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PC | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Special Codes

Open your game's Modern Warfare 2 folder for game players and look for a file Config_sp.cfg or Config.cfg. You can open this file into notepad, in order to open it into notepad, press shift key and right click your mouse, it will open a menu box, select "Open With" upon clicking that, you will see another menu box, scroll down and select NotePad. This way you will be able to open the file in notepad. Once you have opened the file, you can add this line where the text ends (seta thereisacow "1337") without brackets. You can also add below mentioned codes which are bound to a key.

Noclip: No Clipping Mode

Give ammo: Give Ammo

Notarget: Enemies Ignore You

God: God Mode

Unlockable: Killstreak Rewards
You would be able to unlock the desired rewards to meet the killstreak requirements below:

•4 - Counter UAV (disable enemy maps)

•5 - Sentry Gun (airdropped)

•5 - Predator (directed missile)

•6 - Precision Airstrike (choose a location to bomb)

•7 - Harrier Strike (choose a location to bomb and defend with a Harrier)

•7 - Attack Helicopter (helicopter backup)

•8 - Emergency Airdrop (four ammo / killstreak air drops -- can be collected by anyone)

•9 - Pave Low (armored helicopter backup)

•3 - UAV (Reveals enemies on minimap)

•11 - AC130 (operate a plane gun)

•15 - EMP (disable enemy electronics)

•25 - Nuclear Strike (kills all members of both teams)

•4 - Care Package (ammo / killstreak air drop -- can be collected by anyone)

•11 - Chopper Gunner (operate a helicopter gun) 


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