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PSP | Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3

how to defeat the akatsuki invension

Be the legendary sannin.use orochimaru skill before fight.do it to the two of them.and now you can fight.enjoy!

How to upgrade characters fast

To upgrade all your character, always make all their power level straight, the STA, SPD, DEF, ATK, CHK and the NIN. And play and play until you earn a high points so your character is powerful, so when you battle an opponent on versus CPU customize your character, the power level will pop up on your character, you will see a red meter.That presents the level you upgraded, after you activate it, select a place and fight. But this don't work on heroes mode only in versus cpu, wireless mode and in promotion test. I hope this helps to all who play naruto ultimate ninja heroes.

Easy scrolls and point in the english version.

First,this hint can only be use in vs computer mode.Press vs computer mode and press the button square [].Then set the battle time to unlimited.After that,set the item appearance to high and the chakra to infinite.Then finally set the handicap from the same number of color to the rightest part(all red).Note that if you have a lot of point and already use it press the L button for customized character which mean stronger character T_T and remember never set the difficulty in the option mode to easy or you will get lesser scroll and points try setting the difficulty to hard or even insane if you are good for more scrolls and points.

The Leaf's Greatest

When I found that this there is a missing team, I found out that there is a secret team called "The Leaf's Greatest". Members for it are purely characters that needs to be unlocked. You need The Third Hokage, Tsunade and Jiraiya and select these 3 characters on Heroes Mode then you should unlock the team.

From another dimension

If you beat your opponent on any mode that involves battle and they fell, notice that after a second or two, they get teleported to their own position when you started the battle. It is strange but you should try it. This hint doesnt apply if your opponent's HP reaches zero because they fell. No, do not let them fell with some more hp and they die, this hint wont work. You must beat them to 0 HP and must fell to any cliffs on the stage.

Flying High

When you are playing as Itachi, use your Secret Tecnique to activate Tsukuyomi. When in this state, dash at your opponent and knock him/her into the air and DO NOT perform an additional hit. Dash again, but don't attack. Continue pressing the dash button quickly. Do this multiple times, as it will continue to make your opponent rise higher and higher into the air. Once they are as high as you want, use an attack to bring them down or something. The point is that you are now about 100 feet in the air and they can't stp it (unless Tsukuyomi runs out). It's SO FUN!!

Secret Technique Conditions

Be careful when using your secret technique, because some of the conditions reduce your player's health, making you a walking target. Ex: Eight Gates Lee, Cursed Sasuke, Eight Gates Guy,etc. So before you activate their Secret Technique, or skill, try testing it out in the Survival Exercise in Heroes Mode, or in VS CPU.

Defeating the "Legendary Sanin"

Try Practicing the "HARD" mode in "VS CPU" before going to the Legendary Sanin stage of Heroes mode. Also, try some of your newly unlocked Characters such as: Kakashi, Guy, and/or Gaara. Also when Practicing in hard mode of vs CPU, try to end the battle with more health for the 1P Character you chose. Believe me, it helps in the upcoming battles of Heroes Mode. Some of the other strongest Characters, would have to be: Naruto, Sasuke, and Kiba.(Choji IS good when it comes to "strength", but lame when it comes to "Speed")

easy wins

When you do your special don't defend at all go all out attack. This will save you time before you lose ultimate mode. Also neji and hinata will take chakara away from opponent even if they are blocking. And sasukes curse mark will cause his life to got down slowly.this was brought to you by typhlosionwillownu please rate this hint

Sannin in heroes mode

I tried to unlock the sannin like more than 10 times, so I gave it to my brother who unlocked it but he coldn't,because I put it in hard mode in options, because that's how I get better in the game.Anyways I retried it with sasuke naruto and gaara(those who know loneliness) team and I used there skills remember to save their skills for the last stage!! So I used up their skills and I finally killed them all in sasuke, didn't have to use either naruto or gaara.


Medium it will get alot harder than it was to beet garra the second time.

