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PSP | Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

Unlock Special Armor Sets

To unlock the Hyperbolean and Chameleon armour you must beat the game the indicated amount of times in Challenge mode.

Unlock Hyperbolean Armor Set.
Beat Challenge mode once. Unlock Chameleon Armor Set:
Beat Challenge mode twice.

Defeating Otto Destruct

To be able to defeat the final boss (Otto Destruct) you have to have four weapons.

1) The Optical Maser Array

2) Electro Rocket (with Shock and Lock-On mods)

3) Shield Barrier

4) PDA

When you have ALL 4 weapons you have to put up a shield and use the Optical Maser Array to lower his shield. Fire the Electro Rockets at him and keep doing this until he is defeated. If you run out of ammunition while you are doing this use the PDA.

Unlock R.Y.N.O. , Flaming Wrench and Freeze Wrench

Unlock R.Y.N.O:
The RYNO (which stands for 'Rip Ya a New One') can be purchased for $9,999,000 when you have defeated Otto Destruct.

Unlock Flaming Wrench:
When you wear ALL the Wildfire armour you will get a flaming wrench.

Unlock Freeze Wrench:
When you have defeated Otto Destruct enter Challenge mode and you will get a piece of the Hyperborean armour. Collect the full set and wear it and you will get a freeze wrench.

Armor Sets

Collect the following sets to unlock the corresponding armour and the bonus effect that goes with it.

Unlock Wildburst:
Sludge Mk. 9 Helmet, Wildfire Torso, Gloves, Boots.

Unlock Ice II:
Crystallix Helmet, Hyperborean Torso, Gloves, Boots.

Unlock Shock Crystal:
Electoshock Helmet, Crystalix Torso, Gloves, Boots.

Unlock Fire-Bomb:
Mega Bomb Helmet, Torso, Wild Fire Gloves, Boots.

Unlock Stalker:
Wild fire Helmet, Chameleon Torso, Sludge Mk 9 Gloves, Boots.

Unlock Triple wave:
Wildfire Helmet, Electroshock Torso, Sludge Mk 9 Gloves, Boots.

Unlock Dan Skin

You must successfully play 10 Online matches without dying to unlock the Dan skin for your Online account. The 10 matches do not have to be completed in a row.


Titanium Bolts Unlockables
Collect the following amount of Titanium Bolts to unlock the corresponding skin.

Unlock Troical Vacation Skin:
Collect 4 Titanium Bolts

Unlock Plundering Pirate Captain Skin:
Collect 6 Titanium Bolts

Unlock Ratchetzilla Skin:
Collect 6 Titanium Bolts

Skill Point Unlockables
Collect the following amount of Skill points throughout the game to unlock the corresponding effect. These cheats can be toggled on and off.

Unlock Big Headed Giant Clank:
Collect 1 Skill Point.

Unlock Big Headed Clank:
COllect 3 Skill Points.

Unlock Big Headed Ratchet:
Collect 5 Skill Points.

Unlock She's On Fire!:
Collect 7 Skill Points.

Unlock More Cowbell:
COllect 8 Skill Points.

Unlock Mirrored Levels:
Collect 10 Skill Points.

Unlock Super Bloom:
Collect 12 Skill Points.

Unlock Big Headed Enemies:
Collect 14 Skill Points.

Unlock Weapon Switching:
Collect 16 Skill Points.

Unlock Bolt Confusion:
Collect 20 Skill Points.

Unlock Hardcore Mode:
Collect 24 Skill Points.

Unlock Mooo!:
Collect 24 Skill Points.

Unlock Old Timey:
Collect 24 Skill Points.

Unlock Climb The Treehouse:
Collect 25 Skill Points.

