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Playstation 2 | Alien Hominid

Unlock Everything

This is a great cheat for this game as it literally unlocks everything. To enable it just name your alien 'ROYGBIV' (without the quotes).

Alien Hominid cheats

Soviet Union Hat:
Get to level 2-1

Area 51 Hat:
Get to Level 3-1

Diamond Tierra:
Beat Level 2-2 using hard difficulty

Private Eye Hat:
Beat Level 3-2 using Hard difficulty

Jouster Hat:
Beat Level 3-4 using Hard difficulty

Blond Hair:
Defeat the final boss using hard difficulty

Unlock Super Soviet Missile Master Mini-game:
Complete Level 1-5 and after the intermission sequence the Super Soviet Missile
Master Mini-game will be unlocked.

Defeating Princess:
Run up against the well and shoot when you are fighting the giant eye monster princess and she will not be able to get hit.

Defeating the Tank:
Go to any ramp and stay out of the tank's sight. Use the Telekinetic Glove to take the ammunition when it spawns and attack the tank with rockets.

Enter one of the following names as a player in the 'Options' menu then select 'Submit'. If the correct code has been entered you will hear the sound of a foghorn to confirm correct entry. The corresponding hat will be unlocked in the 'Hat' menu.

Hat 2 - (Tom Fulp) TomFulp

Hat 4 - (Blonde hair) Cletus

Hat 5 - (Red hair) April

Hat 7 - (Jheri curl) Superfly

Hat 8 - (Pirate bandana) Goodman

Hat 11 - (Top hat) Grrl

Hat 12 - (Diamond tiara) Abe

Hat 13 - (Daisy headdress) Princess or Betty

Hat 14 - (Dick Tracy hat) Dandy

Hats for 2-player game

Go to Options and rename your alien one of the following:
Abe-Top hat
April-blond wig
Behemoth-Red ??
Cletus-hunting hat?
Dandy-flower petal hat
Goodman-black curly hair
Tomflup- brown messy hair

all levels, minigames, and hats

Select player 1 set up or player 2 set up and change the name to ROYGBIV


Hats for 2-player Game:

Go to the options and rename your alien one of the following:
Abe, you get: top hat
April, you get: blonde wig
Behemoth, you get: red??
CLETUS, you get: Hunting hat?
DANDY, you get: flower petal hat
GOODMAN, you get:black curly hair
GRRL, you get: flowers
PRINCESS, you get: tiara
SUPERFLY, you get: afro
TOMFULP, you get: brown messy hair

All Levels, Mini-Games, and Hats

Select Player 1 or Player 2 setup and change the name to Roygbiv *All Caps*


You can dig into the ground with triangle then press sqare to bring the FBI agent falling to his doom.

Warning do not do it to FBI agents who have flamethrowers or you will blow up.


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