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Playstation 2 | 25 to Life


Unlock Dazz:
Serve Shaun some justice.

Unlock Tech H9ne:
Serve Shaun some justice.

Unlock Freeze's Starting Outfit:
Get to your car.

Unlock 'Rick Ta Life':
Get to your car.

Unlock DJ Envy:
Get to the subway.

Unlock Shaun's Getaway Digs:
Trap Shaun in subway train.

Unlock Officer Williams:
Get the evidence to Mendoza's car.

Unlock Kurupt:
Find Saragosa and kill him.

Unlock Bank Robbing Outfit
Escape to your getaway car.

Unlock Bonus Level 'Beatdown':
Complete ALL 12 missions and mission objectives.


Unlock Beatdown (15 Waves long):
Complete ALL 12 missions and mission objectives.

No primary(how to fix it)

Yeah, it's a glitch with the new patch. Your primary weapon disappears whenever you load a saved profile with the SAW or 50 Cal Sniper as your primary. The way to fix it is to switch your weapons back to "Default" and re-customize them from there.to swich them to defult join a mach and go to custimize weps then click square and after that swich them to your prefeared load I carry a swat carbine (primary) MP(secandary) and my meele is a (zapper) the best gernades are concussion this load is very helpful at killing ans a criminal the ak mag and frag help alot note the saw can kill but it's weak if you not good at aiming for the head it's no help

Blue gloves


1. Hightops anycolor
2. Any pants don't matter what color
3. Normal Belt Color Studs.
4. Fingerless gloves
5. Any type of wristband
6. All tats don't matter which
7. Shirt must have a decal and it should be a jersy. Basketball jersy is ok also
8. Head Standard. Skin Medium Dark 1-6 Sunglasses cool 1 or 2
9. Facial hair scruf Hair Cornrows long playaround with what ever hat you want you can mostly have them all on
10. Earings in both ears. And a chain


Same for criminal but you need shiny watch and all cop acceseries like knee pads and arm pads and such

The only difference is you can give him any of the other cop shirts the cop tee short sleeve or long sleeve

Note this is one of the blue gloves dress code there anr many more I personaly used a different on but tis on is also good

Avoid gettin shot or dieing first

When you're fireing you're wepon keep moveing never stop if thers a gernad run ASAP b4 it goes off now if you wanna get a kill b4 he/she kills you aim 4 the head thell die quicker and 4 the best rsults zoom in with you're weapon like the saw or SWAT MG.

If you're using a sniper you must hide or take a hardly noticible vantage poin to avoid fire now with a zapper shoot the criminal once and when hes tazzed fire you're wepn ( not meele) like you're primary or secanday and hell go down but you can still arrest him.

Learn to glitch

All you have to do is go up to a wall and lean the oppisite way of it's and the 2nd or 3rd time ull go through but be warned if you don't know how far to go or how not to get killed you sholdnt try this but don't use a zapper it's harder to do.

So I suggest to use a stun gun as a cop and a tyre iron as a criminal.


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