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Nintendo Wii | Mario Kart Wii

Unlock Karts and Bikes versions of 50cc and 100cc

These versions of the 50cc and 100cc which are similar but slower to the 150cc version are unlocked by completing ALL the cups in the indicated CC. To activate these versions you have to press the + button at the 'Speed Select' screen.

Unlock 50cc (Karts and Bikes):
Place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in ALL 50cc cups.

Unlock 100cc (Kart and Bikes):
Place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in ALL 100cc cups.

Change Mii Racer Weight Class

If you change your drivers weight at the Mii Channel your ingame weight class also changes and you will have a different car.

Unlock Golden Wii Wheel

If you mainly use the wii wheel in ALL the different modes of the game a golden wheel will appear next to your name when you go Online.

Unlock Mirror Mode

This mode becomes an available option when you have won ALL the cups at 150cc class.

Unlock Characters

Try unlocking these great characters in the game by completing the indicated task.

King Boo:
Win 50cc Star Cup

Diddy Kong:
Complete ALL 50cc Cups

Dry Bones:
Win 100cc Leaf Cup

Mii (Outfit A):
Win 100cc Special Cup

Win 150cc Special Cup

Baby Daisy:
1 Star in ALL 50cc Wii-Cups

Bowser Jr.:
1 Star in ALL 100cc Retro-Cups

Dry Bowser:
1 Star in ALL 150cc Wii-Cups

Funky Kong:
In Time Trials unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghost Data.

Baby Luigi:
In Time Trials unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghost Data.

Play Time Trials on 16 different courses

Play Time Trials on ALL 32 different courses.

Have a Super Mario Galaxy 'Save' file and she becomes available after some GPs.

Unlock Courses

These are unlocked when you get at least 3rd place in the correspondng Cup.

Special Cup:
Get at least 3rd place in Star

Lightning Cup:
Get at least 3rd place in Leaf Cup.

Leaf Cup:
Get at least 3rd place in Banana Cup.

Star Cup:
Get at least 3rd place in Flower Cup.

Unlock Bikes

Just complete the indicated task for the Bike you want to unlock in your game.

Quacker (Small Bike):
Win 150cc Star Cup.

Bubble Bike (Small Bike):
Win Mirror Leaf Cup.

Magikruiser (Small Bike):
Play Time Trials on 8 different courses.

Dolphin Dasher (Medium Bike):
Win Mirror Star Cup.

Nitrocycle (Medium Bike):
Get at least 1 Star Rank for ALL 100cc Wii Grand Prix Cups.

Rapide (Medium Bike):
Win 100cc Lightning Cup.

Torpedo (Large Bike):
Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials.

Phantom (Large Bike):
Win Mirror Special Cup.

Twinkle Star (Large Bike):
Win 100cc Star Cup.

Unlock Karts

If you want to unlock the following Karts for your game you have to complete the indicated task.

Cheep Charger (Small Kart):
Get at least 1 Star Rank for ALL the 50cc Retro Grand Prix Cups.

Rally Romper (Small Kart):
Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials

Blue Falcon (Small Kart):
Win Mirror Lightning Cup.

Turbo Blooper (Medium Kart):
Win 50cc Leaf Cup.

Royal Racer (Medium Kart):
Win 150cc Leaf Cup.

Dragonetti (Large Kart):
Win 150cc Lightning Cup.

Piranha Prowler (Large Kart).
Win 50cc Special Cup.

Avoid being hit

To not get hit by an incoming projectile, if you have an item such as a turtle shell or a banana peel (boxes do not work), simply press and hold the left directional button. The item will sit behind you and dissipate after getting hit. You however will not be hit.

Rosalina( Easy way to unlock)

To unlock Rosalina without having to get at least one star on every cup, simply have a saved game from Super Mario Galaxy. When you go back into Mario Kart, she will be unlocked.

how to get rosalina in mario kart wii

The easy way is to have a save file of super mario galaxy on your wii
And then you put your mario kart in your wii then you will have rosalina.the hard way is to do over 2000 races in vs. Mode in single player.

speed boost

Press 2+1. Turn one way, then the other and let go. You speed boost!

oconut Mall Shortcuts.

Here are the two shortcuts for Coconut Mall, although the second one is just an extension of first:

1. For the first shortcut in Coconut Mall, you need one mushroom. You firstly need too make your way up the escalators at the start of the course. You then must not go down the escalator, but go to the right of it. Stay to the right, until you notice an open path in the row of stores next too you. Use your mushroom, and turn into the path. After the path you will be shot over a jump and back onto the normal race track again.

