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Nintendo Wii | Mysims Agents

Game Details
This game was released on 25th September 2009, under the hood of Electronic Arts and developed by pro developers aka EA Redwood Shores. This was one of the most anticipated and eagerly awaited game of this year. This game has is from a famous Mysims series and has been released on several consoles such as Nintendo Ds and Wii. Right now its a single player game. 

Unlockable Recruits

If you manage to successfully complete the tasks mentioned below, you will be able to unlock the corresponding recruits.

UnlockableHow to unlock
Rosalyn P. MarshallSuccessfully finish "Snowy Mountains" Level.
Preston WinthropSuccessfully finish "Snowy Mountains" Level.
WolfahSuccessfully finish "Snowy Mountains" Level.
Professor NovaSuccessfully finish "Snowy Mountains" Level.
Madame ZoeSuccessfully finish "Boudreaux Mansion" Level.
Ms. Nicole VogueSuccessfully finish the "Boudreaux Mansion" Level.
GordonSuccessfully finish the "Boudreaux Mansion" Level.
Violet NightshadeSuccessfully finish "Boudreaux Mansion" Level.
Zombie CarlSuccessfully finish "Boudreaux Mansion" Level.
Trevor VerilySuccessfully finish "Boudreaux Mansion" Level.
BeebeeSuccessfully finish the "Snowy Mountains" Level.
LyndsaySuccessfully finish "Jungle Temple" Level.
MagellanSuccessfully finish the "Jungle Temple" Level.
King MikeSuccessfully finish the "Jungle Temple" Level.
LibertySuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Snake on the Loose!".
Master AranSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Penguin Style".
Sir Vincent SkullfinderSuccessfully finish "Jungle Temple" Level.
MakotoSuccessfully finish dispatch missions "Prom Date" and "High School Yearbook".
PetalSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Failing Forest".
Sir SpencerSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "H4XXOR3D!".
Annie RaddSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Roadie Despair".
ReneeSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Pig, Camera, Action".
GonkSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Gonk Need Food, Badly".
Vic VectorSuccessfully finish "Snowy Mountains" Level.
PinkySuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Blue Thing!".
StarSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Blade of Destiny".
Elmira ClampSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Assistant Librarian".
WendalynSuccessfully finish dispatch mission "Reagant Run".
LeafWhile you are sorting out "Evelyn's Robbery Case", dig up the holes at the Forest Park.
MarlonSuccessfully finish dispatch missions "Magical Disaster" and "Magical Assistant".
TravisIn order to unlock this you will need to become a Secret Agent.


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