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Playstation 2 | Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies

Unlock Alternate Jet Colors

When you shoot down the different jets in combat their alternate colors become unlocked. Each jet in the 18 missions has three alternate colors with the last being unlocked by shooting down the ace pilot. Below is a list of the location of each ace pilot (they don't show up on radar).

Unlock Mission 1:
F-5 - North of the Allied airbase.

Unlock Mission 2:
A-10 - North of the enemy airbase.

Unlock Mission 3:
F-16 - South of the westernmost radar station.

Unlock Mission 4:
Mirage 2000 - Northwest of the westernmost radar jammer.

Unlock Mission 5:
MIG-29 - South of the westernmost pumping station.

Unlock Mission 6:
F-14 - North of the northenmost group of enemies.

Unlock Mission 7:
TND-IDS - North of the solar tower.

Unlock Mission 8:
F-18 - Appears to the east after refuelling.

Unlock Mission 9:
F-15C - North of the center beach.

Unlock Mission 10:
RF-01 - Northwest corner of the map.

Unlock Mission 11:
SU-35 - 90 seconds left in the mission the ace will appear.

Unlock Mission 12:
F-2 - North of the Stonehenge base.

Unlock Mission 13:
F-15E - The ace appears in the east after clearing the radar balloons.

Unlock Mission 14:
F-22 - Northeast of the map.

Unlock Mission 15:
EF-2000 - Center of the map.

Unlock Mission 16:
F-117 - Northwest of the westernmost combat zone.

Unlock Mission 17:
F-15A - Northwestern corner of the map beyond the city.

Unlock Mission 18:
S-37 - North of megalith.


Unlock Expert Mode:
Beat the game on the 'Hard' difficulty setting.

Unlock Ace Mode:
Beat the game on the 'Expert' difficulty setting.

Unlock Three New Multiplayer Arenas:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Unlock Tiger Striped F-43:
Complete the game on any difficulty and use the Special 'Continue' option.

Unlock X-02 Stealth:
In the 'Normal' difficulty setting get 'S' ranks on ALL 18 missions. Two alternate colors can also be unlocked by getting 'S' ranks on ALL 18 missions on 'Hard' and 'Expert' difficulties.

Free Ammo

After you run out of ammo on a mission fly towards the dotted line. Land or just press start. When you pick the weapon choose the missle you want and you get more ammo. Everytime you run out go back and you get unlimited ammo.

All aircraft

Use the following steps to unlock all aircraft, including special colors.

First, acquire an aircraft by destroying it in battle.

This is easy, except for three aircraft. Forget the ground targets and dogfight instead, which is the true nature of an ace. You can acquire three different paint schemes for each aircraft. Two of the paint schemes can be acquired by destroying that color aircraft in battle.

To acquire the special brightly colored third aircraft, you must find and kill the pilot flying it.

On each level of the game there is a single hidden aircraft (eighteen total hidden aircraft). Each one of these aircraft has a specific pilot.

When you see the aircraft in front of you and lock on, it will display the pilot's name next to the aircraft name and lock on square.

For example, "S-37A SMIRNOVA." The hidden aircraft will not show up on radar until you get nearby. On radar, the aircraft will be marked with a red triangle instead of yellow.

Each hidden aircraft is always in the same place on their specific level. This is always in an empty spot on the map away from the main combat zone.

The aircraft can usually be found directly behind the main combat zone. Last but not least are the three remaining aircraft.

To acquire the Yellow Squadron fighter (SU-37) of your nemesis Yellow-13, you must kill all of the pilots with names flying the special colored aircraft (eighteen total).

Alternate colors: Successfully complete the game in ace mode. Note: You may also need to obtain S-class for all missions. Information in this section was contributed by Peter Hsu.

Bonus options:
Successfully complete all 18 missions, then save the game. Load the saved game to unlock the following new options at the main menu.

The "Special Continue" option allows the entire game to be replayed with new fighters and weapons, plus the money earned in the first game. The "Free Mission" option allows any mission to be played. The "Trial Mission" option allows the game to be played in either score attack or time attack modes.

The "Scene Viewer" allows FMV sequences to be played. The "Music Player" option allows any of the 36 songs in the game to be played.

Unlock X-02 Stealth:
To unlock the X-02 Stealth, get an "S" rank on all 18 missions under normal mode.

Unlock Tiger Striped F-4E:
You can get the Tiger Striped F-4E by completing the game once under any difficulty setting, then using the Sp. Continue option.

To unlock the second X-02 aircraft you must get an "S" rank on all eighteen missions under the hard difficulty setting. The third X-02 is unlocked by getting an "S" rank on all eighteen missions under the expert difficulty setting.

Information in this section was contributed by Robert Bell.

Hint - Aircraft list:
The following is a complete aircraft list (in order): Information in this section was contributed by Golgo-13.

F-4E (fighter)
Blue Camo
Tiger Stripes
F-5E (fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray Camo
Sea-Green (Wang) level 1
F-16C (fighter)
White w/ Blue Stripes (Tempel) level 3
A-10A (attacker)
Desert Camo
Silver (Ciffred) level 2
MIR-2000 (fighter)
White w/ Blue Stripes (Rigaux) level 4
F-14A (fighter)
Black (LEVY) level 6
TND-ID5 (attacker)
Green Camo
Yellow Stripes (De Vico) level 7
F/A-18C (multirole)
Desert Camo
Yellow (Vrisala) level 8
F-15C (fighter)
Green-Gray Camo
Blue-Silver (Tuttle) level 9
MIG-29A (fighter)
Red (Mrkos) level 5
F-117A (attacker)
Black Camo
Winter Camo (Kwee) level 16
EF-2000 (fighter)
Brown Camo
White with red stripes (Olmstead) level 15
R-M01 (multirole)
White with blue stripes (Faye) level 10
F-15E (multirole)
Blue Tiger Stripes (Gunn) level 13
F-2A (attacker)
White with red stripes (Urata) level 12
SU-35 (fighter)
White with blue and red stripes (Neujmin) level 11
F-22A (fighter)
Gray (Abell) level 14
SU-37 (fighter)
Gray Camo with yellow wing tips (Yellow Squadron)
F-15ACTIVE (fighter)
White with blue andred stripes (Halley) level 17
S-37A (fighter)
Silver Camo (Smirnova) level 18
X-02 (multirole) (last aircraft)

Beating Stonehedge Fast

Use cluster bombs on the missle launchers. It destoys them in one hit. It'll take you longer to get to stonehedge than it will to destory it.


In the "breaking arrows" mission, look way above the clouds. This plane will be about 37,000 feet up at the very beginning


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