try to fall off and hit the yellow button. It will cause an ...


With minimum curve, ride the rail and without falling off, hit the yellow button. It will cause an...


Press and hold 2 while the screen turns BLACK after choosing your character. The tennis court will be BLUE. To do this after you hit Play Again, hold 2 right when you hit Play Again.

easy bunt

All you do is go to baseball and stand up hold wii remote right in front of you your mii will do the same and you might hit the ball

(its hard to get on a base you have like a %90 of geting out and 10% of geting 1st base

easy strike

When you play base ball click up bown left right a couple of times and you feel it vibrate then hold A, B and throght the ball goes the way you clicked the arrows

(clicking up is mostly a stick the others might be a ball)

bowling:crowd jump

In bowling swing but when the ball is right behind you let go and it should go toward the people behind you and they will jump!

Lazy Game (Rubbish Cheat)

When on the game deciding how long the game is, click off all your players so there is only 4 question marks on silhouettes and start a game!

Wii Sports "HyperBall or Snakeshot"

Simple, in tennis when you're serving holt "A" and you'll do the "Hyperball or Snakeshot." Pretty cool, huh?

diff balls(plus dimoind ball)

If you want a diff ball heres some when the screen fades black hold either
Right=gold left=red up=blue down=green

True golf

To remove the swing power bar in golf, hold 2 as you select the course your going to play

How to power slam, SPIN and control the direction of the Tennis

To Spin the ball

Pretend like you're punching someone in the chin in boxing. Hold the wiimote parallel to the sensors, don't point at it. Then just move your hand as if you were lifting weights. The ball will spin harder depending on how fast you move. A little warning, if the ball is coming way too fast, the spinning ball will actually go further and hit out. When the ball hits the ground it will change direction, if you hit the ball high, it can change direction in the air. Be sure to hit towards the inside. You can use the tennis Tennis Training to practice this.


It's pretty much basic physics.
If the ball is coming straight and you hit the ball early, the ball will bounce off the racket at an angle, and if too late, same thing. Use the ball's shadow to help guide you and use the second Tennis Training to practice

Power slam(What I call it)

When serving, wait for the ball to be at it's highest(as if it froze for fraction of a second) then hit the ball to make the ball go really fast on serve. This only works on serving.


When piching press 2 to throw underhand.

Power serves

To do a power serve, hold down B when you have thrown up the ball, and just as you are about to hit the ball, let the remote slip a little in wour hand.
***make sure the string is fastend or this cheat will beak the screen on your tv***

Amuse crowd in bowling

To make the crowd laugh in bowling take your ball to either gutters and bowl into the next lane so it goes down the gutter and the crowd will laugh.

Everything I know about wii sports

I hope nobody has submitted any of this yet.


When your just about to start the game with the black screen hold this button on the d pad.

Left-- pink/red
Right-- gold
Down-- green
Up-- blue

"POWER THROWS" in the wii training part get up to the last one, go all the way to the left or to the right and go 2 or 3 clicks toward the blue barrier, your basically trying to push the red button right at the end if you do they all go down.
If you get pro you should get a star ball, it should be heavier.

Now for TENNIS

When starting a new game hold no.2 on your wii remote to get the blue court.If you get pro on tennis you should get a silver bat.

Now for BOXING

When you get pro you can get silver gloves like the champion.

Super Shot!!!

When playing Wii tenis there is an almost unstopable shot that I call the Super Shot. To do this all you have to do is hit the ball at the highest part of the serve. If done correctly the ball should smoke and go super fast. (It may take a few times to get the hang of it.)

Wii sports cheats

I hope no one has already posted these but here they are.

1. Too change bowling bowls in one player then press the arrow keys at the top of the controller after you pick your person...(the colors are red,blue,gold,and green)

2.too make the tennis court blue then press 2 after you pick your person(s)..
(the blue court is the one you use in training)

3. When you become pro in boxing you can make your gloves silver like the
Champion by pressing 1(or 2 I forgot which on) you hold it after you pick
Your person

How to pitch under arm but fast!!!

WHen the game begins you have to hit 2 on the wii mote. You will feel the remote vibrate barley. You can change back just press 1.

Wall Breaker!

When you are playing the Tennis 'Target Practice' game if you don't hit the target you will hit the brick wall around it making the part of the wall you hit go a slightly darker colour. When the bricks get dark enough they will create a hole in the wall and if the ball goes therough the hole the training session ends.

The Right Ball !!!!

If you hate your ball in wii bowling you can change the ball right after you get your character setup press the directional, RIGHT:GOLD, DOWN:RED, AND LEFT BLUE I THINK.


In the "Power Throws" training game for bowling, you might notice 2 red buttons at the end of the alley - 1 left and 1 right. When you get to the final bowl for 91 pins, you can bowl the ball along the top of the barrier on either side and hit this button. Move your Mii all the way to the left or right, and turn the aim 2 or 3 clicks towards the barrier. Let go of the ball at the highest point possible, with just a bit of spin to keep the ball on the barrier. If successful, you will hear a click, the screen will shake and all the pins will fall down.

Throw Your Bowling Ball Behind You

When playing the bowling game in Wii sports, if you release the B button when the controller is facing behind you over our shoulder, your character will throw the ball behind him. This is more amusing than anything because it neither helps you nor penalizes you and does not count as your roll. Its a cool way to show off the accuracy of the Wii to friends and family though and definitely a fun thing to do.

Never Drop Skill Level

When you are playing any game on Wii Sports and have just lost, but don't want your ranking to go down, press the plus button on the Wiimote anytime before the screen comes up with the graph of your ranking, and select try Start Over, or Quit. Your skill level will remain unchanged. You can do this at any point before the graph screen comes up, preventing and loss of skill level, this is the easiest way to reach pro level and beyond. In tennis, I am level 2026 because of this cheat!

Extra Training Courses

To get bonus training courses, go to training at the main menu. Then play any one you want. After playing it, you will unlock a harder training course.

Shiny Bowling Ball

To get the shining bowling ball, get 1,000 bowling skill points and when you bowl it will have glitter and stars all over it.

Silver Boxing Gloves

After you've beaten the Grand Champion, Matt, in a boxing match you'll be able to wear silver boxing gloves. To do so, hold (1) when the screen becomes black before a boxing match.

Change the Tennis Court

To change the tennis court to the blue practice court, press and hold (2) at the warning screen that shows after selecting characters.

Hidden Platform on Hole 3!!!

To get to the hidden platform on hole 3, adjust your angle to the left so your looking at the mountain/cliff. You should see it on your mini map to the right of the screen, it will also help you find out about how hard to hit it!!(p.s.It's pretty hard to get there, so don't try it if your new and not so good or maybe challenging your friend and it's pretty close or your still not too good, been there, done that.)Happy cheating!!!

Reduce Curve in Bowling!!!!!!!!!

To reduce the curve all you have to do is let go of the ball higher instead of letting go at the normal height, if you do this right your ball will go up in the air, then come down but will have very little curve, plus your a lot closer to the pins!!(p.s. If you let go too late, it will bring up a screen that tells you how to release the ball, forget it and try again releasing the B button a little bit sooner.)

Instant Strike x2

In the tutorial where you have to knock down a crazy amount of pins you see there are bumpers on the sides. Move your Mii all the way to the left or right and aim straight across the bumper. All pins will fall and it will even double the strike!


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