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Playstation 2 | A.C.E. Another Century's Episode 2

Unlockable Units

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect

Unlock Aestivalis C (Hikaru):
Clear 15 Secrets

Unlock Aestivalis C (Ryoko):
Clear 20 Secrets

Unlock Daljian:
Clear 25 Secrets

Unlock Zwarth:
Clear 30 Secrets

Unlock Gilgazamune:
Clear 35 Secrets

Unlock Zakarl:
Clear 40 Secrets

Unlock Quincy Baronz:
Clear 50 Secrets

Unlock Auge:
Clear 60 Secrets

Unlock Johnathan Baronz:
Clear 60 Secrets or clear Extra Mission 1

Unlock Alstromeria:
Clear Extra Mission 2 or recieve 30 Ace Rank

Unlock GP02:
Clear Extra Mission 2

Unlock Aestivalis Akatsuki:
Clear Extra Mission 3

Unlock Yatenkou:
Recieve 60 Ace Rank

Unlock Neue Ziel:
Recieve ALL Ace Rank

Unlock Aestivalis C (Izumi):
Clear Campaign mode

Unlock Black Selena:
Clear Campaign mode

Unlock Oukaou:
Clear Campaign mode

Unlock Nanajin:
Available in Free mode

Unlock Bilbine Camo Color:
Upgrade Bilbine's Special Stat enough to evolve it

Unlock Layzner MkII Cocept version:
Upgrade Layzner MkII's Special Stat enough to evolve it

Unlock Nelly Brain:
Upgrade Yuu Brain's Special Stat enough to evolve it


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