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Playstation 3 | Skate

Unlockable: Dem Bones

You can unlock a hidden character called Dem Bones by breaking each bone in your current characters body three times. Check the injury log to peek at your progress.

Unlockable: Best Buy Clothes
To unlock the special Best Buy clothing, type the following code in at the main menu: up, down, left, right, X, right bumper, Y, left bumper.

Unlockable: Plan B Warehouse To unlock the Plan B Warehouse, beat Ryan Gallant's pro challenge. Unlockable: Danny Way's Mega Park There's an unlockable skate park in the game called Danny Way's Mega Park. To unlock it, you must advance through all video and photo shoots that are relevant to achieving full sponsorship. Full sponsorship entails board, truck, and wheel sponsorship. After you achieve full sponsorship status, you will receive an invitation to Danny Way's Mega Park. You'll need to compete there - and win - in order for it to be fully unlocked to use at any time. (unverified) Addition submitted by blblblbblbam: You don't have to get fully sponsored to get the invite to the compound. All you have to do is win the X-Games Competition and you'll get the invite. Just be sure to beat the game in order to earn the right to skate there whenever you want.
Ryan Sheckler


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