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Xbox | Tales of Vesperia

Unlockable: Dark Enforcer Costume
you must follow these steps in the correct order, To unlock this cool suit for Yuri.

In the first part of the game, in Capua Torim, sleep at the inn to unlock a scene.
In the second part of the game, when you get the ship, go to Zaphias and head toward the nobles quarter. Go on to the west to talk to Sher (a man with a purple suit). Back track to the public area and talk to Lune who is sitting on a bench. Yuri will learn Tiger Blade and the Kingdom Celeb title
In Nordopolika, after resting at the inn, Raven joins the party again. Talk to the couple at the southern part of the town. Rest at the inn for Yuri to learn Shining Eagle.
After getting Ba'ul, in Mantiac, go north and speak with Clay. Sleep at the inn and go north.
After fighting Alexei, everyone joins the party. Go to Zaphias, head toward the Nobles Quarter to unlock a scene.
After the birth of undine go to Zaphias, head toward the Nobles Quarter for Yuri's Dark Enforcer title.
After Aurnion, go to Zaphias at the public quarter to unlock the final scene.

Unlockable: Ex New Game 

Beat the game once through in its entirety, To unlock the Ex New Game option (which is essentially this game’s New Game+ feature).

Unlockable: 100-Man Melee Tournament Goods 

Completing the 100-Man Melee Tournament using the corresponding character, The prizes listed below:

Estell - Comet Light, Imperial Guard, Sanctuary, Secret Magic MX, Star Light
Judith - Dragonic Coat, Gadochaos
Karol - Brave Helm, Drill Hammer
Raven - Celestial Star, Glorious Helm
Repede - Aer Fragment, Maximum Dog
Rita - Elemental Goggles, Sacred Chain
Yuri - Colossus, Star Mail

Unlockable: Harder Final Boss 
If you’ve obtained each and every Fell Arm in the game, you can unlock a more difficult version of the final boss when you reach the end of the game. Defeating him will allow you to carry over the Fell Arms into your Ex New Game, where you can use them from the very beginning of your new journey.


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