Unlockable Secrets and Special Items:
To gain access to these go to the 'Specials' menu which is underneath the 'Pause' menu and toggle on or off whatever you want.

how to re- enter dreamtime

Go to the medical outpost omega. Where you had tests done on you will be to the right of your ship. Walk to it . Be carefull there is a gap so jump then it will say press triangle to re-enter dream time


In the dreamtime level when you jump through the hole in the wall, jump back but don't be scared cause you think you're gonny die cause your not your basiclly back on the last bit you started on cause when I tried it worked for me so it should work for you ok dokey

Easy Money ;)

First go to metallis. If you found titanium bolt on this planet skip this step. Go behind ship and use polarizer. Door will open follow path to titanium bolt and lots of crates. Smash crates and go to teleporter to go back to ship. After teleporter appears behind ship go to step one.
Step1: go to pokitaru and raise your bolt multiplier to 12.
Step2: then go to metallis and take teleporter behind ship
Step3: You should appear in area with lots of crates smash the crates
Step4: Then go back to ship and go to Dayni Moon
Step5: Break all the crates that are just outside the ship
Step6: Repeat steps two and six
Enjoy with this I got all the titan weapons before beating challenge mode
I will not take credit as I did not find about this myself credit goes to blackfalcon from neoseekerdotcom

Treehouse without all skill point

Like the title says there is a way to get to the tree house without all the skill points. First go to metallis go behind ship and use polarizer. A door will open go in there till you reach the place with a lot of crates. There will be a titanium bolt. Now take the transporter back to your ship. A new teleporter should be there. The new teleporter takes you back to the place with the crates. Now save and go to home menu. On the psp clock put the time 02:42:00. Now start the game. You will be at mettalis where you saved at. Take the teleporter to the place with the crates. Keep going forward and you will find a new teleporter. Stand on the teleporter it will say press triangle to go to secret arena. Press triangle you will be on your spaceship and land on the tree house. P.S. You don't need any skill points to do this and don't let the clock past 02:47:00

Defeating the Technomite Dreadnaught on Challax

When you get to last part of the Giant Clank level on Challax you'll see that Technomite Dreadnaught again. But this time you'll have to fight other enemy ships. And he doesn't have health meter. You'll have to give all you've got. You have to dodge obstacles too. Just keep shooting him with your Vulcan Beam. If you have any rockets use 'em for peat sake. Don't waste your rockets on the smaller ships. And CERTAINLY DO NOT waste your rockets on nothing(ok let's get back to battle strategy). Just keep on shooting those stupid ships and then start shooting the Technomite Dreadnaught. Soon you'll beat that dang thing once and for all.

Defeating the Technomite Dreadnaught on Metalis

You'll see a green ship called a Technomite Dreadnaught, on the last part on the Giant Clank level on Metalis. To easily beat it, use your Vulcan Beam until it gets DESTROYED. You'll might need to use your rockets(if you have any). You'll also need to dodge his Vulcan Beam, his rockets, and his extra-large rockets. If your having trouble, just freakin' quit the dang challenge and do some Clank Challenges if you may.

Defeating the DROPSHIP on Challax

Part 1(escaping part):First,you'll have to jump off the pillars you're on and you'll end up on a leaf trail.When the Dropship shoots lazers on certian leaves you'll have to get away from those leaves.Then you'll be on some huge plants that wobble when you jump on them(though they won't fall).They only fall down if the Dropship shoots 'em. Then you'll end up on another leaf trail. Get past that segment. You'll then end up on a series of gray leaves that are all split apart. You'll have to jump on the ones that the Dropship doesn't aim at. When you make it past that part, you'll be on another leaf trail. Then you'll be on some more wobbly plants. Then you'll be on one more leaf trail. Next you'll be on a platform where a vendor is. Jump on the next platform to finally fight the Dropship...


Part 2(fightin' part):You might want to use the double barrel Lacerator for this fight. If you don't have it use the Agents of Doom IF you upgraded them to the Agents of Dread. This fight will be EXTREMLY HARD if you don't have either of those. If you're playing Challenge mode use the RYNO IF you have it(it costs about 4,000,000 bolts). If you have any good mods for your concussion gun, use them. Same thing for Acid Bomb Glove. And if you have the Scorcher, use it(if you dare to get close). The Scorcher does a surprising high amount of ****** damage. That sure will destroy the dropship.

How to beat dropship in planet Challax

First you have to buy the sniper gun from the beginning from the planet challax you'll have to evolve the gun to the last level then go to dropship battle use the sniper gun shoot at the ship 6 times the ship will explode there you go. Trust me this happen for real I played with my cousin

Super sheild

Buy the tetra barrier and the laser tracer and level them to there full level put on the barrier and the laser tracer to get a good defence. Great on enimies that drive you on the deep end.