Save Always In Heroes Mode In Every Stage

When I got my game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes and finished the game in a week (6 days) All of the characters. Is that once you finish easy mode theres another mode and another mode only 4 modes: easy, intermediate,very hard, and insane modes. It got really hard for me to play the game ,but then when I quited during intermediate mode it said game over ,but it's not because it'll say if you wanted to save and you you could start from stage you were left on.

Unlock 'Tree of Mettle' Bonuses

At the 'Tree of Mettle' go to 'Enter Password' and enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Unlock Gods And Angels:
Enter Fire, Sheep, Ox, Tiger

Unlock Team Asuma:
Enter Fire, Dog, Rabbit, Tiger

Unlock The Hokage's Office:
Enter Wind, Rabbit, Dragon, Ox

Unlock Team Kurenai:
Enter Lightning, Snake, Dragon, Monkey

Unlock One Who Lurks in Darkness:
Enter Lightning, Dog, Tiger, Boar

Unlock Rivals:
Enter Earth, Sheep, Boar, Dog

Unlock The Three Sand Siblings:
Enter Earth, Rooster, Ox, Snake

Unlock The Innocent Maiden:
Enter Water, Snake, Dragon, Ox

Unlock Team Guy:
Enter Water, Dog, Rat, Rooster

Unlock Inheritor Of The Will:
Enter Water, Dog, Snake, Ox

Unlock Jutsu:
Enter Fire, Rat, Rabbit, Monkey
Enter Fire, Dragon, Rat, Monkey
Enter Fire, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit
Enter Fire, Horse, Rabbit, Sheep
Enter Fire, Sheep, Boar, Ox
Enter Fire, Monkey, Boar, Rabbit
Enter Fire, Rooster, Rabbit, Boar
Enter Wind, Rat, Rabbit, Ox
Enter Wind, Ox, Boar, Rabbit
Enter Wind, Dragon, Sheep, Rooster
Enter Wind, Dragon, Horse, Rat
Enter Wind, Rooster, Ox, Tiger
Enter Wind, Dog, Boar, Horse
Enter Lightning, Rat, Snake, Horse
Enter Lightning, Tiger, Rooster, Dog
Enter Lightning, Sheep, Ox, Rooster
Enter Lightning, Sheep, Ox, Dog
Enter Lightning, Monkey, Rooster, Snake
Enter Lightning, Monkey, Dog, Ox
Enter Lightning, Rooster, Boar, Dog
Enter Earth, Rat, Boar, Monkey
Enter Earth, Monkey, Boar, Rooster
Enter Water, Rat, Tiger, Rat
Enter Water, Ox, Dog, Sheep
Enter Water, Dragon, Boar, Dog
Enter Water, Horse, Rat, Ox

Unlock Hokage Naruto Wallpaper:
Enter Fire, Ox, Rabbit, Horse

Unlockable Characters

The following is a list of ALL the unlockable characters in the game.

Unlock Asuma:
Beat stage 6 in Hidan & Kakuzu act 1.

Unlock Captain Yamato:
Beat stage 6 in Sasuke & Sai act 1.

Unlock Chiyo:
Beat stage 5 in Kazekage Retrieval act 2.

Unlock Deidara:
Beat stage 3 in Kazekage Retrieval act 1.

Unlock Four Tailed Naruto:
Beat Sasuke & Sai act 2.

Unlock Gaara:
Beat Kazekage Retrieval act 3.

Unlock Hidan:
Beat stage 8 in Hidan & Kakuzu act 1.

Unlock Itachi
Beat stage 3 in Kazekage Retrieval act 2.

Unlock Jiraiya:
Beat the Square Bottom Row battle challenge in Curse seal act 4.

Unlock Jugo:
Beat stage 8 in Hunt for Itachi (part 1) act 1.

Unlock Kabuto:
Beat stage 5 in Sasuke & Sai act 3.

Unlock Kabuto (Orochimaru possesion):
Beat the Kunai Sqaure Top Row battle challenge in Hunto for Itachi (part 2) act 3.

Unlock Kakuzu:
Beat stage 5 in Hidan & Kakuzu act 2.

