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Xbox 360 | Bayonetta (Special Edition)

Unlockable: Characters
performing these action could make you unlock the desired characters. After unlocking you can select the character in the New Game menu.

•Little Zero - You would have to Beat the "Lost Chapter" to unlock this character.

•Jeanne - To unlock this Get a Platinum on everything on Normal Mode.

Unlockable: Accessories 

After unlocking these accessories you must have to purchase them from Rodin's shop:

•Eternal Testimony - In order to unlock Eternal Testimony you must Get 50 Umbran Tears of Blood

•Bangle of Time - To Complete the game under 3 hours on Normal or Hard you would have to unlock Bangle of Time.

•Immortal Marionette - Immortal Marionette could only unlock in Clear Very Easy or Easy mode

•Climax Bracelet - In order to unlock Climax Bracelet you must Get 101 Umbran Tears of Blood 


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