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PC | Mass Effect 2

Tip for Fast Planet Scan
Speeding up the planet scanning is rather an easy process, all you need to do is set up your planet scanner on either left side or right, then rotate the planet in similar pattern, it will boost the speed, if you do it perfectly, you will observe the planet rotates with a great speed. Also, you would want to push both your sticks in similar direction.

Unlockable Resources

You'll get the following bonuses after Starting a new game using a profile from Mass Effect (1):

•Resources (can be usefull for weapon and armor upgrades)

Paragon and Renegade Points
•Paragon and Renegade Points (you'll get a bonus number in of the same points in ME2, if you have the Max number of either Paragon or Renegade points from Mass Effect.)

Bonus Experience
•Experience Points (when you will begin level 2 you would have an amount based on your last level score)

Multiple Colors and Costumes
In order to unlock different color combinations for a specific party member, you would need to successfully finish Loyality Mission.

Tip Geth Pulse Rifle

If you are looking for the Geth Pulse Rifle, then look up for it in either insanity difficulty or hardcore mode. When you are up for recruitment mission for the tali. If you pay attention, you will be able to locate the desired gun in exact same room, where Tali is. Look up for Geth, which is demolished and find the gun around that area.


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