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Curing Poison

You are not supposed to buy the "cure poision" ability in case of mage, as it would just waste your SP. This way, you would be at level 35 by the time mutants and ghosts who have the ability to poison you.

Change Job

Once you manage to reach to level 20, you get the opportunity to move back to Alker Harbor, talk to your Class Master, they would then give you another task which if youc omplete successfully shall take you to next job class.


Look up or Farouk once you manage to reach to level 24, he will then put you on a task to look up and discover floating stone. Once you finish it successfully, he will present you with 4 options for wings.

Change Residence Details

Incase if you intend to alter the details on your certifcate of residence, you will need to purchase "Residence Card Information Reset Scroll" from a shop.

Purified Gems

To be honest, there is no use of such gems and if you chase after them you might loose time and energy as well your money, which you can use on different useful things. These gems are pretty expensive! if you really want to use one, then use purified aquamarine, but for that you need to have revive skill.


Jewels upgrade your equipment's stats.

Fairy's WingMovement Speed
Wind CrystalEvasion
Lightning Strike CrystalStrike
MoonstoneMagic Attack
ArgentumMagic Defence
DurelinPhysical Defence
OrichulumPhysical Attack
Mana StoneMax MP
Heart StoneMax HP
Stone of LifeHP Regeneration
Mind StoneMP Regeneration

Level 50 Black Wings

These are the four items which you would need to create the Black Wings level 50: firs of all you need 3 feathers from wings of angel, 4 Fairy's Five Colored Skeins of Thread, 40 Wool Clothes and lastly 3 High Quality Opals. 


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