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This is the latest modified version of Restaurant City Cheat Engine since the older version has been detected and blocked by the game provider. With this the Free Download of cheat engine you can easily gain the highest amount of coins in an instant. Just follow this very easy steps.
You can get the millions of coins of purchasing Oak tables for 200 coins each and sale it again for 166,666 coins. With this method you can do it as you can so you will become millionaires just by seconds. You should try this before it gets patched. The following is the software you need to run this hack. Fiddler2, Mozilla Firefox, Flash Player 10 and the Hotel City cheat engine which you can download here. Then perform this series of steps.
1. Go into Restaurant City. (don’t use fiddler yet)
2. Buy Oak Table (as many as you can – maximum = 1944 tables)
3. Save
4. Clear your browser cache
5. Open fiddler and drag the cheat engine files into autoresponder.
6. Go into Restaurant City.
7. Sell Oak Table for 166,666 coins per table
Steps for Cash Items:
1. Download above cheat engine files (you can also use the cheat engine files above)
2. Open fiddler. Clear browser cache.
3. Drag the “cheat engine files ” into Fiddler Autoresponder (no need to find the URL)
4. Go into Restaurant City.
5. You can buy the Cash Items with Coins Now.

Restaurant City Cheat Engine As of May 2010

Restaurant City Cheats Working As At May 2010.You will need at least 1 Blue Coin for the cheat to work. As usual, it will NOT be deducted. We just needed to simulate the deduction of coins. You can get 550,000 coins with just 1 click.Restaurant City Coins Cheat Working As At May.
* Fiddler2
* Chrome / IE / Firefox
* Restaurant City Cheat Engine (May)
1. Download the FREE restaurant cheat engine HERE
2. Go into Restaurant City
3. Open Fiddler and go to the Autoresponder tab.
4. Tick both Enable automatic and Permit passthrough..
5. Drag the restaurant.bin into the autoresponder window and you will see a new line “REGEX:(?insx).*restaurant.bin$” appearing.
6. Clear BROWSER cache, and reload restaurant city.
7. Click on ‘Add Coins’ You should see the blue coin > yellow coins conversion.
8. Click on it and you will see the image at the top of this post where 1 blue coin = 550,000 yellow coins.
9. Click on the Green Tick.
10. Blue coins will NOT be deducted but you will get your 550,000 coins.
11. Savable and refreshable.
12. Have fun.


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