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PSP | Tekken 6

Unlock Alternate Costumes

This feature becomes enabled when you highlight a character and then press either X or Circle.

Unlock Panda

This female character who is the loyal pet, best friend, and bodyguard of Ling Xiaoyuo will become available as a playable character when you highlight Kuma, and press X or Circle.

Bonus Gold

When you promote a character to the indicated rank you will recieve the corresponding amount of Gold.

2,000,000 Gold:
Promote a character to Rouge (this can only be done once).

7,000,000 Gold:
Promote a character to Fujin.

20,000,000 Gold:
Promote a character to Tekken God.

Easy Azazel

You can easily defeat Azazel by learning this 2 things
-Memorize a 3 hit combo
-Learn a special attack that cannot be blocked by enemies
Sometimes this things won't work but trust me this will help.


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