2. For the shortcut continuation you'll need at least two mushrooms. So follow the above shortcut until the end of the path(richt before the jump). Now use a second mushroom and sharply turn(instead of using the jump), then weave your way through the more narrow path, and back onto the second pair of escalators.

DK's snowboard cross shortcuts.

There are two shortcuts in DK's snowboard cross and heres how to do them;

1 the small short cut is an easier one to pull off, after the series of small bumps and jumps, look to your and you will notice that there is a gap between the track, to skip the turn at this part all you need to do is simply drift right over the gap,after this you will need to slightly go up the red fence then come back down onto the normal track.

2 the ultra shortcut is a harder one to master, this time after the series of the bumps, slighty brake and turn, then stay as close to the fence as possible whilst driving over the gap,then you should be able to steer as close to the fence on this track, once on the very edge and as close to the fence as possible use your turbo, this should send you soaring right over the massive gap and onto the zoom pads, where you can resume racing.

Delfino Square shortcuts

Here are the three delfino shortcuts I know
1: One Delfino plaza one is before going on the first bridge after the buildings you look to your left hand side, you should see a grass patch, if you use your turbo at the right time whilst at the grassy area it should shoot you across the bayand onto the wooden thingo that boats go off, you should then be able to drive up the ramp and onto the normal track again.

2: like the other one this is also a hard one to master after crossing the first bridge, you should see two boxes, these help indicate this short cut, just after them there should be a little alley way, this is when you use your turbo needs to be used, as soon as you get out of the alley you should drift to make sure you don't go flying of the edge.

3: the third one is quite simple, after passing the the bridge with the rainbow pads, there is a turn, to simply avoid the turn, use your bturbo and cut right across the grass.

Delfino Plaza Shortcut

Warning- this is a hard one to master. After exiting the alleyway, there is a grassy area to the left. If you have a turbo item, you can shoot yourself diagonally off the corner of this area and land on the dock around the bend, where you can continue up a ramp back onto the track and cut the entire corner.

Ghost Valley 2 Shortcut

As you approach a turn about halfway through, you will notice a gap where there is no wall, and you can see the other side of the turn just past where the track ends. On a bike, you can jump straight across; you'll need a turbo in a kart. Just be careful to turn immediately after landing so you don't shoot yourself too far and off the other side.

Off road glitch

This glitch works on mushroom Gorge. When you are about to jump inside the gorge stop before you get to the ramp. First turn around then back up to the ramp then start riding in the grass. WARNING THIS DOES NOT WORK AFTER YOU GO OFF A JUMP

Mario Kart Extra Help

Another way to unlock Rosalina without a Super Mario Galaxy save file is to beat 150cc Mirror all cups with star ranking or higher.

Avoid getting hit by red shells and blue shells.

To avoid getting hit by red shells you need to hold a bannana or green or red shell. Or you can just get behind something when it comes but that will take some time to do. To avoid getting hit by blue shells make sure you have some mushrooms and when it gets to you and when it spins around in the air and drops alittle then use them. It could take away to get it right. I hope it helps.

Be the same people

1st player has to click on somebody. Then they press back. The other player clicks on same plyer. Then 2nd player press bak and 1st player press back. Then press A. There you have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expert ghost staff data

Beat someone in a time trial by 7 seconds or get a star rank on any cup.

better items

When you spot a item box grap it and as soon as you get it keep pressing b rapidly
But it will be the best item for that posision here is a list of it

12,11,10,9,8 you will get stuff like bullet bill star and gold mushroom

7,6,5,4stuff like mega mushroom thunder cloud and spiny sheel a.k.a blue sheel

3,2,1 stuff like one mushroom triple shells and tripls bananas and fake item boxes .so prepare and you will do the item immedeately if you keep pressing b

And it gets drawn before you stop then you will use that item immedietely so be

snes mario curcit 3 short cut

Keep looking to the west and eventually you will see a gap in the wall it's off road so use a musroom or a star or thuder clud not a mega mushroom because you will be to big

maple tree way short cut

When you start take a path to the right it starts of road but you will be amazed of how muth places you will gain when you take the boots at the end of the offroad

ulta speed bosst

If you see a half pipe than do a trick in it and your boost will be longer and anther way is to get a speed boost power up and use a half pipe and one that bost is over than yous the power up and get even more bosst!

avoid pows

This will only work if you ar a bike when it is about to hit you do a wile by pull in back on the remote and you will still get hit but you get back in it in about 0.4 seconds

Hyper boost

Hey everybody. King of Hell has found a way to get a [kanye]harder, better, faster, stronger[/kanye] boost off any start, boost pad, or trick landing. The boost will propel you further, at a faster rate and last longer than other boosts. To cover the basics of boosting first:

Race start: When the 2 begins to fade away, press and hold the gas/acceleration button to gain a boost off the start of the race.

