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Playstation 3 | Resident Evil 5

'Desperate Escape' DLC - Unlock Josh Stone

The leader of the BSAA West Africa Branch, and Jill's partner will become a playable character when you have completed 'Desperate Escape' on any difficulty setting.

'Desperate Escape' DLC - Unlock Professional Mode

Professional mode will become an available option when you complete 'Desperate Escape' on the Veteren difficulty setting.

Lost in Nightmares DLC - Unlock Figures

Beat the game to unlock figurines which are viewable in the Bonus Gallery.

Lost in Nightmares DLC - Play using Original Resident Evil Gamep

When you begin the level try and open the door three times and on the fourth attempt a '?' will appear. Press x again enable the original gameplay.

Lost in Nightmares DLC - Unlock Jill Valentine

Complete the game on any difficulty setting with Chris Redfield to unlock Jill Valentine as a Playable Character on your next playthrough. Jill Valentine has several different paths you must take.

Unlock Graphic Filters

When you complete the game on the indicated difficulty setting the corresponding graphic filter will become an available option.

Unlock Classic Horror (Black & White) Filter:
Complete the game on the Amateur difficulty.

Unlock the Retro (Sephia) Filter:
Complete the game on the Normal difficulty.

Unlock Professional difficulty and Noise (Grain) Filter:
Complete the game on the Veteran difficulty.

Quick Reload in Mercenaries Mode

Weapons like the shotgun will reload much faster if you display the 'Inventory' screen and combine ammunition manually with your weapon. You can also Reload your weapon instantly by starting the melee sequence when the 'Melee' option appears.

Useful Ammunition in Mercenaries Mode

If you want ammunition that will be more useful to you then drop weapons that you don't use because the ammunition that drops during the game is distributed based on the type of weapons you have.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

The following bonus costumes become available for Campaign when you complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Chris Redfield (Safari):
Complete Chapters 1 - 6.

Unlock Sheva (Clubbin'):
Complete Chapters 1 - 6.

Unlock Chris Redfield (S.T.A.R.S. Uniform):
Complete Chapters 1 - 6 and find 25 BSAA Emblems.

Unlock Sheva (Tribal):
Complete Chapters 1 - 6 and find 30 BSAA Emblems.

Unlock 'Home' Ornaments

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding 'Home' Ornament will becomes available.

Unlock Chris Redfield Ornament:
Sign in to Home to automatically receive it.

Unlock Sheva Alomar Ornament:
Beat the game on Normal difficulty setting.

Unlock Jill Valentine Ornament:
Beat the game on Veteran difficulty setting.

Unlock Albert Wesker Ornament:
Beat the game on Professional difficulty setting.

Unlock Treasure Chest Ornament:
Collect ALL treasures in the game.

SuperCheats.com Unofficial Guide to Resident Evil 5

Our complete guide to Resident Evil 5 is now online.

As well as a written walkthrough of the game, there are 30+ videos with detailed gameplay and strategies to beat all the bosses in the game.

Efforts have been made to make the guide as 'Spoiler-Free' as possible so to not ruin any of the surprises throughout the game.

There is also a BSAA Emblem location guide which gives you details and an image where to find each emblem.

There is also a review of the game and some exclusive wallpapers which you can use on your desktop.

Unlock Mercenary Characters

Get an 'A' rank in the following Mercenaries mode mission to unlock the corresponding character.

Unlock Chris Redfield (Safari):
Get an A Rank or higher in 'The Village' mission

Unlock Chris Redfield (S.T.A.R.S. Uniform):
Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Experimental Facility' mission

Unlock Jill Valentine (Battle Suit):
Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Ship Deck' mission

Unlock Jill Valentine (BSAA):
Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Public Assembly' mission

Unlock Sheva (Clubin):
Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Ancient Ruins' mission

Unlock Sheva (Tribal):
Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'Missile Area' mission

Unlock Albert Wesker (Midnight):
Get an 'A' Rank or higher in The Mines

Unlock Albert Wesker (S.T.A.R.S. Uniform):
Get an 'A' Rank or higher in 'The Prison' mission

Unlock Infinite Rocket Launcher

This awesome weapon becomes available when you beat the game under 5 hours on any difficulty setting and then turn 'Infinite Ammo' on under 'Bonus Features'.

Unlock Guns

Add the following firepower to your arsenal by upgrading the indicated weapon then buying it from the shop.

Unlock M93R:
Fully upgrade the M92F.

Unlock Hydra:
Fully upgrade the Ithaca M37.

Unlock Longbow (Sheva exclusive):
Fully upgrade S75.

Unlock Gatling Gun (Chris exclusive):
Fully upgrade the VZ61.

Unlock Smith & Wesson M500 Magnum (HandCannon):
Fully upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum.

Easy Money

Alright, a great way to make money is to go on an area with at least two of the insect things that kill you in one hit, such as the last level or the oroburos research facility. When you kill them, collect the power stones they drop (which are worth 5,000 each) then exit (don't forget to save)then go to item management and sell them. This is quick, easy, and profitable. This way you can get plenty of money to but and upgrade weapons.

The Easy (but really long) way to earn money

Money is pretty easy to find in RE5. However, if you need a way to obtain anymore, here's a tiny trick to help you out. You know that in some levels in the game, you'll find shiny white suitcases when you open them, you'll find a new weapon? Even if you have already beaten that level, you can re-pick those weapons AGAIN! However, this trick only works if it's not in your inventory at the time you go re-retrieve it.

