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Playstation 3 | Fallout 3

Finding Dogmeat

To recruit Dogmeat you must first find him at Scrapyard which is North East of Megaton across the river (On the world map, Scrapyard is in the top right corner of the square that is two squares directly below Minefield). When you have found Dogmeat in Scrapyard save him from the raider and then ask him to join you.

Project Purity Code

When you have killed Colonel Autumn at the end of the game enter the code '216' (Revelations 21:6) to activate Project Purity.

Secret Weapons Cache in National Guard Armory

At the National Guard Armory there is a hidden area which contains an experimental MIRV gun which was is the most powerful weapon in the game. The Small Arms bobblehead can also be found in this hidden area.

Crashed UFO and Alien Blaster

At the Minefield move north and slightly west you reach the VAPL-66 Power station then follow the power lines north until you pick up an alien radio signal. Search the surrounding rocky area staying in range of the signla and you will find the crashed alien space craft and blaster along with some ammunition for it.

Finding Bobbleheads

The following list tells you where to Look for the hidden Vault-Tec Bobbleheads, when you collect a Bobblehead you will gain either +10 to a skill or +1 to a stat.


Repair - Aerefu:
In Evan King's house.

Medicine - Vault 101:
Found on your dad's desk when leaving.

Energy Weapons - Ravenhold.

Speech - Paradise Falls:
Found at Euology's (Slave Master) house on a table.

Big Guns - Fort Constantine:
Found inside a safe in the wall in the basement of the CO Quarters.

Barter - Evergreen Mills:
At the back of the Market Bazaar on a shelf in the upper-right side behind the Raider Trader that does not attack.

Explosives - WKML Broadcast Station:
Found by turning on your local map and going through the doorway to the sealed cistern.

Lockpick - Bethesda Ruins:
Found in Bethesda Offices East, on the top floor near the door to the bridge.

Melee Weapons - Dunwich Building:
Found on the floor next to the door just before you leave the Virulent Underchambers.

Science - Vault 106:
Found on the second level on a table in the middle of the living quarters.

Small Guns - National Guard Depot:
Found by going through the training room and offices to exit from a door to the main room. Then using the power switch on the wall to your left enter the Armory door and search the shelves.

Sneak - Yao Guai Tunnels:
Found on the right of the map near some water on top of a metal box in the Den.

Unarmed - Rockopolis:
Use your local map and go directly west from Casey Smith's garage and look for tattered banners that are strung up.


Endurance - Deathclaw Sanctuary:
Found at the entrance on a table next to a rotting Brahmin corpse.

Luck - Arlington Cemetery North:
Found a the house to the north in the basement on a shelf directly below the stairs.

Perception - Republic Of Dave:
Found in the Museum of Dave on a bookshelf on the right.

Agility - Greener Pastures Disposal:
Found in the small office covered in radiation.

Intelligence - Rivet City:
Found on Dr. Li's table in the Science Lab.

Charisma - Vault 108:
Found in the Cloning Lab.

Strength - Megaton:
In Sherriff Lucas Simm's house.

Unlimited Big Weapons book

There happens to be a raider in the Bethesda Ruins who always has a book that will get your big weapons skill up everytime the person respawns. Just go the Bethesda Ruins and go to the western building. Once inside, kill all the raiders and go to the door that will lead you to a bridge to get to the eastern building. Go inside and the first raider you see with a flamethrower will have the Big Gun's skill book. Kill the raider and get the skill book off of his corpse. Now go back to the western building using the bridge and wait for three days. Go back to the eastern building and the raider with the Big Gun's skill book will be there again. Kill him to get the skill book again and repeat the process. This way, you don't need to upgrade your big guns skill after leveling up. If you want to make this more effective, get the Comprehension perk.

Top Five Places to Lanch a Mini-Nuke

1. Megaton
Go up to the Water Prosesing Plant (sorry about the spelling) and turn around, you will see the back of Lucas Simms house. Look up and you will see an entrance on the roof. Get something to jump on and climb up. Then there will be a stairwell that leads up to the top. Lanch the nuke here.

2. Tennpenny Tower
Get in to Tennpenny, then go up the elevator across the lobby from the entrance. Then turn left and there will be a door. Open it and go to the big double doors. You will be on a balcony, shoot the bomb here.

3. Rivet City
This one is simple. Go to Rivet City and at the end of the dock shoot the nuke here.

4. The Highways
Any highways you can get on.

5.WKLM Radio Station
Theres a cliff behind the Station

Deathclaw go BOOM!!!

When at a enclave post and there is a deathclaw in a cage, kill the enclave without beeing spoted and take there plasma mines then put them in front of the door and open the cage when it runs at you it goes BOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!

local map

Use your local map to find hidden doors


If you try and clock the game straight off and end up with your last objective which is to turn on the purifier then let me tell whatever the choice you make you end up with the same ending.

Easy Fat-Man

When you are heading to the Galaxy New Radio station in D.C. Enter from the north, it's faster. When you are near the radio station, you will see the Brotherhood of Steel take out some mutants. Help them fight there way throw to the radio station. After the battle is over, you will see some of the the brotherhood members got killed, but only one of them has a fat-man.(the fat-man shoots mini-nukes)

Alien Crash Landing

Go to Minefield. North-west from there is the MDPL-13 Power Station, go there and dew north of there is the crashed alien space-craft. There you will see the dead alien pilot, a alien ray gun, and 120 ray gun ammo. You will know when you are near the alien space-craft when you start picking up alien distress signals and you get minor radiation.(note: the ammo for the alien ray gun is not available anywhere else so unless you can got to different planet in a different galaxy, use it with smartness, and the space-craft is minor radiated.)

Hacking Terminals and Lockpicking

When hacking a terminal there are groups of symbols highlighted by these: [] or {}. These groups of symbols will either be dud passwords or reset the number of tries you have to guess the password but not reset the password itself. Also after your third fail you can just exit the terminal and retry but this does reset the password. Or you could just save before hacking then when you fail just reload. Also I have found more often than not that the password on the “very easy” terminals is the first word on the left column. I don’t know if it’s the same for “easy” terminals but feel free to try, just don’t blame me if it’s wrong. I haven’t failed a hacking yet thanks to these methods.

Also for lockpicking, when the bobby pin is close to breaking you can just exit and retry the “minigame” and the bobby pin should be in perfect condition. Or you can, as before, just save prior to picking the lock then if you fail you can just reload; I have saved lots of bobby pins using these methods.

follow dads footsteps

Go to rivet city and talk to doctor li in the science lab to complete the quest
If you do not know where rivet city is talk to lucas simms in megaton and you will get a map marker.

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