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Playstation 2 | AirForce Delta: Blue Wing Knights

Unlockable Aircraft

Unlock various aircrafts from other games that Konami have developed in the past by meeting the following requirements. Enter the secret hangar by pressing the Square button. Save the game upon completion to be able to buy the aircraft in the new game.

Unlock Block Shooter:
Earn ALL 8 medals for one pilot.

Unlock Aura Wing:
Purchase 50% of ALL aircrafts for ALL pilots.

Unlock Axelay:
Purchase ALL aircrafts for all pilots.

Unlock Falsion:
Destroy 150 aircrafts with any pilots.

Unlock Blue Thunder:
Purchase ALL sets of aircraft for one pilot.

Unlock FlintRock:
Have a total of 100 Ace Kills for one pilot.

Unlock MX5000:
Destroy 150 ground target with any pilots.

Unlock Penta:
View ALL the ending sequences in the game.

Unlock Jerry Mouse:
Complete the game with a pilot from 1st Element.

Unlock TwinBee:
Complete the game with a pilot from 2nd Element.

Unlock Manbou:
Complete the game with a pilot from 3rd Element.

Unlock Super Fighter:
Have a total of 150 Takeoffs for one pilot.

Unlock Poly:
Purchase ALL aircrafts for the pilot - Ruth Valentine.

Unlock Vic Viper:
Complete the game for the first time. Buy the Vic Viper after completing the first mission of the second replay of the game.


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