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PSP | Midnight Club: LA Remix

easy wins

If you are doing a normal or other races heres a tip if youre a bit behind the group then try to catch up by using nitro if you can't then I suggest don't hit the traffic and drive as fast as you can then go next to one of the racers and ram him to the side and do it to the other cars when done your in first place and ready to win when the others are trying to catch up it mostly works on the motorway and in championships

Increased Reputation

Either at the 'Main' menu select 'Options' and go to 'Cheat Codes' and enter the code 'getrep' (without the quotes) or alternately press Square at the 'GPS' screen, followed by R, L, Right, Left, X(2). Then press Square again to hide the legend display to see your REP increase.

Cheat Mode

The following cheat options become available at the 'Options' menu when you collect the indicated number of hidden Rockstar barrels. Activating the cheat will disable your progress in Career mode.

Unlimited Nitro:
Collect 10 barrels.

Never Damage Out:
Collect 20 barrels.

Unlimited Special Abilities:
Collect 30 barrels.

Top Down View:
Collect 40 barrels.

No Police:
Collect 50 barrels.

No Fines:
Collect 60 barrels. 

Unlock Bonus Cars

The following additional cars can be unlocked in 'LA Career' mode by winning the indicated events.

Unlock 2004 Ford SVT Focus:
Win 'Cool Breeze' series race.

Unlock 2004 Ford Cobra Concept:
Win '10 Carat Beatdown' series race.

Unlock 1969 Chevrolet Camara RS SS:
Win 'Bird On The Line' series race.

Unlock 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX:
Win 'Beach Overlook' series race. 

Unlock Infinite Money:

When you complete Career mode this feature will become unlocked

faster cars and better appearance

If you need your car/bike to go fast then first get lots of money then go to the garage and upgrade your car/bike also if you want you can change the appearance of the vechile


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