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Nintendo Wii | New Super Mario Bros

Easy Coins

If you stand still and then Spin Jump on a dancing flower you will get a coin.

Extra Lives

When you perform the following 6 actions during the game you will be able to gain the indicated amount of extra lives.

1) Jump on 7 turtles to get an extra life. If you are fast enough you can keep jumping on the turtles until there are no more to jump on.

2) Go to World 2-3. Just before the flag are some stairs with a turtle moving down. Use a precisely timed jump to continue bouncing on it's shell to collect up to 99 lives.

3) When you are riding on a Yoshi jump on the bullets 7 or 8 times to get as many extra lives as you want.

4) Kill 8 enemies with a star on you to get an extra life. If you are fast enough you can keep it going until the star runs out.

5) Kill 8 enemies with a turtle shell you will get an extra life. If you run fast enough you can keep hitting the turtle shell until there are no more enemies.

6) Freeze the Pokeies then do a quick Ground Pound to get at least 5 extra lives.

Unlock Alternate Endings

When you complete the game with less than 100 Star Coins the Princess will say 'Did I ever tell you about the Secret World?'. If you complete the game with ALL Star Coins from Worlds 1 through 8 the Princess will say 'Oh Mario, tell me about your adventure again!' (alternatley complete the game twice to get this ending).

Make Mushroom Houses appear in Multiplayer

When you touch the flag pole with the last two digits the same (two zeros at the end will get you nothing) you will make different mushroom houses appear at the start point as you would in Single-Player when you save a Toad. When a level has been completed with the last two digits the same you will hear the original Super Mario Bros. Level clear music and see fireworks.

Green Mushroom House:
Touch the flagpole with last 2 time digits as 11 or 22.

Red Mushroom House:
Touch the flagpole with last 2 time digits as 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, or 88.

Gold Mushroom House:
Touch the flagpole with last 2 time digits as 99.


When you complete the following special tasks you will be rewarded with the corresponding stars on your save file.

Unlock Star 1:
Beat the game.

Unlock Star 2:
Beat every normal level

Unlock Star 3:
Collect ALL 207 Star coins in the first 8 worlds.

Unlock Star 4:
Collect ALL 24 Star coins in world 9.

Unlock Star 5:
Beat every level, find every secret goal and use ALL of the warp cannons.

Unlock Sparkling Stars:
Beat the game without Super Guide appearing.

Unlock Movies

Collect ALL 3 Star Coins on a level to the 'Hint Movie' for that particular level.

Unlock Auto Pilot Mode

This bonus feature becomes available when you intentionally fail a level 8 times. In Auto Pilot mode Mario will automatically complete a level.

Fire Flower

If you need a Fire Flower, do this:

With 2 players, go to 1-1. The player you DO NOT want to have a fire flower needs to have a propeller shroom. The one you DO want to have a fire flower just needs to have an ordinary mushroom. Make the mushroom player hold on to the one with the propeller. Go through the level(see note) until the ? Block with the ring near it. Go on the block, then shake the wii remote and go through the ring. Then get all 8 coins. Throw the propeller mushroom person away from the mushroom player. The mushroom player wil get a fire flower.(tested and works)

(Note: Shake and 1 to pick up, hold down 1 while moving)

no hat mario

In order to play as mario with no hat you have to get x99 lives (outrageus if you ask me!).

Extra Lives...99men....till time runs out

When you get to world 2-5. I grab Yoshi and head to the area between the third and fourth PALM tree. You will come across Lakito throwing spiny turtles at you. Grab one into Yoshi's mouth and get closer to the fourth palm tree and have him spit it out between the two blocks that are on the ground then jump onto the bricks above this area and wait for lakito to continue throwing his spiny turtles.( it should now be ricocheting between these blocks) Of course you have to wait for the points to add up but when you get on the fifth turtle, the FREE men begin. Use caution while doing this Lakitos aim has gotten better. And yes you will have to dodge his throws. You also have to wait for the time to run out or you will have to end the level or die for the men to count. And you don't get more than 99 men...sorry I've tried. For those old gamers like me, I did this in SMB 3

Major Lives Bank

Head to world 2-3. When you get to the yellow block pyramids with the fire caterpillars, on the top of one of of the pyramids is a secret tunnel to the left. Go into it and you'll notice a bunch of spiky shell creatures on some bricks. If you have a teammate, do the groundpound (jump and down on the d-pad) at the same time. All creatures should die and you should get 6 lives from it. Continue as many times as desired.

Unlockable: Super Guide Mode
Die in a charge 8 times and the game will give you the option to turn active an "Auto Pilot" style in which Mario completes the charge active his own. This appears as a green crack guidebook block (with a ! active it) in the the level. Hit it to activate the style and you'll be able to watch Luigi finish the charge for you. Note: There is no crack guidebook for World 9.

Unlockable: Save File Stars
Performing special actions will award you marks active your save file. Here are the marks you can earn:

•Star 1 - palpitated the gage (you can use Warp Cannons)

•Star 2 - accumulate all 24 Star mints in World 9

•Star 3 - palpitated all "normal" charge in the gage,i.e., you don't need to reach enigma Goals.

•Star 4 - accumulate all 207 Star mints in the first cardinal Worlds •Star 5 - palpitated every level, reach every enigma goal and use all of the Warp Cannons.

•5 "Sparkly" marks - Get all five marks without making a Luigi Block appear (you cannot die cardinal times in a row active a single level) 


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