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Playstation 3 | Assassins Creed II

Axe and Spear Reclamation

Since Ezio is fighting with spears and or axes, he might end up loosing his weapon of choice as his spears might penetrate into the enemies body. Now if you want to re use and get the possession of that weapon, all you need to do is lift the dead body and then drop it down, this will make the axe or spear to be able to re use.

Throw Knives & Free Medicine

If you have space for more stuff and can accomodate more ammunition such as knives or if you need more medicines for free, then you can approach dead bodies and game characters and search out them for knives which you can throw at enemies and medicines, you can get all that for free with least trouble.

Unlock Equipment
In order to unlock the items mentioned below, you might want to complete the corresponding tasks
Auditore Cape
- First find and gather about 100 feathers and then approach Mario, you can find him in the Villa Monteriggioni, talk to him and he will give you the Auditore Cape.
Condottiero War Hammer
- Gather 50 secret feathers, this will make Condottiero War Hammer to be able to use in blacksmith's shop in Villa Monteriggioni.

Easter Egg: From the Deep

Assassin's Tomb, which is located in the Santa Maria Delle Visitazione. When you are passing by Armor of Altair seals, you will notice a big room which is filled with water. Look up for lever there and pull it and look into the water, observe for a minute or two and you will notice a strange shadow underneath. Now, if you pull the lever once again and penetrate into the water, you will see a tentacle coming forward to capture Ezio.

Super Mario Bros. Reference

In the start of Sequence 3, the famous game character Mario utters "Its me, Mario!" and proceeds, its an obvious reference to the 52nd Gov of state of NY, Super Mario or Cumo.


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