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Playstation 2 | DJ Hero

Hint: Automatic Crossfading

Euphoria when enabled, might make crossfading a lot easier. Euphoria shall pamper your lazyness and do all the work for you, such as spikes and cross fades. All you need to do is to be sure of the direction Euphoria is directed towards in case it finishes!

Unlockable: Characters
Goto the retail options menu of cheats and punch in the following codes for effects:
•n1fz - Unlock DJ Jazzy Jeff

•Ami8 - Unlock Grandmaster Flash

•D1G? - Unlock Daft Punk items

•oMxV - Unlock DJ Shadow

•k07u - Unlock DJ AM

•tol0 - Unlock All Content

•5rTG - Unlock DJ Z-Trip mixes and character

•51uC - Unlock Short Deck

•?jy! - Unlock the Rainbow and colorful background

•82xI - Unlock All songs and music

•uNA2 - Unlock All Game Characters

•0Jj8 - Unlock any DJ with any set

•ab1L - Unlock auto effect dial

•SL5d - This can be used for auto fader

•LAuP - Unlock All Decks Character


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