Otto desruct encounter 1

This is when you are facing otto as Giant Clank first you start punching him in the combo until he flys in the air then when he shoots missiles jump just before they hit the ground then shoot hard out till he falls to the ground and start the punching again.

Super flying glich

Here is a glich where you and fly in space and swim in water and go under the level mega cannons ok to do this all you need to do is go to online or 2 player mode then go to the level mega cannons then you just look for a big crak in the grownd with wepons helth and a water streem just walk in the water streem entel you get to the side of a cliff then walk of the cliff wile your still in the streem then you will be swiming in the sky to go under the level just swim around the level entel you see a opening if you wont to go in space just keep swiming farther and farther out

P.s it takes at least 4 to 5 times to get it to work

A ice armor

Use the hyperborean gloves, boots, body armor and the crystallix helmet and when you hyper strike then ice cystals will be in front of you.

Go into an invisable hole in the wall

In dreamtime when you go through the hole in the wall and you turn around and you can't see the beach anymore walk forward and double jump,and you'll be back on the beach.

Fast running

Well in this game you don't have charg boots so it's kinda hard to move fast well to move fast with out charg boots you just ,hold down L1,then hold down R1,then poosh the analog stick forword and tap x, then start rapidley taping x

This cheat does work but you need clank to do it
P.s charg boots art in this game

armour:hyperborean and ice 2

I think that ice 2 is better than hyperborean cos this is why. Ice2:hyperstrike makes ice shards in front of you and hyperborean:is ice wrench

How to Get the RYNO

RYNO is the most powerful weapon in the game
You can't get it when you playing the game the first time when you have completed the game once and are on challenge mode then the RYNO will appear in the Vendor It cost's 9999'000. It is very expensive.

Titanium Bolt Tip

An easy way to find titanium bolts is to wait until you buy the Map-O-Matic. It will show you right where to find every bolt.


I have this amazing cheat to save on haedcore mode!
While on hardcore mode, put your psp on standby and back on again. It should say your memory stick had been ejected. Go onto options and it'll say "a memory stick has been found, want enable autosave?" Say yes and save. Keep on doing that to save.

6 special armors

These are six armors
That you have to mix-match.

Fire Bomb
Head Mega-Bomb
Body Mega-Bomb
Hands Wildfire
Boots Mega-Bomb

Shoch Crystal

Head Electroshock
Body Crystallix
Hands Crystallix
Boots Electroshock


Head Sludge Mk.9
Body Wildfire
Hands Wildfire
Boots Wildfire

Triple Wave

Head Wildfire
Body Electroshock
Hands Sludge Mk.9
Boots Electroshock

Ice 2

Head Crystallix
Body Hyperborean
Hands Hyperborean
Boots Hyperborean


Head Wildfire
Body Chameleon
Hands SLudge Mk.9
Boots Chameleon

flaming body and wrench

Wear all wild fire armour and also make fire foot prints

Infinite Crabs and bolts!!!

It may take a while but when you are on pokitaru, when you have to get on the waterboard to get to luna, there is an island with some crabs on it. Each crab gives you bolts, and the crabs don't stop coming or giving bolts to you!!

Bird multiplying

Go to ratchet's dream level and get to a mirror hit it with your rench and wait for the birds to come there will be more then one it's great for getting exp.

Easy cash

To get easy cash just beat the game and go to challenge mode after you go to draemtime get your bolt multipler to x12 and go to dreamtime and destroy the boxes and houses on the beach then go thogh the portal and repeat. I got ryno in two hours of straght play.

Getting parts of the megabomb suit

Just do all the clank challenges in both planets and you'll get parts from the meagabomb suit. When equipped ,whenever you get hit it absorbs the power and transfers it to your wrench. Whenever it is full swing your wrench to use it.

the mirrors

In dreamtime,the birds that flies out the mirrors,thier not really doin that.
If you go behind it,you'll be able 2 walk through it.

Get the rino 4

To get the rino 4 in this game all you need to do is beat the game then enter chaleng mode then go to a vender and you will be abel to buy the rino 4
P.s it cost 9999000 bolts so be prepard I wasint and it took me forever to get it.


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