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Playstation 3 | WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008

Unlockable: Shop Goods

Below are some of the goods, characters, and modes that can be unlocked in the WWE Shop.
Bret Hart - $210,000********
Hardcore Championship - $20,000***
HBK DX Entrance - $30,000*
HBK DX Outfit - $60,000
HHH DX Entrance - $30,000*
HHH DX Outfit - $60,000
JBL - $110,000
Mick Folley - $210,000******
Million Dollar Championship - $20,000***
Move Set 1 - $15,000
Move Set 2 - $15,000
Move Set 3 - $15,000
Preset Move Set - $15,000**
Rick Rude - $210,000
Roddy Piper - $210,000
Sabu - $210,000
Shane McMahon - $60,000
Stone Cold -$210,000*****
Terry Funk - $210,000*******
The Rock - $210,000****
Vince McMahon - $110,000*********
Vince McMahon (Bald) - $60,000**********
WCW Classic Championship - $20,000***
WWF Attitude Era Championship - $20,000***
* - DX Outfits must first be purchased.
** - All Move Sets must first be purchased.
*** - You must be a Hall of Famer.
**** - Character must first be defeated with Stone Cold.
***** - Character must first be defeated with Bret Hart.
****** - Character must first be defeated with Undertaker.
******* - You must first win a 4-way match fighting Sandman, Sabu, and Tommy Dreamer.
******** - Character must first be defeated by Shawn Michaels.
********* - Complete 24/7 GM Mode and become GM of the Year.
********** - The original Vince McMahon must first be purchased.
Additions by dagreatjonesz

Unlockable: DX Costumes
To unlock DX costumes, insert "DXCostume69K2" (minus the quotes) at the in-game cheats menu.

Unlockable: Kelly Kellys Alternate Outfit
To unlock Kelly Kellys alternate outfit, insert "KellyKG12R" (minus the quotes) at the in-game cheats menu.

Hint: Easy Money
Heres a great way to make lots of money quickly. Start a new game on 24/7 Mode with a created wrestler. He doesnt even have to be any good. On the Calendar, scroll down to Wrestlemania PPV and select it. Choose to simulate each and every match to this date. It will take a while, but at the end of simulation, you will have made hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can use this to buy new, better character (and other stuff), and you can repeat this process as many times as you want.


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