Also, make sure you have a decent amount of room in YOUR INVENTORY (Sheva's doesnt matter).

The easiest way to do this trick is in Level 2-1. In the very beginning of the level there should be a suitcase with a machine gun in it. Grab it. Also, break all the crates in the room because they contain ammo and money.

Once you collected everything in that room, pause the game and click on quit. It'll ask you if you're sure you want to quit. Click yes. I can't stress this part enough; when it asks you if you want to save (or overwrite your data), CLICK ON YES!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how many times I've messed this trick up because I didn't properly save. Now, once everything saves and you're in the main menu again, click on Play Game.

Click on continue game. Now don't be surprised when it says the next chapter you're going to play is 2-1. YOU DID NOT LOSE ANY GAMEPLAY DATA! Since all your weapons and money carried over with you when you started this level, it means that you just simply brought over your equipment. ANY TIME YOU'RE DONE WITH THIS TRICK, JUST GO TO CHAPTER SELECT! The last level (or the level before) you played will STILL BE THERE!

Now, when it takes you to the item management screen, DON'T SELL THE GUNS YET! Instead, click on them and then click REMOVE. THIS WON'T DELETE THE ITEM! It will just simply keep it in the much larger inventory at the bottom of the screen. Also, remove the ammo you collected in the ammo into the bottom inventory. (If Sheva has anything you think she DOESN'T need, just move it to the bottom inventory).

Now, click on the Ready button of the item management screen and then exit out of it. When the game starts in the 2-1 area, repeat the process by recollecting the machine gun, any ammo in the crates, and the money, and then repeat the process above. Once you have a ton of machine guns and ammo's in your bottom inventory, SELL THEM ALL! This won't pay you too much, but you should get a decent amount of money. Plus, if there's any treasures you haven't sold, then SELL THEM TOO! This process will take a while but you'll gradually earn money from it.

I guess hard, repetitive work does pay off sometimes.

Infinite ammo...

Once you beat the game once you will notice that you can now select infinite ammo as an option, when you start again don't be fooled it dosen't work, UNLESS you first have fully upgraded a gun and gone to the bonus features and purchased the infinite ammo for those spasific weapons.

Unlock Extras

The following extras can be unlocked once you have beaten the game once, on any difficulty setting:

The Mercanaries game mode (BSAA Chris and BSAA Sheva are the only characters that can be used when you first unlock this mode, but you can unlock others when certain requirements are met)

Safari alternative costume for Chris

Clubbin' alternative costume for Sheva

The option for Infinite Ammo

The option to play as Sheva instead of Christ in the main game

'Classic Horror' graphics filter (basically, the game in black and white)

Note - The Classic Horror graphics filter and the alternative costumes for Chris and Sheva have to be bought with bonus points.

1000k on prison

If you want 1,000,000 pts on prison for THE MERCENARIES REUNION first u need to do hand to hand moves routes for time can be found on youtube.com you should ent with atleast 8min slow down on killing enemies after 130 then at 149 in the center chamber stay under the bridge aim up with josh's RPG aim into a dark room at the top to the right then u should have 1,000,000
my high score-1,039,529
highest time reached-a little over 10min
time ended with-about 8min
hope this was helpful and good luck!

chapter 5-4

First you'll need a normal rocket launcher. Next go to chapter 5-3. Now right when the wesker and jill battle starts fire the rocket launcher away from wesker and jill. Now make sure you have a second player.Next tell your partner to go up one side of the stairs and you go up the other. Now wesker shouldn't know where you are. Next wesker will pick up the rocket launcher and kick down the door leading to the hallway with the lightning hawk in it . Now wesker smash the chest filled with rocket launcher rounds will rise up. Wesker will then load the rocket launcher and shout out your struggle is over. Now go down the stairs and make sure you are turned away from the hallway entrance. Now it'll go to a video where wesker fires the rocket launcher at you blows to the wall. Now seeing chris get hit by a rocket jill breaks free of the machines hold on her and tears it off. Wesker then runs toward jill and kicks her to the wall.You will then wake up in a prison with a red executioner holding the hope diamond. P.S. in order to sell the diamond you have to go into the cell next to the cell you woke up in and point your gun at the guy whose in there's head. Hope this helped.THE TRUE ARCEUS.


For those of you who think wesker(midnight) is the only one who can do the dash move your wrong. Both weskers can use the dash and knee moves by pressing both analog sticks

strongest weapons

The strongest weapons in the game are sheva's long bow ( one shot kill but can only be used by sheva )

The s&w 500 magnum ( one shot kill on everything except the bosses, but even on them it doesnt take many shots at all to finish them with this gun )

The hydra ( triple barrel shot gun and is very strong and extremely helpful when you being over run by majini as it is a triple barrel with wide range scatter shots )

Note: all three of these weapons do have to be unlocked first and fully upgraded ( you can't and don't have to upgrade the longbow )0
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how to quick kill wesker in final fight

After you have moved the giant boulder and sheva is with you and the real fight begins don't attack wesker until the red bulb on his chest can be seen.make sure you a rocket launcher to use and equip it and just avoid him until the bulb on his chest is visible, once it is quickly aim the launcher at the bulb and shoot and it will instantly take you to the final stage of the fight.


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