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Playstation 2 | Aggressive Inline

How to unlock several features

Unlock all keys

Juice meter never runs out

Perfect manuals

Perfect hand plants

Perfect grinds

For the following codes pres the following key combinations

Juice Regeneration

Super Spin

Low gravity wall rides

More unlockable features
Cinematics: to unlock theas all you have to do is to complete all normal chalanges in the level to unlock it's fhm sequence

Cheat codes: colect all juce boxes on a level to revele a cheat code

Power skates:complet all chalenges on all leveals

Ultra skates: complet all the levels with 100%

Bonus Caracters
Cpmlet all calanges on a level to unlock it bonus caracter

A list is as follows

Movie Lot: The bride
Civic Center: Goddess
Industrial: Junkie
Boardwalk: Captain
Cannery: Diver
Airfield: Bombshell
Museum: Mummy

Secret Cheats

Select "Cheats" from the options menu and enter any of the following codes. You'll be automatically returned to the options menu after entering in a code correctly.

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A B A
- Unlock all Levels

Note: The Up, Down, Left, Right should appear
As arrows on the game.

Unlock Loads Of Stuff

Go to the enter cheat menu. Type in Up,Down,Up,Down Left

Unlock Never Die Cheat

Enter K, H, U, F, U as the code at the cheat section screen.

Perfect grinds

Type in BIGUPYASELF at the cheat menu.

All charactors

Press d,r,r,d,l,d,l,d,r,r,r at the title screen.

Unlock/Have all

Have All Keys - BAKABAKA
Unlock All Characters - 26624242666
Unlock Level Keys - 4444666646468
Park Editor Themes - 88224646

These cheats may require gaps between the letters!

Perfect handplant

J,U,S,T,I,N (space) B,A,I,L,Y at cheat screen

perfect grinds

D,I,G,U,E,Y,A,S,E,L,F at cheat screen

Unlockable features

Cinematics = complete all the normal challenges

Cheat codes = collect all the juice boxes on a level to unlock a cheat

Power skates = Complete all challenges on every level

Ultra skates = Complete every level with 100%


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