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PC | Fate

Cheat Console

If you need help progressing then during gameplay press Ctrl + Shift + '~' (tilde) key to access the cheat console window and enter any of the following passwords without the quotes to enable the effect.

Level up 10 Times:
Enter the password 'god'.

Heal Character:
Enter the password 'heal'.

Unlock 100 Fame:
Enter the password 'fame'.

Unlock 5,000 Experience Points:
Enter the password 'experience'.

Unlock 50,000 Gold:
Enter the password 'gold'.

Ascend Indicated Levels in Dungeon:
Enter the password 'ascend (number)'.

Descend Indicated Levels in Dungeon:
Enter the password 'descend (number)'.

Spawn Indicated Item or Monster:
Enter (name of item or monster)

random cheats (TESTED and WORKS)

To enter cheats press Shift, Ctrl, and ~ all at the same time to activate cheat mode.

Ascend # | brings you up that many levels in the dungeon
Descend # | brings you down that many levels in the dungeon
[NAME OF | gives you whatever enemy you type in
ENEMY] | (you can't choose the level)
[NAME OF | gives you whatever item you type in
Magic anvil| gives you an enchanted anvil
Gold | gives you 500,000 GP
Fate statue| gives you a fate statue

keep your pet at the same animal

To keep your pet at the same animal all you have to do is type in flawless instead of fingerling.

Flawless ruffy is my favorite one


When in game play press "ctrl,shift,~"

These are some good cheats my friend found out

Type in:
Frost spell
Ringing blast spell
Web spell
Summon wyvern spell
Summon skeleton spell
Lighting storm spell
And other spells you can't aford that you see in market people
And to fight or get a gryphon
I think it is one of these
Fingerling ruffy
Fingerling luminette
Fingerling carp
Small snapper
Fingerling goldfsh

This is an item that heals you 8 times

Super healing charm

Scrolls over Books!

This isn't much of a cheat,it's just something I found out.

If you have to many scrolls and you want to get rid of them,
Don't.Just pick them up like a normal item and drop them on the book.
It's that simple!The book,it gets another use say if you have 10 uses,
You'll have 11.I don't know the limit of how many uses you can have
Though so be careful not to waste your money!

7,000,000 Gold!

Imput the cheat console ( ctrl,shift,and~). Type in...

Legendary Soul's Claw

Then,you must identify it becuase it will be 10,000 GP(Gold)

Then,sell for....I don't know about 7,000,000 GOLD!!

Do this often and become $Richer$ than you can ever imagine!!

****Good Luck****

Also enchant items,but not very often becuase it could "Stupify" your item.
In other words that means it will give bad things to your item.

Endless Dungen Levels

Press"Ctrl,Shift,and ~ to bring up the cheat console and type in
"Descend #" (any number like 1000000)and you willgo to the one millionth
Level of the dungen.

*****If you go to the millionth level of the dungen your quests will start
Making you go there.Any level youdont want your quests on don't go that

Spawn People!!

If you type in the "Spawn Indicated Item or Monster" type in the name of
Some one to spawn that person.(One cool thing to spawn is...Peronto's
Cheesehead of the Emerald Bay.)It is not identified and identification level
Is 100!(I would sell it after you identify it)You can't talk to the person you
Spawned though,but you can type in "Fate Statue" and one will pop up
You can use it too!!You can also type in "Shrine of Learning" to spawn that too.

P.S.The higher level you are the better gems will come out...I got a yellow
Outlined gemstone.

Help Fishing?

If you want to get sweet items you have to fish! You can do this the normal way and miss every once and awhile or simply right after you toss your line in the water, hit the H button to bring up the HELP menu then wait for the ! To appear and the special SWISH sound... Just hit the H button again, a split second before left clicking the mouse. You'll never miss a fish and the best items or a ton of gold!! HAPPY FISHING!! NOTE: It will take a little longer for a bite but it is well worth it!!

Fate cheat console

All of these codes are entered through the debug console (okay, okay, the Cheat Console). To access this, start FATE, and get in to the game world with your character. Once you're in (this works both in Grove and the Dungeon), type the key-combo Control+Shift+~ (the ~ is to the left of !). This will bring up the Cheat Console, which will appear as a question mark on the lower left third of the screen. Once it's open, just start typing some of the codes below, and you'll see the text appear next to the question mark. Once you've entered the desired cheat (only one at a time), just hit enter to execute the command.

Command - Effect

[Creature Name] - Summons the given creature.

[Item Name] - Summons the given item name. Refer to the FATE Archive for a list of legendary items.

Ascend "#" - Ascends a "#" of levels (remove quotes and replace # with the number of levels to ascend)

Chest - Summons a chest with nothing in it

Descend "#" - Descends a "#" of levels (remove quotes and replace # with the number of levels to descend)

Dumpmap - Creates a text description of the current map to a maze.txt file, which can be found in the game's installation folder.

Experience - Adds 5000 experience points to your character

Fame - Adds 1000 fame poitns to your character

Fate Statue - Creates a statue that, when activated, will either give a unique monster, or 2 random gems

Fountain of Health - Creates a fountain that will replenish your health

Fountain of Mana - Creates a fountain that will replenish your mana

Fountain of Stamina - Creates a fountain that will replenish your stamina

Fountain of Wellness - Creates a fountain that will replenish both your health and your mana

God - Gives you ten experience levels and eight to your pet

Gold - Gives you 500,000 pieces of gold

Heal - Restores all of your health

Large Chest - Summons a large chest with nothing in it

Levelup - Gives you one experience level

Magic Anvil - Creates an Anvil that will randomly imbue either a positive or negative magical effect on an item

Shrine of Learning - Creates a Shrine that will randomly give either positive or negative effects to a character's stats

Small Chest - Summons a small chest with nothing in it

Storage Trunk - Summons a storage trunk that cannot be opened

Weapon Rack - Summons a weapon rack that cannot be opened

cheat codes and types + the right info on some

sometimes people get wrong info like gold doesnt get you 50,000 it gets you 500,000 gold and fame gives 1,000 instead of 100 and experience gets you 50,000 exp not just 5,000 and you can do any cheat as much as you want and you can summon items such as legendary soul's claw which is a weapon when identified gives you almost 8,000,000 gold when sold but only 10,000 unidentified and you can summon people but you can't talk to them and you can summon magic anvils, fate statues, shrines of learning, different fountains, and enemies even transporting to another dungeon lvl but only descending or ascending the last digit in that number but if you are above that lvl and choose to ascend you only ascend one and if you are descending and type in a number smaller than what lvl you are on you descend only one lvl

New Stuff

If you already saw all the peoples stuff that they are selling and theres nothing good there log out and then log back in and then the guys will have new stuff repeat till you have the stuff that you need.

Easy money

Buy a fishing rod then fish alot and you'll find really rare items and they will be worth lots of &money&!


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