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PC | Explodemon

Explodemon Cheats and Unlockables

This is one of the long awaited game which shall be released on multiple consoles such as sony's playstation 3 and computers. This game is supposed to be released this year but no exact date has been announced as of yet. The explodemin game is being published by company called curve game studios. In this page we shall be covering all explodemon cheats and unlocakbles. Users are encouraged to submit the cheat codes they find while playing the game. You are also encouraged to add explodemon images and videos. We shall be starting a specific thread for this game on our forums where you can submit your questions and get an instant feed back.

We shall launch a contest and a gamer with highest level of submissions will be awarded with video games of their choice. Explodemin is said to be mix of two games such as half life two and mega man, it would be action based game and genre would be platformer, it is also said that it is 2.5d game, we hope it looks good. The explodemon posses multiple skills, he is an action character but has the abilities to solve the physics related quizzes and puzzles. The main character has a yellow and red colored costume which gives a feeling of iron man. If you go by the trailer you might find it the mix of several games and you might even get the touch of street fighter at some points. Following are the explodemon images and a video.

This super hero character has multiple abilities, it can do high jumps, blow him self up in order to finish the enemy or cross the hurdle, it shall also help you solve several puzzles such as environmental. This game is more like a parody of multiple games, stay tuned for latest cheats and walkthroughs for this game.


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