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Playstation 3 | Guitar Hero 3 Cheats Legends of Rock

Click enter the "Options" menu. Select "Cheats", then "Enter New Cheat". Then, enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option. Note: Each note or chord must be strummed during code entry. Press Green at the "Cheats" menu to turn off a particular cheat.

All songs in Quick Play mode

Click on options and in menue bar press Yellow + Orange, Red + Blue, Red + Orange, Green + Blue, Red + Yellow, Yellow + Orange, Red + Yellow, Red + Blue, [Green + Yellow] two times, [Yellow + Blue] two times, [Yellow + Orange] two times, Yellow + Blue, Yellow, Red, Red + Yellow, Red, Yellow, Orange.

Hyperspeed mode

Press Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow. This code makes the charts faster. There are five Hyperspeed levels. Press Green at the Hyperspeed option on the "Cheats" menu to cycle through them.
Precision mode Press [Green + Red] three times, [Red + Yellow] two times, [Red + Blue] two times, Yellow + Blue, Yellow + Orange, Yellow + Orange, [Green + Red] three times, [Red + Yellow] two times, [Red + Blue] two times, Yellow + Blue, [Yellow + Orange] two times.
No fail mode Press Red + Orange, Blue + Yellow, Orange + Green, [Yellow + Red] three times, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Green + Red, Blue, Green, Orange, [Red + Blue] two times.
Performance mode Press Red + Yellow, Red + Blue, Red + Orange, Red + Blue, Red + Yellow, Green + Blue, Red + Yellow, Red + Blue.


Through The Fire And Flames" song Defeat Lou to automatically unlock the "Through The Fire And Flames" song for free.
Guitars Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding guitar.


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