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PSP | Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City

Unlock Everything

To play with ALL the features and cars in the game unlocked press X, X, Right, Left, Square, Up, Down at the 'Start' menu.

Unlock Special Cars

At the 'Start' menu enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding special car in the game.

Unlock Lamborgini Mercialago:
Press X, X, Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Circle.

Unlock Transformers Car:
Press X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Down.

Unlock Jet Car:
Press Up, Down, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Triangle.

Unlockable Cars

Beat the following Boss to unlock the corresponding cars.

Unlock 911 Carrera S:
Beat MK

Unlock Aston Martin DB9:
Beat Jenna

Unlock Lamborghini Gallardo:
Beat Clutch

Unlock Mitsubishi Eclipse:
Beat Sly

Unlock Pontiac Solstice:
Beat Striker

Unlock RX-7, Skyline GTR:
Beat Buddy

Unlock WRX STI:
Beat Buddy

Unlock Chevy Cobalt SS:
Beat Marcus

Unlock VW Golf GTI:
Beat Marcus

Unlock Nissan 350Z:
Beat Daemon

Unlock Chrysler 300:
Beat Layla 1

Unlock Pontiac GTO:
Beat Layla 1

Unlock RX-8:
Beat Layla 3

Toyota Supra:
Beat Layla 3

Unlock Audi TT:
Beat Layla 3

Unlock Carrera GT:
Beat Clutch

Unlock Firebird:
Beat Poorboy

Toyota MR2:
Beat Poorboy

Unlock '67 Mustang:
Beat Poorboy

Unlock Lotus Elise:
Beat Steve

Unlock Mustang GT:
Beat Steve

Unlock Mercedes SL65:
Beat Scotty

Unlock Corvette:
Beat Scotty

Unlock Ford GT:
Beat Scotty


can you tell me how to sale the cars i do not use and were to find the crates

Get Free Cars

This is a cheat that can get you free cars. Although, when you want to select the car from the 'Choose Car' section, you have to buy it. But, the visual and performance parts are still there. Do it by plan by plan:

1. Select 'Single Race'.

2. Select 'Quick Play'.

3. Select track.

4. Choose the car you want.

5. Press 'START' and select 'Quit'.

6. The car is in front of the main menu and save.

7. Then 'Load' the same file.

And now you have a jacked car or FREE car!

Easy Money

Conquer all territory except at Rock Quarry.Enter event Sprint:Cross Town Sprint using exotic cars.finish first,you get 16,000 cash reward.do this as many times to get a pure of cash.

ex and sara bosses

Ok in the game you have to buy a else and bet ex but here the catch you have to race sara bet her and you win the game.

Defeating Ex

Use Exotic Cars Like Ford GT.When starting line,hit nitrous about half of the nitrous tank.Use shortcut turn to Lure Ex.At about 75 of the track to reach destination,hit the nitrous until empty and you reach the finish line.I defeating Ex Using Ford GT.


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