Boost pad: Drive over the pad to gain a boost.

Trick: Off any ramp, perform a trick and when your tires touch the ground, you'll gain a boost.

The basics of Uber Boosting: Between half a second and a second and a half after the boost begins, do a wheelie mid-boost (bikes only). Aside from speeding forward much faster than a regular boost, there will be a more subtle sign. The white lines that streak across the screen while doing a regular wheelie will have a rainbow-tint to them (hard to notice on Rainbow Road). The boost will end abruptly once you beigin to drift, so it's best to do this on straighter areas to gain the most out of it. Have fun boosting!

unlockable bikes

Bubble bike (small bike ) win mirror leaf cup
Dolphin dasher ( medium bike ) win mirror star cup
Magikruiser ( small bike ) play time trials on 8 diffrent courses
Phantom ( large bike ) win mirror specail cup
Quacker ( small bike ) win 150cc star cup
Shooting star ( large bike ) wim 100cc star cup
Sneakster ( medium bike )attain at leats 1 star rank for all 100cc wii grand
- prix cups
Spear ( large bike )unlock 12 expert staff ghost data in time trials
Zip zip ( medium bike )win 100cc lightning cup

rainbow road short cut

You know where those hole things are well do a trick off that one turbo or use a mushroom powerup and jump over the first hole and do a trick or use another mushroom to jump over the the other one and you want have to turn at all! Hope this helped!

time trials unlocks

This are time trial unlockes
8 time trials = moter cycle { small }
16 time trials = birdo
32 time trials = toadete

Unlockable Chracters

The following characters can be unlocked in mariokart wii by doing the corresponding tasks:

King Boo - Win the 50cc star cup
Diddy Kong - complete all the 50cc cups
Dry bones - Win the 100cc leaf cup
Mii (outfit A) - Win 100cc special cup
Daisy - Win 150cc special cup
Baby Daisy - Get 1 star grade on all 50cc Wii cups (mushroom, flower, star and special)
Bowser Jr - Get 1 star grade in all 100cc retro cups (shell, banana, leaf and lightning
Dry bowser - 1 star grade in all 150cc wii cups
Funky Kong - unlock 4 expert ghost data on time trials (beat nintendo staff record)
Baby Luigi - unlock 8 expert ghost data records
Birdo - get a time trial record for 16/32 courses
Toadette - get a time trial record on all 32 courses
Rosalina - Have a Super Mario Galaxy Saved game on your wii memory and you will unlock her after a few grand prixs


1-Baby Diasy
Get one star rank or more in all fiftycc cups
2-baby luigi
Beat eight expert staff gohsts
Play on 16 of the courses on time trials
4-Bowser jr.
Get one star rank or more in all 100cc cups
5-diddy kong
Recive gold in the 50cc retro cups
6- your mii character
Win the 100cc special cup
7-dry bones
Win the 100cc leaf cup
8-dry bowser get one star or more in all 150cc cups

Luigi Circuit Shortcuts.

These are the two Luigi Circuit shortcuts that I know of, and how to pull them off:

1. The beginner shortcut which is very simple and incredibly easy shortcut to pull off. Firstly, you will need a mushroom, then when driving down the first straight road on the course (after the second turn) down the left side you will notice a jump among the sand. To use this jump, the simply use your mushroom to cut across the sand, then trick off the jump and return to the race track.

2. The expert shortcut, amazingly tricky and hard to time, one of the hardest on MKW. Now driving down the straight road again, ignore the jump and keep driving forward. Now you'll notice this sand pit with green pipes in there. Now when a reasonable distance away from the pipe, start drifting towards the pipe closest to you. Now right before your hitting the sand, release the drift, but then automatically start to drift again, this part is extremely hard to time, but if you did it right, then you would have boosted then bunny hopped slightly into the air and made slight distance into the sand pit. Right before landing on the sand, release a single mushroom. This should give you enough speed to send you across the sand and right back onto the normal track. This will take so much extra practice to pull it off, if having troubles then look at the WorldRecord.


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