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Playstation 2 | 50 Cent: Bulletproof


During game-play go to the 'Options' menu and then 'Cheats' and enter the following codes

Unlock Bulletproof aka Invincible:

Unlock Empty n' Clips Counter Kill:

Unlock More Powerful Guns:
The hub is broken

Unlock Tony Yayo So Seductive Video:

Unlock the My Buddy Video:

Unlock the So Seductive Song:


During game-play go to 'Menu Options' then the 'Cheats' screen to enter the following codes

Unlock More Powerful Guns:
'the hub is broken'

Unlock Tony Yayo So Seductive Video:

Unlimited Health:

Simple Cheat Code

Pause the game while in game play. Go down and select "Options", now go to the option "Cheats". Enter ny'sfinestyo for the Cheat Code!

You now have Invincibility! Good luck!


To enter these passwords, pause the game. Go into Options, then enter the Cheat menu.

Unlockable Password
Action 26 orangejuice
All Music Tracks GrabAllThat50
All Music Video HookMeUp50
All Weapons GotThemRachets
Bloodhound Counterkill gunrunner
Bulletproof aka Invincible ny'sfinestyo
Empty n' Clips Counterkill workout
"G'd Up" Counterkill GoodDieYoung
"Guillotine" Counterkill GettingDropped
"Wanksta" Counter-Kill AintGotNothin
Infinite ammo GrizzSpecial
Mike Mode the hub is broken
My Buddy Video sayhellotomylittlefriend
So Seductive Video yayoshome Tony Yayo

All gunz

Enter gotthemrachets as a code

Unlimited ammunation

Enter grizzspecial as a code


If you shoot a bad guy in the head and steal from him you will get 5000$ cash!


Ny'sfinestyo: Unlimited Health
The hub is broken: more powerful guns
Yayoshome: Tony Yayo So Seductive Video
Workout: empty n' Clips counter Kill
Sayhellotomylittlefriend: unlock the My Buddy video
Gotthemrachets: unlock all weapons
Gunrunner: unlock the blood hound counter kill
Orangejuice: Action 26 unlocked
Graballthat50: All songs unlocked
50bpexclusives: I'm A Rider, Maybe We Crazy, and Pimp PT2 songs unlocked
HookMeUp50: All Music Videos
GrizzSpecial: Infinite Ammo
TimeToSmokeEm: Double Damage
GoodDieYoung: “G’d Up” Counter-Kill
TimetoThrowDown: “Mountain Climber” Counter-Kill
AintGotNothin: “Wanksta” Counter-Kill
GettingDropped: “Guillotine” Counter-Kill
HardcoreG$hit: “Southside” Counter-Kill 


Buletproof mode

Infinte ammo

Mike mode?
The hub is broken

Handy stuff

Hey found out these cheats erliar as I was playin hope they help

#1stunner-perfect shots

Workout-empty n' clips counter kill

Yayoshome-unlocks the tony yayo so suductive video

The hub is broken- gives more powerfull guns

Ny'sfinestyo-unlimited health

Killa1-so seductive song

Sayhellotomylittlefreind-unlocks the my buddy video

Get all music

To get all music enter graballthat50 at the cheat option pause the game then goto the cheat option and enter it

Never die

Up up down down left left right right
I was told this but it doesnt work

Infinite Ammo

Go into the in game menu and go to "options" and then into "cheats" and repeat this following message:


All music videos

Go into in game menu and then into "options" then to "cheats" then type this following message:



Pause the game and select "options" then choose "cheats". Enter ny'sfinestyo as a code.

Cheat codes!

Here are some codes and what they do:

Pefect shot:


All weapons:

More powerful guns:
The hub is broken

Blood hound counter kill:

Empty n' clips counter kill:

Unlock, I'm a rider, maybe we crazy, and pimp pt2 songs:

Unlock my buddy video:

Bulletproof cheat

During gameplay go to the pause menu and go to options then go to codes.Enter this cheat: ny'sfinestyo(dont forget the apostrophe).

Easy Money

Easy money

Grab your opponent and threaten him until he drops a credit card or his wallet. Then, attack him and choose to steal. He will either give you a credit card or wallet, depending on what you got the first time. Normally when you kill an enemy and steal from them, you will only get either a wallet or a credit card, and not both. Additionally, get a close range head shot to get $5,000 or more in credit cards or money, jewelry, and armor depending whether you need it or not.

Guns to use

You should always use two guns best two guns are two mp's they are like machine guns and two it's just amazing omg


When your playing the hood board on bulletproof your looking for the plank to get across the walkway to do this you want to go to the window and look for the air conditioner when you see the air conditioner shoot it, it's on another building so when you do this the plank will fall down and 50 can get across the walkway

Ooooh fiddy

When in 'da hood' go to the two girls of yours and keep talking and then after the 20th click they say 'ooh fiddy lets undress' and go to your weapon selection in your 'crib' and their they are led naked on your bed but only for 10 seconds so talk to them whilst on their 'happy 10 seconds' and they talk dirty...this only happens once please do not blame this if I am wrong I was at my mates and he showed me this but he may have cheated

Easy Money

For a quick five grand do one of the head shots where the screen goes blurry and you blow the guys head off. Then search the guys pockets and you will find five grand.

Getting money

This game is really heavy, Just as well you have pals by your side. Let your Pals do all the shooting while you search thier pockets and steal thier wallets, You have"nt got long to search pockets as your enemy disapears in 30 seconeds from being taken out also Some carry thick wallets others carry money belts and whads of cash. You can also steal thier jewels Designer rings ect. Also it's worth searching every inch of any mission map even in the sewers you will find a large sum of cash. Check tables, the floor and anywhere else where you useally don't go into. You will be surprised in what you might find to fill your own pocket


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