Unlock Kankuro:
Beat Kazekage Retrieval act 3.

Unlock Karin:
Beat stage 4 in Hunt for Itachi (part 1) act 1.

Unlock Kisame:
Beat stage 8 in Kazekage Retrieval act 1.

Unlock Konan:
Beat the top row battle challenge in Curse seal act 4.

Unlock Kurenai:
Beat stage 8 in Hidan & Kakuzu act 2.

Unlock Might Guy:
Beat the last stage in Kazekage Retrieval act 2.

Unlock Obito:
Beat the Kunai Square Bottom Row battle challenge in Hunto for Itachi (part 2) act 3.

Unlock Orochimaru:
Beat stage 2 in Sasuke & Sai act 2.

Unlock Pain (Animal):
Beat the Square Middle Row battle challenge in Curse seal act 4.

Unlock Pain (Asura):
Beat the Square Middle Row battle challenge in Curse seal act 4.

Unlock Pain (Deva):
Beat the Square Middle Row battle challenge in Curse seal act 4.

Unlock Sai:
Beat stage 4 in Sasuke & Sai act 1.

Unlock Sasori & 3rd Kazekage:
Beat stage 2 in Kazekage Retrieval act 3.

Unlock Sasori(Hiruko):
Beat stage 3 in Kazekage Retrieval act 1.

Unlock Sasuke:
Beat stage 7 in Sasuke & Sai act 3.

Unlock School Naruto:
Beat the Kunai Sqaure Middle Row battle challenge in Hunto for Itachi (part 2) act 3.

Unlock School Sasuke:
Beat the Kunai Sqaure Middle Row battle challenge in Hunto for Itachi (part 2) act 3.

Unlock Shizune:
Beat the 3rd battle challenge in Kazekage Retrieval act 1.

Unlock Suigetsu:
Beat stage 3 in Hunt for Itachi (part 1) act 1.

Unlock Temari:
Beat Kazekage Retrieval act 3.

Unlock Tobi:
Beat stage 2 in Hunt for Itachi (part 1) act 2.

Unlock True form Sasori:
Beat stage 3 in Kazekage Retrieval act 3.

Unlock Tsunade:
Beat the 2nd battle challenge in Naruto's homecoming.

Unlock Yellow flash:
Beat the Kunai Square Bottom Row battle challenge in Hunto for Itachi (part 2) act 3.

Unlock Young Kakashi:
Beat the Kunai Square Bottom Row battle challenge in Hunto for Itachi (part 2) act 3.

Unlock Nine-Tailed Demon Fox

This character becomes available when you complete the first Story mode and then at the 'Character' select screen press Triangle to random change the character image until you see the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox image and then press Circle to select.

Unlock Hidden Team Skills and Movies

Unlock Hidden Team Skills
When you are in Heroes mode use the following custom made team characters to unlock a new skill. It doesn't matter what order the characters are selected.

Unlock Eternal Rivals:
Select Kakashi, Guy.

Unlock Hard Work United:
Select Lee, Naruto, Hinata.

Unlock Hidden Spikes:
Select Any Team combination.

Unlock The Cursed:
Select Orochimaru, Sasuke.

Unlock Maidens In Love:
Select Hinata, Ino, Sakura.

Unlock Proof of The Existence:
Select Sasuke, Naruto, Gaara

Unlock Sharingan to the Max:
Select Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi.

Unlock Triple Trouble:
Select Chouji, Naruto, Kiba.

Unlock Uchiha Clan:
Select Sasuke, Itachi.

Unlock Team Byakugan:
Select Neji, Hinata.

Unlock Team Genius:
Select Neji, Sasuke, Shikamaru.

Unlock Aurora of Legends:
Select Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade.

Unlock Indonmitable Guts Points x 2:
Select Naruto, Jiraiya.

Unlock Association of Ninja Thugs:
Select Kisame, Itachi, Orochimaru.

Unlock Hot Blood Master and Student:
Select Lee, Guy.

Unlock Akatsuki:
Select Itachi, Kisame.

