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Playstation 2 | 24 The Game


Codes for the 'Security Clearance' Menu (U.S. Version)
Hold down ALL four shoulder buttons together (L1 + L2 + R1 + R2) at the 'Main'menu for 3-4 seconds to access the 'Security Clearance' menu to enter the cheats. Letters for the codes are entered by holding down the X button over the character you want to change and then moving the + button left or right to change the characters. When you have selected a character release the X button to move onto the next chararcter using the + button. When all the characters have been entered correctly press the Square button and the code will turn orange to conform correct entry.

ALL Bonuses:

ALL Missions:

Infinite Ammo:


Note: The codes for the PAL/U.K. Version are slightly different and require a 'Save File'. When you have entered the code Press Triangle to exit to the 'Main' menu and then select 'Previously On 24'. Then select 'Missions' and load your 'Save File' and then select the 'Missions' tab. Then just follow the instructions on the bottom of the screen.

Unlock ALL Bonuses

Unlock ALL Missions

Infinite Ammo:


Unlock Mission Bonuses
Scoring a high performance rating percentage after completing a mission will unlock Bonuses

Character Model - Adam Kaufman Mission 32:
9pm - Locating the Bombs

Character Model - Agent Baker Mission 37:
10pm - After the Earthquake

Character Model - Agent Evans Mission 35:
9pm - Jack Leads a Team to the Bomb

Character Model - Agent Landis Mission 36:
9pm - Attack at the Bomb Site

Character Model - Agent Pierce Mission 34:
9pm - Bomb Defusal

Character Model - Carr Mission 3:
7am - Chase Found Out

Character Model - Chase Edmunds Mission 53:
4am - Fort Lesker's Control Room

Character Model - Chloe O'Brien Mission 7:
9am - Sniper Search

Character Model - Del Toro Mission 26:
6pm - Going After Del Toro

Character Model - Del Toro's Guard Mission 27:
7pm - Jack Tracks Kim

Character Model - Donna Madsen Mission 25:
6pm - Questioning Donna

Character Model - Dr. Kevin Tyson Mission 11:
10am - To Li Jin Yu's Apartment

Character Model - Eddie Cain Mission 14:
12pm - Stopping the Metro Attack

Character Model - Female Civillian Mission 13:
12pm - Bringing in Li Jin

Character Model - Female CTU Worker Mission 31:
8pm - Disabling the Data Scrambler

Character Model - Governor James Radford Mission 50:
2am - Searching Radford's Office

Character Model - Ho Shin Mission 10:
10am - Ho Shin's Shop

Character Model - Jack Bauer Mission 29:
8pm - Escape from Madsen's Base

Character Model - Jody Mission 41:
11pm - Hostage Situation

Character Model - Joseph Sin Chung Mission 48:
2am - Chase Ambushed

Character Model - Kate Warner Mission 38:
10pm - Madsen has Kate

Character Model - Kathy Weis Mission 49:
2am - The Informant

Character Model - Kim Bauer Mission 16:
1pm - Kim Goes Back In

Character Model - LAPD Mission 40:
11pm - The Search for Radford

Character Model - Male CTU Worker Mission 20:
3pm - To the Agency

Character Model - Mandy Mission 51:
3am - DOD System Hack

Character Model - Manuel Mission 44:
12am - Escaping Sin Chung's Base

Character Model - Max Mission 59:
5am - The Final Showdown

Character Model - Max's Bodyguard Mission 58:
5am - Taking the Ship

Character Model - Michelle Dessler Mission 15:
1pm - M3

Character Model - Military Base Worker Mission 54:
4am - Cracking the Codes

Character Model - Nina Meyers Mission 17:
2pm - To the Roof

Character Model - Passenger Mission 45:
1am - Looking for Kate

Character Model - Peter Madsen Mission 57:
5am - Jack vs Madsen

Character Model - President David Palmer Mission 47:
1am - Protect Chase

Character Model - Robert Daniels Mission 6:
9am - Interrogating Daniels

Character Model - Ryan Chapelle Mission 28:
7pm - Jack Heads into Madsen's Base

Character Model - Sean Walker Mission 9:
10am - PDA Discovered

Character Model - Secret Service Mission 22:
4pm - Jack is Chased

Character Model - Sid Wilson Mission 18:
2pm "Chase Undercover"

