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Xbox 360 | The Saboteur

Beating Nazis in the Game
In order to defeat the nazi, you would need to do act randomly and mysteriously, by doing this he would suspect you and leave his position, once he does this, you can destroy him, however, make sure there is no one watching you doing this.

Trick for Less Difficult Races
This is rather a funny trick, all you would need to do is evacute all the competing cars by threatening the drivers of those cars, you can do this by approaching those cars and pointing your gun at driver, he will leave the car and if you do this with all cars before the race begins, you will be the only one in the race and will win the race easily.

Hint: Find a Path Up Buildings
If there is a beautiful point at top of a building that you cant figure out how to climb, follow the glowing yellow lamps -- they'll show the way to the beautiful point.

Hint: Vehicle Locations

The observing bumper cars preserve be reached astatine the locations below:

•Gestapo GS - Gare Saint Lazarre / This is parked northeastern of the stop unreal the form with agitprop driveller (right side of the road)

•Bauer Fuel Truck - West Picardie / North Normadie / Near the river, where the road the road hooks around

•Bauer Armored - Try "???"

•Kaiser Bulletproof - Try "???"

•Armed ZP750 - Mention the consternation charge and it mean resuscitate you

•Gestapo Cruiser (Not GS) - You should be On streets around Nazi areas 


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