Unlock Author and Fan:
Select Jiraya, Kakashi.

Unlock Movies
When you beat Heroes mode on any difficulty setting with the indicated team the corresponding movie becomes unlocked. The 6 Special Movies are unlocked by completing Promotion Test missions.

Unlock 2nd Movie:
Team Guy (Neji, Lee, Tenten).

Unlock 3rd Movie:
Team Kurenai(Hinata, Kiba, Shino).

Unlock 4th Movie:
Team Asuma (Ino, Shikamaru, Choji).

Unlock 5th Movie:
The Legendary Sannin (Tsunade, Jiraiya, Orochimaru).

Unlock 6th Movie:
Team Sharingan (Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke).

Unlock 7th Movie:
Team Genius(Sasuke, Neji, Shikamaru).

Unlock 8th Movie:
Triple Trouble(Naruto, Kiba, Choji).

Unlock 9th Movie:
Hard Workers United (Lee, Naruto, Hinata).

Unlock 10th Movie:
Maidens in Love (Sakura, Ino, Hinata).

Unlock 11th Movie:
Akatsuki (Itachi, Kisame).

Unlock 12th Movie:
Master and Student (Naruto, Jiraiya).

Unlock 13th Movie:
The Cursed (Orochimaru, Sasuke).

Unlock 14th Movie:
Hot Blood Master and Student (Guy, Lee).

Unlock 15th Movie:
Eternal Rivals (Guy, Kakashi).

Unlock 16th Movie:
Team Byakugan (Hinata, Neji).

Unlock 17th Movie:
Author and Fan (Jiraiya, Kakashi).

Unlock 18th Movie:
Uchiha Clan (Itachi, Sasuke).

Unlock 19th Movie:
Association of Ninja Thugs (Orochimaru, Itachi, Kisame).

Unlock 1st Movie:
Team Kakashi (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura).

Unlock 20th Movie:
Those Who Know Loneliness (Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke).

Unlock 21st Movie:
Custom Team (Any Character/s).

Unlockable Characters

Unlock Guy and Kakashi as Playable Characters:
On Easy difficulty setting in Heroes mode finish Survival Exercise stage.

Unlock Gaara as a Playable Character:
On Normal difficulty setting in Heroes mode finish Leaf Destruction stage.

Unlock Jiraiya, Orichmaru, and Tsunade as Playable Charactes:
On Hard difficulty setting in Heroes mode finish The Legendary Sannin stage.

Unlock Itachi and Kisame as Playable Characters:
On Insane difficulty setting in Heroes mode finish Atatsuki Returns stage.

unlock charactars

Kakashi and might guy: after defeating easy mode
Gaara: after defeating normal mode
Legendary saanin: after defeating hard
Kisame and itachi after defeating insane

The Leaf's Greatest

First, unlock Jiraiya, Tsunade and The Third Hokage. Then select the 3 when you selected "Custom Team". After doing so, press OK and you will hear a sound saying that it is one of the hidden teams. The team is powerful so use that as an advantage.

to bet gaara

How to bet gaara.
What team do I use to bet gaara.

The Sharingan Team

Once you have all the characters in the game: all 20 characters:

14.might guy
And finally 20.kisame

In Hereoes Mode there is a Hidden team called the Sharingan Team:
Itachi and

Just add them three in custom team and you will get a not only a new team but a new move known as the (Sharingan to the Max)-throughout the whole battle your chakra will never be wasted!!! Isn't that awesome!!! :]

Secret teams

You are able to create a team. If you put in the right characters then you can unlock a hidden team. Here are just a few I found.
Naruto + Sasuke + Gaara= Those Who Know Loneliness
Guy + Lee = Hot Blood Master & Student
Sasuke + Kakashi + Itachi = Team Sharingan
Orochimaru + Sasuke = The cursed
Jiriya + Naruto = Master & Student
Jiriya + Tsunade + Orochimaru =The Legendary Sannin
Neji + Hinata = Team Byakugan
Kakashi + Guy = Eternal Rivals


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