Character Model - Sonny Mission 52:
3am - Armored Truck Pursuit

Character Model - Stripe Mission 43:
12am - Finding the CTU Data Drive

Character Model - SWAT team member Mission 1:
6am - Storming the Ship

Character Model - Tarket Mission 4:
8am - Following Daniels

Character Model - Tony Almeida Mission 33:
9pm - Tony Leads a Team to the Bomb

Character Model - Vice President Presscott Mission 8:
9am - Taking out the Enemy

Image - Chase Edmunds Mission 42:
12am - Accessing the Computer Labs

Image - Jack Bauer Mission 5:
8am - Daniels Takedown

Image - Kim Bauer Mission 30:
8pm - Jack and Kim Escape

Image - Peter Madsen and Sid Wilson Mission 23:
4pm - Madsen Attacked

Image - President David Palmer Mission 56:
5am - Raiding the Docks

Image - Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler Mission 19:
2pm - Reboot

Video Interview - Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) Mission 21:
3pm - Through the Agency

Video Interview - Elisha Cuthbert (Kim Bauer) Mission 55:
4am - Escape from Fort Lesker

Video Interview - Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dessler) Mission 2:
6am - Wired to Blow

Cheat Codes

Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the main menu for ten seconds; a blue dialogue box labeled "Security Clearance" will appear, allowing you to enter the following codes. Hold X button and press Left or Right on the D-Pad to scroll through letters and numbers. After you enter the code, press Square. If the code is valid, it will light up yellow. The codes for all levels and bonuses will only work if you have save data from the game on your memory card. The levels and bonuses can be accessed from the box labeled "Previously on 24" on the main menu.
66BAUER - Invulnerability
62ALMEIDA - Infinite Ammo
72DESSLER - All Levels
54PALMER - All Bonuses

Cool Stuff

When on the main menu, press and hold R1-R2-L1-L2 for a few seconds and a menu will come up saying some cheats, on each letter, hold X and click left or right to get letters, then put these in

UK Version

Unlock ALL Bonuses

Unlock ALL Missions

Infinite Ammo:


(if you are using USA version, put the numbers first)
When you have entered them, click square and the letters will turn orange, it really does work and has been tested!

Solving the glitch in level MADSEN UNDER ATTACK ( this is to the

I appreciate you answering my question Shorty69. I finally resolved the problem on the mission MADSEN UNDER ATTACK. I found someone on the internet who helped me. Here is what you do:

Step1: When you are Chase Edmunds go up the water tower and press pause and save the level. The clock should be at 4:08, save the game from this point. Step 2. When you have saved the game restart your PS2
Step 3. Load the level again.
Step 4. When the movie trailer comes on with Jack and Tony, take out your memory card and it will ask you for autosave. Press yes to accept autosave and continue watching the trailer.
Step 5: This should solve the glitch. If there is still one man in the main building where the truck is rammed in, that means the glitch is still there. NOTICE: in the PDA it says to kill all guys in warehouse. With the glitch there is only one. If you kill him, that does not beat the level.
Try to do the steps above and you should beat the level with more bad guys making their way inside the warehouse. This worked for me. Good Luck.
Please feel free to ask me any questions if anyone is stuck, I already have beaten the game.


I have made a little discovery about Accuracy, Accuracy determines how good you are aiming and firing your weapon, if you shoot enemies your accuracy increases, make sure none of the bullets miss, if you fire at other things such as Objects, Windows, Security Alarms, Vehicles, Explosive Barrels etc, your Accuracy will decrese sometimes your accuracy will disappear all together. The best weapons to use for increasing your accuracy are the pistol, silencer psitol and the sniper rifle, they fir 1 bullet at a time, to get good accuracy your aiming must be good, if you shoot an enemy in the head, your accuracy will increase. Also you can increase your accuracy from how far away you shoot, the sniper rifle is the key to increasing accuracy. The Clock Is Ticking so try and use these accuracy skills a bit quicker to achieve bonuses

Vehicle Explosions

If you want to blow up any vehicle, simply aim your gun at the fuel tank and fire away, it is useful to take out your enemies,
Happy Hunting

Security clearence

Please go to the options menu press and hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and click video then audio and a screen will pop up press and hold triangle and there is invulnerable all missions all bonuses infinite ammo here are the codes.

invulnerable 66BAUER


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